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Disgraced peer Shami Chakrabarti who authored whitewash report into Labour antisemitism tells pupils not to leave victims of discrimination to “stand up for themselves”

The disgraced peer, Baroness Chakrabarti, has given a speech on gender equality to the prestigious St Paul’s School in London, in which she said that pupils must not leave victims of discrimination to “stand up for themselves”. Baroness Chakrabarti, whose infamous 2016 whitewash report into Labour antisemitism began with the words “The Labour Party is […]


CAA asks St Paul’s School why disgraced peer Shami Chakrabarti who authored whitewash report into Labour antisemitism will address pupils on “equality between people”

Shami Chakrabarti has been invited to speak at the prestigious St Paul’s School on the subject of “equality between people” on the occassion of International Women’s Day, despite her role whitewashing antisemitism within the Labour Party. Following a complaint to us from an appalled alumnus, Campaign Against Antisemitism has written to the High Master of […]


Tom Tugendhat MP says Shami Chakrabarti “only got her peerage because she cosied up and covered up antisemitism in the Labour Party”

Tom Tugendhat MP has asserted that Shami Chakrabarti “only got her peerage because she cosied up and covered up antisemitism in the Labour Party”. The Conservative MP and Chairman of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee made the claim on BBC’s PoliticsLive yesterday, where he featured on a panel with Baroness Chakrabarti. He said: “It’s a […]


Lord Falconer is even less “independent” than Baroness Chakrabarti and cannot credibly review Labour antisemitism

Labour peer Lord Falconer has been proposed by the Labour leadership to conduct an “independent” review of Labour’s handling of disciplinary cases of antisemitism. Campaign Against Antisemitism believes that he will be even less independent than Baroness Chakrabarti, who received a peerage shortly after whitewashing antisemitism in the Labour Party by brazenly declaring that the […]


Jeremy Corbyn sends Martha Osamor to join Shami Chakrabarti in the House of Lords despite her defence of Labour figures accused of antisemitism

Jeremy Corbyn has decided to nominate Martha Osamor to become a life peer, despite her vociferous defence of Labour figures suspended or expelled over antisemitism allegations, including Ken Livingstone, Jackie Walker and Tony Greenstein. In one letter unearthed by political blog Guido Fawkes, Ms Osamor, 75, said that Naz Shah’s demand that Israelis be transported to the […]


Report says Chakrabarti knew she was being offered a peerage before her whitewash inquiry into antisemitism

An exposé in The Telegraph appears to confirm our suspicions that Shami Chakrabarti’s peerage was a reward for her whitewash report into antisemitism in the Labour Party. Baroness Chakrabarti was then named Shadow Attorney General. Shami Chakrabarti’s inquiry into antisemitism was suspected of being a fraud from the moment she promised to conduct it in Labour’s interests. Sure […]


Latest allegations say Corbyn accepted pro-Hamas donation and Chakrabarti ignored “Jewish conspiracy” slur

Extensive further allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party have come to light today, adding further to the scandalous handling by Labour of its antisemitism problem. The Observer reports that Friends of Al-Aqsa, whose founder, Ismail Patel, has publicly supported genocidal antisemitic terrorist group Hamas, collected £10,000 for Jeremy Corbyn’s last leadership campaign at a fundraising dinner. […]


Shami Chakrabarti nominated for a peerage by Corbyn in return for clearing Labour of antisemitism

If anybody still took Shami Chakrabarti’s report on antisemitism in the Labour Party or Jeremy Corbyn’s declared opposition to antisemitism seriously, this must be the final straw. Jeremy Corbyn has nominated Shami Chakrabarti for a peerage in return for her inquiry into antisemitism which cleared the Labour Party of antisemitism. It is the only nomination that […]


Suspended Labour members, Twitter trolls and controversial parliamentarians to celebrate Jeremy Corbyn’s birthday tonight and discuss how to restore the whip to the antisemitic former Party leader

A who’s who of suspended Labour Party members, Twitter trolls and controversial parliamentarians will reportedly be gathering online this evening to celebrate the birthday of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and discuss how to restore the Party whip to him. Tonight’s speakers include: John McDonnell: the former Shadow Chancellor recently tweeted a photo of an antisemitic sign which was featured at a rally […]


CAA provides online antisemitism training for Oxford University Labour Club

Campaign Against Antisemitism has provided training to the Oxford University Labour Club (OULC) after the campus group reached out to us to provide an online training session to fight antisemitism. The training was particularly poignant given the OULC’s contribution to the scandal of institutional antisemitism in the Labour Party. The event, held last Tuesday, was […]


Sir Keir Starmer meekly threatens Jew-haters with ‘formal warnings’ lasting 18 months in antisemitism handbook that reads like a bad April Fool’s joke

The Labour Party has published its new Complaint Handling Handbook, as part of its compliance with the Action Plan devised in consultation with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) after it delivered its damning report into antisemitism in the Party. While the handbook pertains to the complaints system as a whole, it makes specific provision for complaints […]


Member of Mayor Sadiq Khan’s “Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm” resigns without apology after controversial comments come to light

A member of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s “Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm” has stepped down from his position after allegedly making inflammatory remarks online. Toyin Agbetu reportedly said in a blog post that there was an “immoral hierarchy of suffering”, whereby victims of the Holocaust have been “served well by Nazi hunters” compared […]


Prof David Feldman’s colleagues join CAA in slamming him for opposing International Definition of Antisemitism, which his own institution, Birkbeck, discloses to CAA it has now adopted

Two colleagues of Prof. David Feldman’s at the Pears Institute for the Study of Antisemitism at Birkbeck have joined Campaign Against Antisemitism in slamming him for opposing the International Definition of Antisemitism. Recently, our Chief Executive, Gideon Falter, documented how Prof. Feldman, who is the Director of the Pears Institute, “has been on the wrong side of the fight against antisemitism throughout […]


Background: The EHRC’s full statutory investigation into antisemitism in the Labour Party, in which CAA is the complainant

Campaign Against Antisemitism first approached the EHRC at the time of the Labour Party Conference in Brighton in 2017. The conference was so rife with antisemitism that Brighton and Hove City Council’s then Labour leader, Warren Morgan, told his own Party that he would not permit use of Council premises for the conference again. Mr Morgan later resigned from […]


CAA calls for Jeremy Corbyn to be suspended from Labour after spreading further conspiracy theories about antisemitism in the Party, this time regarding the courageous whistleblowers

Campaign Against Antisemitism is calling for Jeremy Corbyn to be suspended from the Labour Party after he called the Party’s decision to settle the defamation case brought by the Panorama whistleblowers and the journalist John Ware “a political decision” that was “disappointing”. Mr Corbyn said that the settlement reached today, which reportedly requires the Labour […]


Jeremy Corbyn says EHRC is just “part of the Government machine” in first interview since stepping down as Labour leader in latest attempt to undermine investigation into Party’s antisemitism

Jeremy Corbyn has rubbished the independence of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), saying that it is “part of the Government machine” and that its independence as been “taken away” by the Conservatives. Mr Corbyn made the remarks in his first interview since stepping down as Labour leader, which he gave to the fringe […]


Lord Mann tells Sir Keir Starmer to outlaw use of “Zionist” as a term of abuse

Lord Mann has told Sir Keir Starmer to outlaw the use of the word “Zionist” in the Labour Party, as well as the term “Zionism”, as terms of abuse. The Government’s Independent Advisor on Antisemitism gave several pieces of advice to the Labour leader, including not wavering from the International Definition of Antisemitism and, “if […]


Where have they been for the past five years? The first research of its kind on each of the new Shadow Cabinet members’ records on antisemitism

Sir Keir Starmer has selected his Shadow Cabinet, following his election as Leader of the Labour Party. During the tenure of his predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party became institutionally antisemitic, was investigated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), following a complaint by Campaign Against Antisemitism, and caused almost half of all British […]


CAA’s message to new Labour leader: disciplining Jeremy Corbyn is your litmus test

The new leader of the Labour Party will commence his or her term in office during the worst health crisis in living memory, but that must not delay dealing with another priority, addressing the Party’s need for internal reforms, starting with unravelling its institutional antisemitism. On the campaign trail, the contenders have often spoken of […]


Readmission and resuspension of Chris Williamson echoes Ken Livingstone case and shows that Labour’s “due process” remains a sham

The Labour Party’s decision to readmit and then resuspend its disgraced MP, Chris Williamson, shows that its pretence of “due process” in its disciplinary decisions is a sham. Mr Williamson has devoted much of his time as an MP to baiting Jews by dismissing allegations of antisemitism as “proxy wars and bulls***” whilst supporting Labour activists like Marc Wadsworth and Jackie Walker who […]


Equality and Human Rights Commission launches full statutory investigation into the Labour Party following complaint by CAA

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has launched a full statutory investigation into antisemitism in the Labour Party following a formal referral and detailed legal representations from Campaign Against Antisemitism, which is the complainant. The Commission’s investigation will evaluate the Labour Party’s handling of the many acts of antisemitic discrimination and victimisation detailed in the […]


Lord Falconer says that Labour’s actions look “frighteningly like” institutional antisemitism

Labour peer Lord Falconer, who the Labour Party’s leaders had controversially considered putting in charge of another “independent” review of Labour’s handling of disciplinary cases of antisemitism, has joined the litany of current and former Labour figures saying that the Party’s actions on antisemitism could render it institutionally antisemitic. Campaign Against Antisemitism declared the Labour […]


Lord Falconer rules out leading a review of Labour’s antisemitism after CAA instigates EHRC intervention

Lord Falconer has reportedly said that he won’t conduct a review of Labour’s handling of disciplinary cases of antisemitism while the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) intervenes. The EHRC has begun pre-enforcement proceedings against the Labour Party following a formal referral and detailed legal representations from Campaign Against Antisemitism, which is the complainant. The […]


Hard evidence that Corbyn aide Laura Murray interfered with Labour disciplinary processes emerges as Labour complaints process goes into meltdown

The Times has just published evidence that Jeremy Corbyn’s Parliamentary aide, Laura Murray, interfered with Labour’s disciplinary processes. The news comes shortly after she was dispatched to join Labour’s complaints unit after its head suddenly resigned. One of Campaign Against Antisemitism’s honorary patrons, Dame Margaret Hodge, was assured by Mr Corbyn that there was no interference by […]


CAA reacts to speculation that Jeremy Corbyn intends to address the Jewish community

There has been speculation that Jeremy Corbyn wishes to address the Jewish community. Some have suggested that he intends to adopt the International Definition of Antisemitism. Under that definition, he is an antisemite, as the revelations this week have shown us. We have seen this act before, and we are insulted that he thinks we […]


Labour Councillor Mary Bain Lockhart claims that a Mossad plot to unseat Jeremy Corbyn might be behind Labour antisemitism allegations

A serving Labour Councillor has claimed that Israeli intelligence service Mossad might be behind allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party. Councillor Mary Bain Lockhart made the appalling claim after seeing that three leading Jewish newspapers had all published the same front page story that a government led by Jeremy Corbyn would pose an “existential […]


Jeremy Corbyn expresses sadness as Ken Livingstone resigns from the Labour Party

Ken Livingstone has declared his intention to resign his membership of the Labour Party, saying that the ongoing processes of disciplining him after he stated that Hitler “was supporting Zionism” was a “distraction”. In response, Jeremy Corbyn expressed sympathy, stating that he was “sad”. For two long years, Mr Corbyn has hidden behind the fig-leaf of ‘due […]


The Labour Party’s promise to cast aside the International Definition of Antisemitism and come up with its own better version is a further insult to the Jewish community

Those who are careful readers of the Labour Party’s attitudes to the Jewish community will be aware that far from positioning themselves to resolve their self-made antisemitism crisis, the Party’s leadership has avoided punishing the loyal antisemites in their midst, and betrayed at every turn a deep reluctance to challenge the far-left worldview that is […]


Jeremy Corbyn sits silent and aloof during debate on antisemitism, as Jewish Labour MPs castigate his failure to deal with the antisemites who terrorise them

Yesterday, the House of Commons witnessed an extraordinary debate on antisemitism. It was extraordinary because it had to happen at all; for its emotion, but most of all for the testimony given by MPs, especially Labour MPs, and the blame they laid at the door of the Labour Party’s Leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Three of Labour’s […]


Why CAA will not attend meetings with Jeremy Corbyn

Yesterday, the Labour Party invited various organisations to a “round table” meeting with Jeremy Corbyn about antisemitism. Some of those invited, such as the so-called Jewish Voice for Labour appear to be dedicated entirely to thwarting efforts to address antisemitism in the Labour Party. Some of our supporters have asked whether we would attend such […]


Administrator of antisemitic “Palestine Live” Facebook group was not an “acquaintance” of Jeremy Corbyn but a close friend who repeatedly propagated extreme antisemitism

Last week, Jeremy Corbyn was exposed as being a member of a deeply antisemitic Facebook group in which he participated for two years. Now, damning new evidence made available to Campaign Against Antisemitism proves that Mr Corbyn or his team were demonstrably lying when, as was reported in The Guardian they had said that his […]


John McDonnell and Labour implausibly attempt to explain away Jeremy Corbyn’s membership of antisemitic Facebook group

Since the publication by blogger David Collier of screenshots showing that Jeremy Corbyn was a participating member in a secret Facebook group in which vehement antisemitism was posted, Mr Corbyn and the Labour Party have attempted to claim that he saw no antisemitism in the group. However, Mr Corbyn repeatedly joined in discussions within the group, even stooping to personally […]


CAA files fresh disciplinary complaint against Jeremy Corbyn over allegations that he actively participated in a secret Facebook group where antisemitism was on brazen display

A document issued today contains screenshots allegedly showing that Jeremy Corbyn was a participating member in a secret Facebook group called “Palestine Live” in which vehement antisemitism was posted, right up until his first weeks as Leader of the Labour Party. The screenshots, gathered by blogger David Collier, catalogue exchanges which apparently took place within the […]


Labour MPs Naz Shah, Chris Williamson and Clive Lewis must explain why they attended event organised by members suspended over antisemitism claims

Three Labour MPs, including the Shadow Treasury Minister, have attended an event in Westminster organised by suspended party members accused of antisemitism, the JC has reported. The event was the launch of the Grassroots Black Left (GBL) group, aimed at revitalising black and ethnic minority participation in left wing politics, however the launch was organised by Labour Against […]


Tony Greenstein is expelled by the Labour Party, but hundreds of cases are long overdue

Labour activist and Palestine Solidarity Campaign founder Tony Greenstein has been expelled from the Labour Party following a lengthy disciplinary process. Mr Greenstein has been expelled from the Party once before but he was allowed to rejoin. A Labour Party spokesperson said: “The National Constitutional Committee (NCC) of the Labour Party has today found that […]


Comment: Jeremy Corbyn is calling out antisemitism in football, but not on his own team

At a “Show Racism the Red Card” event last week, the Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, called on Tottenham Hotspur fans to stop chanting their traditional “Yid Army” chant, saying that it racialises footballing divides and stokes antisemitism. Tottenham Hotspur has a longstanding, historic association with its local Jewish community and has been […]


Why did CAA and Jewish organisations around the world criticise Jeremy Corbyn for not mentioning Jews in his initial Holocaust memorial message when others did the same?

When Jeremy Corbyn wrote a statement in the Holocaust Educational Trust memorial book which omitted any mention of Jews and antisemitism, Campaign Against Antisemitism and a number of other Jewish organisations around the world, such as the Anti-Defamation League, condemned him. We were astounded that Mr Corbyn had followed in the footsteps of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in […]


Labour Party’s shortlisted parliamentary candidate for Hastings and Rye dropped over Facebook posts claiming Holocaust victims “died with dignity” and Palestine is new Warsaw Ghetto

The Labour Party’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Hastings and Rye, Michelle Harris, has been dropped from the local Labour Party’s shortlist of candidates following a furore on Twitter about her social media posts. Ms Harris, who is a barrister at London-based law firm One Pump Court, is said to have shared a number of offensive […]


Scott Nelson who was “removed” from the Labour Party following tweets about “Jewish companies” tells CAA he can apply to rejoin “whether you like it or not”

Scott Nelson, a Labour Party activist with almost 50,000 followers on Twitter, was reportedly “removed” from the Labour Party over a series of tweets about “Jewish companies” in 2015, but he has now told Campaign Against Antisemitism that he can apply to rejoin the Party “whether you like it or not”. In a conversation on Twitter […]


We welcome new rules passed by Labour Party Conference to make it easier to expel antisemites, but now the Party must walk the walk, not just talk the talk

With great reluctance, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has just passed a motion allowing greater sanctions against antisemites in its ranks. However, this welcome change will prove meaningless unless the Party rejects those parts of the whitewash Chakrabarti report that allow for a veil of secrecy to be drawn over all disciplinary proceedings: at present, the Labour […]


Beinazir Lasharie, who reportedly linked Zionists to ISIS, appointed Deputy Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea to help “rebuild trust with residents”

Councillor Beinazir Lasharie, who reportedly said that “I’ve seen compelling evidence that links Zionists to ISIS” has been appointed Deputy Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea “to help the Council rebuild trust with residents following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower.” In February 2015, Councillor Lasharie reportedly posted a video on Facebook entitled: “ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence […]


New CAA research shows antisemitism amongst officials in Labour is eight times worse than any other party

Today, Campaign Against Antisemitism has published the initial findings of a comprehensive ongoing research project to track antisemitism amongst office holders in political parties, comprising MPs, peers, councillors, party officers and candidates selected to contest any public election. The International Definition of Antisemitism adopted by the British Government and the College of Policing, and the […]


Labour MP Tulip Siddiq demands “truly independent” inquiry into Party’s antisemitism problem

Newly re-elected Labour MP Tulip Siddiq has demanded a “truly independent” inquiry into the Labour Party’s antisemitism problem when Parliament reconvenes. She also said that she wants Ken Livingstone to be expelled from the Party over his comments that “Hitler was supporting Zionism”. The Labour Party held an infamous whitewash internal review into antisemitism in the […]


Melanie Melvin leaves Labour after claiming “Sarin gassing was filmed by the BBC at Pinewood on the orders of Mrs May and the Israeli lobby”

Labour activist, Melanie Melvin, who was elected Women’s Officer of the Brighton Kemptown Constituency Labour Party earlier this year, has reportedly left the Labour Party after antisemitic tweets allegedly appeared on her Twitter account. According to a report in the JC, “Labour has confirmed that an activist who sent anti-Israel and anti-Jewish tweets is no […]


Tim Farron sacks disgraced parliamentary candidate David Ward over antisemitism, after first claiming that he was powerless to intervene

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has bowed to pressure to sack his disgraced former MP, David Ward, after Ward was selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Bradford East. Mr Farron first claimed that he was powerless to intervene in local parties’ selection processes. Campaign Against Antisemitism had worked with outraged Liberal Democrats to raise […]