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Jeremy Corbyn loses appeal in first stage of defamation case brought by Jewish activist in relation to infamous “Zionist irony” comments

Jeremy Corbyn has lost an appeal in the first stage of a defamation case brought by a Jewish activist and blogger. On an unknown date in 2013, Mr Corbyn addressed a meeting convened by the Palestinian Return Centre. Referring to a previous speech given by Manuel Hassassian, the Palestinian Authority’s representative in Britain, Mr Corbyn suggested that “the progressive […]


Progressive think-tank and Canadian Jews condemn political party’s invitation to “toxic” Corbyn

A Progressive think-tank and Canadian Jewish organisations have expressed outrage at an invitation to Jeremy Corbyn to participate in an event organised by Canada’s New Democratic Party (NDP). Now an independent MP following his suspension from the Parliamentary Labour Party, Mr Corbyn – under whose leadership the Party was found to have unlawfully victimised and […]


“It is time that Piers Corbyn faces the legal consequences of his trolling of Jews” after the anti-lockdown activist is arrested over flyers comparing pandemic rules to Auschwitz

The Metropolitan Police has disclosed that it arrested a 73-year-old man in Southwark yesterday on suspicion of malicious communications and public nuisance. Campaign Against Antisemitism and others have reported recently that Piers Corbyn, the brother of the former Labour leader, conceived and has been distributing grotesque flyers comparing lockdown rules to Auschwitz. Referencing a headline […]


Jeremy Corbyn launches High Court bid to reverse his suspension from the Labour Party, while a separate court challenge against the EHRC’s devastating report goes nowhere

Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the Labour Party, has launched a bid in the High Court to overturn his suspension from Labour over remarks he made following the publication of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s (EHRC) devastating report into antisemitism in the Party. The first hearing, which took place earlier this week, related to the disclosure of […]


CAA’s latest Antisemitism Barometer study shows Jewish community regaining confidence after the Corbyn era but scars remain, with Labour, CPS and BBC coming in for opprobrium

Today, Campaign Against Antisemitism publishes its latest Antisemitism Barometer, comprising a survey of the British public’s views toward Jews and a poll of the Jewish community. The Barometer’s poll of the British public’s views towards Jews is the first survey to use the Generalised Antisemitism Scale, devised by Dr Daniel Allington of King’s College, Louise Katz […]


Actor Keith Allen defends Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism

The actor Keith Allen has defended Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism, complaining of the “appalling treatment” meted out to the former Labour leader. Mr Allen said in an interview with the Radio Times that Mr Corbyn had been treated “appallingly” by the media, which was “scared” of him. Regarding Mr Corbyn’s antisemitism, Mr Allen said: “I don’t think […]


Arch conspiracy theorist Piers Corbyn “trolls Jews” by distributing leaflets in Jewish neighbourhoods comparing COVID-19 vaccines to Auschwitz

The arch conspiracy theorist, Piers Corbyn, has reportedly distributed leaflets in Jewish neighbourhoods comparing the COVID-19 vaccines to the Auschwitz death camp. Referencing a headline in the Evening Standard that the new COVID-19 vaccines are a “safe path to freedom”, the leaflets apparently showed the slogan atop the infamous gates to Auschwitz. Mr Corbyn, the brother of the former […]


Supporter of Jeremy Corbyn who called Jewish women MP a “f****** racist Zionist c***” and sent antisemitic abuse to other Labour Parliamentarians avoids jail

A supporter of the former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who sent antisemitic abuse to Labour MPs had avoided jail. Nicholas Nelson, 31, admitted to three charges of sending communications of an offensive nature in mid-2018. The communications were sent via telephone calls and e-mails to the Jewish women MPs Dame Margaret Hodge and Dame Louise Ellman, as […]


Students at University of Sydney pass antisemitic resolution claiming Labour’s suspension of Jeremy Corbyn was bid to “intimidate and silence”

The main student body of the University of Sydney has criticised the Labour Party in the UK for suspending Jeremy Corbyn, alleging that the measures were designed to “intimidate and silence” the political Left and criticism of Israel. The Students Representative Council (SRC) of the University of Sydney passed a motion on 10th November condemning […]


As Labour whip asks Jeremy Corbyn to apologise, CAA is resolute: “An apology is no substitute for justice”

Labour’s Opposition Chief Whip, Nick Brown, has written to Jeremy Corbyn, the former Leader, urging him to apologise in return for a restoration of the whip. Mr Corbyn was recently suspended for downplaying the extent of antisemitism in the Party but was then rapidly readmitted to the Party in a shambolic process that represented a con of the Jewish community. Under pressure, Sir […]


With pro-Corbyn members leaving Labour en masse, other parties must stand guard against importation of Labour antisemitism

According to recent reports, the Labour Party has lost tens of thousands of members since Sir Keir Starmer became leader, with the exodus apparently accelerating since the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn. This is the first time since Mr Corbyn’s election as Leader that the Party’s membership has fallen below half a million, which was itself a staggering achievement […]


“Sir Keir is offering the Jewish community crumbs” by withholding the whip from Jeremy Corbyn after former leader was readmitted by sham process

Campaign Against Antisemitism has reacted to Sir Keir Starmer’s statement that he is withholding the whip from Jeremy Corbyn, who was yesterday readmitted to the Labour Party by the same processes that the Equality and Human Rights Commission had declared unfit for purpose. Gideon Falter, Chief Executive of Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “We have been conned. We did not go to […]


CAA files new complaint seeking expulsion of Jeremy Corbyn over his responsibility for Labour being found guilty by EHRC of unlawful acts of antisemitism

Today, Campaign Against Antisemitism has filed a further complaint against the former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, over his personal responsibility for the Party being found guilty of unlawful acts of antisemitism, for which he must be held to account. Mr Corbyn was suspended over remarks he made in reaction to the damning report issued by the Equality and Human […]


Corbyn’s readmission by the Labour Party shows the Jewish community has been conned, and he must be resuspended immediately pending a real investigation into our complaint

In a shambolic development, Jeremy Corbyn has been readmitted to the Labour Party following a decision by a panel of Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC). Labour’s former leader was recently suspended from the Party after making inflammatory remarks about the report into Labour antisemitism by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the submission of a complaint […]


Jeremy Corbyn’s statement today changes nothing and he must remain suspended until CAA’s full complaint against him has been investigated

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s former leader who was recently suspended from the Party, has issued a statement “clarifying” his inflammatory remarks about the report into Labour antisemitism by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). However, he has not addressed his own long history of antisemitism, which was recorded in a complaint made by Campaign Against Antisemitism shortly before he was suspended. Mr Corbyn […]


Corbyn suspension spurs confrontation between local Constituency Labour Parties and central Labour Party

The suspension of Jeremy Corbyn following the publication of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report into Labour antisemitism and the submission of a complaint against Mr Corbyn and other MPs by Campaign Against Antisemitism appears to have spurred a confrontation within the Party between several Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) and the Labour Party headquarters. Among the […]


The Guardian criticised for cartoon employing antisemitic and insensitive motifs and portraying Jeremy Corbyn as saintly martyr

The Guardian newspaper has been criticised for publishing a cartoon employing antisemitic and insensitive motifs. The cartoon features Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer presenting the head of former Leader Jeremy Corbyn on a platter in a pose deliberately reminiscent of the Caravaggio painting “Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist”, a depiction of the New Testament event […]


Within minutes of our submission of a complaint against Jeremy Corbyn and fifteen other sitting Labour MPs, Sir Keir Starmer suspends Mr Corbyn pending an investigation

Within minutes of our submission of a complaint against former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and fifteen other sitting Labour MPs in relation to antisemitism, Sir Keir Starmer has suspended Mr Corbyn, pending an investigation. Our letter to Sir Keir, which followed the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s unprecedented finding that the Labour Party committed unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination against […]


Jeremy Corbyn’s chief of staff sought to force out MPs who protested Labour antisemitism, according to report

Jeremy Corbyn’s Chief of Staff sought to force out Labour MPs who protested antisemitism in the Party, according to a report. In WhatsApp messages, Karie Murphy expressed disappointment in April 2019 in reaction to seven Labour MPs quitting the Party in February, according the JC. She reportedly wrote: “F**king idiots. All the work I did to trigger them and they […]


Ash Sarkar complains she was “crucified” for criticising Labour antisemitism as she and Owen Jones continue to whitewash their role in defending Jeremy Corbyn amid antisemitism allegations

The controversial far-left activist-journalists, Ash Sarkar and Owen Jones, are continuing their effort to distance themselves from the antisemitism scandal that engulfed Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, now that the electorate rendered its verdict clear and the Equality and Human Rights Commission prepares its report into the Party. In an interview to promote Mr Jones’ new book, Ms Sarkar, a […]


New book confirms CAA’s claim that Jeremy Corbyn’s allies were worried about Labour adopting the International Definition of Antisemitism because he would be found to have breached it

A new book appears to confirm that Jeremy Corbyn’s allies were worried about the Labour Party adopting the International Definition of Antisemitism in 2018 because Mr Corbyn, then the Leader of the Party, would be found to have breached it, as Campaign Against Antisemitism has long maintained. The new book, by controversial journalist Owen Jones, claims on behalf of […]


Antisemitic hate preacher David Icke joined on stage by conspiracist Piers Corbyn in rally against pandemic rules that included supporters of British Union of Fascists

The conspiracy theorist and antisemitic hate preacher David Icke led a rally in London over the weekend against the lockdown and other pandemic-related rules and restrictions. He was joined on stage by Piers Corbyn, the conspiracist brother of the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Participants at the demonstration displayed the symbol of Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists, among other controversial […]


Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t empathise with ‘prosperous’ Jewish community and declined to visit Auschwitz or make other gestures of reconciliation, according to new book

A new book quotes a union official and former senior advisor to Jeremy Corbyn who claimed that Mr Corbyn struggled to empathise with the Jewish community because it is “relatively prosperous”. Andrew Murray is quoted in a new behind-the-scenes book by journalists Gabriel Pogrund and Patrick McGuire saying about the former Labour leader: “He is very empathetic, […]


Hacktivist group Anonymous posts antisemitic mural defended by Jeremy Corbyn on social media and Facebook declines to act

Earlier this week, the hacktivist group known as Anonymous posted a picture of an antisemitic mural on Facebook, but when a member of the public brought it to the attention of the social media company, it declined to take any action. The mural originated on a wall in London’s East End in October 2012 after the Los […]


Holocaust denier David Irving praised by American activist Norman Finkelstein at pro-Corbyn meeting, where David Miller also continued venomously targeting Jewish charities

The controversial American activist Norman Finkelstein praised Holocaust denier David Irving at a pro-Corbyn meeting of Labour Against the Witch-Hunt, an antisemitism-denial group of former and expelled Labour members. Mr Finkelstein described Mr Irving as a “very good historian” who “knew a thing, or two or three.” He reportedly went on to say: “I don’t see the reason […]


Woman behind Jeremy Corbyn legal fund is involved with a company that aims to “end the politicisation of Jewish suffering”

The JC is reporting that the woman behind a crowdfunder that has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for Jeremy Corbyn’s legal expenses is involved with a company that aims to “end the politicisation of Jewish suffering”. According to Companies House, Carole Morgan, who set up the crowdfunder on Go Fund Me, is one of two persons with significant control over Truth […]


Labour tried to have Party whistleblower prosecuted, and now Jeremy Corbyn’s Islington CLP debates rejection of International Definition of Antisemitism

The Labour Party tried to have one of the Panorama whistleblowers prosecuted, according to The Sunday Times. Sam Matthews, a former head of governance and legal, was one of a number of former staffers turned courageous whistleblowers who featured on the BBC Panorama expose of antisemitism in the Labour Party and with whom the Party recently settled a defamation case. It has now […]


Donors to unofficial crowd-funder for Jeremy Corbyn’s legal expenses post horrendous comments denying Labour antisemitism and equating Zionism with racism

Donors to an unofficial crowd-funder for Jeremy Corbyn’s legal expenses have posted horrendous comments in support of the beleaguered former Labour leader. The crowd-funder was launched by a supporter of Mr Corbyn’s and does not appear to have his formal endorsement, however the supporter said: “The funds on this campaign will not be touched and remain on […]


Jeremy Corbyn deletes Wiley tweet without condemning antisemitism

Jeremy Corbyn has deleted a past tweet exchange with the grime artist Wiley, who has become embroiled in controversy over an extended antisemitic rant. Wiley, whose real name is Richard Kylea Cowie Jr., appears to have shown support for the former Labour leader, who thanked him for his endorsement. However, with Wiley now at the centre of his own antisemitism […]


Crowdfunder for Jeremy Corbyn’s legal defence gets donations from “Hitler” and “B*stard Son of Netanyahu and Starmer”

A crowdfunder launched to raise money for Jeremy Corbyn’s legal defence has received money from donors calling themselves “Adolf Hitler” and “B*stard Son of Netanyahu and Starmer”. The crowdfunder was launched by a supporter of Mr Corbyn’s and does not appear to have his formal endorsement, however the supporter said: “The funds on this campaign will not […]


Leaked email from Corbyn ally shows he recognised that controversial leaked Labour report was misleading and feared the consequences

A leaked email from a senior Corbyn ally in Labour Party headquarters shows that he recognised that a controversial leaked report about the Party’s handling of antisemitism was misleading and that there may be adverse consequences following its dissemination. Thomas Gardiner, who resigned a few weeks ago as Labour’s Director of Governance and Legal, is reported to have sent an email on […]


John Ware to sue Jeremy Corbyn for defamation and former Labour General-Secretary Lord McNicol to sue Party for leaked report that tried to blame him for antisemitism crisis

John Ware, the maker of the BBC Panorama documentary “Is Labour Antisemitic”, is reportedly suing former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for repeating libels that saw the Party reach a settlement with Mr Ware and the whistleblowers featured in the programme. The programme, which was televised in July 2019, showed former Labour Party employees speaking out publicly to reveal Mr Corbyn’s personal meddling in […]


CAA calls for Jeremy Corbyn to be suspended from Labour after spreading further conspiracy theories about antisemitism in the Party, this time regarding the courageous whistleblowers

Campaign Against Antisemitism is calling for Jeremy Corbyn to be suspended from the Labour Party after he called the Party’s decision to settle the defamation case brought by the Panorama whistleblowers and the journalist John Ware “a political decision” that was “disappointing”. Mr Corbyn said that the settlement reached today, which reportedly requires the Labour […]


Labour settles defamation case with Panorama whistleblowers with apology and significant payout, demonstrating how ready Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour was to betray its principles and people to cover its institutional racism against Jews

The Labour Party has settled a defamation case in the High Court brought by seven whistleblowers who featured in last year’s BBC Panorama’s programme titled “Is Labour Antisemitic?” as well as the journalist behind the programme, John Ware. The programme, which was televised in July 2019, showed former Labour Party employees speaking out publicly to reveal Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s personal […]


Miriam Margolyes says “a conspiracy within the Party motivated from Israel” forced Jeremy Corbyn to stand down as Labour Leader

The outspoken actress Miriam Margolyes has claimed that former Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn was “forced” to resign due to “a conspiracy within the Party motivated from Israel”. Ms Margolyes made the comments to The Times, adding that Mr Corbyn “was not and never was an antisemite,” apparently despite all the evidence to the contrary. Over 57,000 people […]


John McDonnell’s Forward Momentum faction wins control of the pro-Corbyn pressure group

The Forward Momentum faction has prevailed in internal elections in the pro-Corbyn pressure group. Forward Momentum was backed by John McDonnell, the former Shadow Chancellor and senior ally of former Leader Jeremy Corbyn, and won on a platform of critical engagement with the new Labour Leader, Sir Keir Starmer. The Momentum Renewal slate, which was backed […]


Divisive Corbyn aide Seumas Milne and Labour’s controversial complaints chief Thomas Gardiner reportedly both leave after years at centre of antisemitism crisis

Seumas Milne, Jeremy Corbyn’s divisive senior aide, and Thomas Gardiner, Labour’s Director of Governance and Legal Affairs, have both quit their employment with the Party. Mr Milne, who has a record of espousing extreme political views, served as Executive Director of Strategy and Communications under Jeremy Corbyn. As a political appointee, his departure following the election […]


Oxford branch of Black Lives Matter apologises for promoting event using antisemitic mural that Jeremy Corbyn defended

The Oxford branch of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has apologised for using the antisemitic ‘Freedom of Humanity’ mural as a cover photo for a Facebook event. The mural originally appeared in East London in October 2012 after an outcry. In 2018 then-Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, was discovered to have defended the […]


CAA calls on Sir Keir Starmer to discipline Jeremy Corbyn and group of far-left Labour MPs demanding reinstatement of Rebecca Long-Bailey despite her sharing antisemitic conspiracy theory

Labour’s far-left Socialist Campaign Group of MPs met with Sir Keir Starmer today to express their opposition to the sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey from the Shadow Cabinet after she shared an article containing an antisemitic trope baselessly linking Israel to the killing of George Floyd. Not only did they call for Ms Long-Bailey’s punishment to […]


Three Jewish peers who quit Corbyn’s Labour re-join the Party despite lack of timetable for reforms to address antisemitism

Three Jewish members of the House of Lords have announced that they have re-joined the Labour Party after having resigned over antisemitism under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. However, much of the damage caused during Mr Corbyn’s tenure has yet to be undone. Yesterday, Campaign Against Antisemitism wrote to Sir Keir Starmer, Mr Corbyn’s successor, seeking at the […]


CAA writes to Sir Keir Starmer seeking a timetable for overhauling Labour’s corrupted disciplinary process and action against senior figures including Jeremy Corbyn

Today, Campaign Against Antisemitism has written to Sir Keir Starmer welcoming a report that he intends to treat the report of the statutory investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) into antisemitism in the Labour Party as “a help rather than a distraction”. On 28th May 2019, the Equality and Human Rights Commission launched […]


Labour MP promotes article claiming Jeremy Corbyn was brought down by “lies”, “mob politics” and “dark forces”, but then deletes tweet and apologises

A Labour MP promoted an article that claimed that Jeremy Corbyn, the former Leader of the Labour Party, was electorally unsuccessful due to “lie after lie” told about him, “mob politics” and “dark forces”, before deleting the tweet and apologising. Margaret Greenwood, who is the Shadow Minister for Schools, tweeted that the article was “important reading” […]


Veteran activist links Israel to racist killing of George Floyd and says “Israeli embassies” were behind campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, who listens without objecting

A veteran left-wing activist has linked Israel to the racist murder of George Floyd by claiming that American police forces are trained in Israel and have learned dubious techniques of restraint from their Israeli counterparts. He went on to accuse “Israeli embassies” of claiming that any criticism of Israel is antisemitic and that one of […]


LBC caller rips Sir Keir Starmer for standing by Corbyn while Jewish community was crying out, as listeners on Youtube post antisemitic comments

A Jewish caller to the radio channel LBC accused Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer of spending five years standing by Jeremy Corbyn and campaigning to make him Prime Minister, noting that it is “convenient” for Sir Keir to be “saying the right things now, that’s not principled…that’s empty words.” Sir Keir did not try to […]


Controversial filmmaker and and Corbyn enthusiast Ken Loach describes BAFTA nomination for Panorama’s expose of Labour antisemitism a “disgrace”

Ken Loach, the controversial filmmaker and Jeremy Corbyn enthusiast, has described the BAFTA Television Award nomination for Panorama’s programme titled “Is Labour Antisemitic?” as a “disgrace”. Mr Loach called the programme a “crude polemic, without balance or objectivity, intended to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership,” and claimed that “BAFTA’s choice is a blatant attempt to rehabilitate […]


Rapper Ice Cube approvingly tweets antisemitic image from mural that Jeremy Corbyn defended

The rapper Ice Cube has been condemned for posting – and subsequently refusing to remove – a tweet of the image known to British Jews from the mural that former Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn defended, before backtracking. Ice Cube, a musician whose real name is O’Shea Jackson, tweeted the picture that originated on a wall in […]


Jeremy Corbyn says EHRC is just “part of the Government machine” in first interview since stepping down as Labour leader in latest attempt to undermine investigation into Party’s antisemitism

Jeremy Corbyn has rubbished the independence of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), saying that it is “part of the Government machine” and that its independence as been “taken away” by the Conservatives. Mr Corbyn made the remarks in his first interview since stepping down as Labour leader, which he gave to the fringe […]


Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Bell RIbeiro-Addy share platform with Stop The War’s Lindsay German who denies Labour antisemitism and backed disgraced Chris Williamson

The former leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, joined former Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott and fellow MP Bell Ribeiro-Addy on a platform with a controversial activist who has a history of denying antisemitism in the Labour Party and who backed the disgraced former Labour MP, Chris Williamson. Lindsay German has repeatedly denied Labour’s […]


Owen Jones attacks Michael Gove for buying book by Holocaust-denier David Irving in order to debunk it, despite Jones spending years defending antisemitic Corbyn

The columnist and activist Owen Jones has come under fire on Twitter for criticising the philosemitic Government minister, Michael Gove, and his journalist wife, Sarah Vine, for owning a book by David Irving, after he saw the volume on their bookshelf in an interview conducted from their home. David Irving is a discredited historian and […]


Labour’s mammoth report detailing anti-Corbyn conspiracy at Party’s HQ is “last ditch attempt to discredit antisemitism allegations” and must be sent to EHRC

Sky News has reported that the Labour Party spent the last month of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership conducting a full-scale review into how the Party handled antisemitism complaints during his tenure. The report, which is titled ‘The work of the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit in relation to antisemitism, 2014 – 2019’ and has not […]


CAA’s message to new Labour leader: disciplining Jeremy Corbyn is your litmus test

The new leader of the Labour Party will commence his or her term in office during the worst health crisis in living memory, but that must not delay dealing with another priority, addressing the Party’s need for internal reforms, starting with unravelling its institutional antisemitism. On the campaign trail, the contenders have often spoken of […]


“The unresolved crisis of antisemitism nearly cost us our soul”, says Jewish former MP Ruth Smeeth of Labour in stinging rebuke of Jeremy Corbyn

The Jewish former Labour MP, Ruth Smeeth, has declared of her Party that “the unresolved crisis of antisemitism nearly cost us our soul” in a stinging rebuke of the Party’s outgoing leader, Jeremy Corbyn, of whom she said: “his failure on anti-Jewish racism will rightly forever tarnish his reputation – and those around him in […]


Disappointment as Boris Johnson praises Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at his last PMQs without reference to the fear he instilled in British Jews

At yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions, which was Jeremy Corbyn’s last as leader of the Labour Party, Boris Johnson praised the Leader of the Opposition without referencing his antisemitism and the fear he instilled in British Jews. The Prime Minister said: “I wish to pay tribute to [Mr Corbyn] for his service to party and country […]


Michael Gove: Jeremy Corbyn wanted to “smuggle into our political conversation antisemitic expressions and antisemitic tropes”

Michael Gove, the Conservative frontbencher, has accused the leader of the Labour Party of trying to “smuggle into our political conversation antisemitic expressions and antisemitic tropes.” Mr Gove made the remark at a reception in Westminster for the Mainstream UK group co-founded by the former Labour MP and honorary patron of Campaign Against Antisemitism, Ian […]


New Corbyn-backed chair of Labour’s disputes panel, Yasmine Dar, does not believe Labour has an institutional antisemitism problem, even as her brother is suspended

The new chair of the Labour Party’s disputes panel does not believe that the Party has a problem of institutional antisemitism, even as her brother is suspended over antisemitism allegations. Yasmine Dar, a councillor in Manchester and member of Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC), was elected this week to head up the Party’s disputes […]


Lord Mann says Jeremy Corbyn’s inaction led to growth of antisemitism and not enough people are challenging it

Lord Mann has opined that “Jeremy Corbyn’s lack of action as Labour leader led to a growth of antisemitism on the Left,” adding that “there’s also virulent antisemitism on the Right.” Lord Mann, who serves as the Government’s independent advisor on antisemitism, lamented that “not enough people are challenging antisemitism. We need to be more […]


Jeremy Corbyn’s Chief of Staff Karie Murphy deemed “completely unfit” for peerage, but over allegations of bullying rather than Labour antisemitism

Jeremy Corbyn’s Chief of Staff, Karie Murphy, has been deemed “completely unfit” for a peerage by the House of Lords Appointments Commission, which considers appointments to the upper chamber, after Mr Corbyn nominated her. However, the Commission’s conclusion was reportedly based on accusations of bullying rather than Labour antisemitism. Ms Murphy is accused by staff […]


Unite’s Len McCluskey continues to claim that Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents used antisemitism to undermine him

Len McCluskey, the head of the powerful Unite union, has claimed that antisemitism allegations were used to “undermine” the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show, Mr McCluskey, who is a major backer of Mr Corbyn, called Mr Corbyn’s critics who supposedly exploited antisemitism to undermine the Labour leader “despicable”.  He said: […]


Emily Thornberry tells Holocaust Memorial Day audience that Jeremy Corbyn “will always call out” racism, after Labour leader appears to back Rebecca Long-Bailey as successor

Labour leadership hopeful Emily Thornberry has praised Jeremy Corbyn for “always calling out those people who play the race card” at a Holocaust Memorial Day event. Speaking at an event at Islington Assembly Hall to an audience that included fellow local MP Mr Corbyn, Ms Thornberry advised that it was not just the pupils present […]


Jeremy Corbyn audaciously refers to “horrors of the past” in hollow comments in Parliament on the Holocaust

Jeremy Corbyn has audaciously referenced the “horrors of the past” in comments in Parliament on the Holocaust that are insulting to the Jewish community. The Labour leader told MPs: “Next Monday we will be commemorating National Holocaust [Memorial] Day. It’s a time for us all to reflect on the horrors of the past and remind […]


Scandal erupts at pro-Corbyn MP Sam Tarry’s local branch, where senior JVL members who originally nominated him as Labour candidate submit an antisemitic motion which he fails to condemn

A scandal has erupted at the Party branch of the new pro-Corbyn MP, Sam Tarry. Last week, at the Cranbrook and Valentines branch of the Labour Party in Mr Tarry’s Ilford South constituency, a motion was carried declaring that there was “no antisemitism in the Labour Party” and attacking the Board of Deputies of British […]


Jeremy Corbyn’s nomination of his chief of staff Karie Murphy for a peerage is another insult to the Jewish community

Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to include his controversial chief of staff, Karie Murphy, in his list of nominations for peerages is another insult to the Jewish community by the leader of the Labour Party. Ms Murphy has been a central figure in the Labour leader’s office, which has presided over the descent of the Party into […]


Rebecca Long Bailey showed “very little awareness” of issues important to Jewish community and defended Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism claims

It has emerged that the Labour frontbencher and leadership hopeful Rebecca Long Bailey addressed an event in Manchester just months after her election as an MP in 2015 in which she showed “very little awareness” of issues important to the Jewish community, dismissed claims that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite and promised to […]


Prime Minister uses Chanukah message to tell Jews “you have every decent person in this country fighting by your side” but Jeremy Corbyn fails to even mention Labour’s antisemitism and turns his message political

The contrast could not be starker in the Chanukah messages from Britain’s political leaders. Countering antisemitism was central in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s video message. He said: “Today as Britain’s Jews seek to drive back the darkness of resurgent antisemitism, you have every decent person in this country fighting by your side. Britain would not […]


Poll shows 39% of Brits believe Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite and 47% believe Labour has an antisemitism problem

A representative poll of the British population conducted prior to the general election showed that 39% of respondents believe that Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite and that 47% believe that the Labour Party has an antisemitism problem. The poll of 12,147 was commissioned from Deltapoll by a Jewish charity and conducted between 29th November and […]


Ken Loach says claims about Jeremy Corbyn’s antisemitism are “lies” and defers to apparent JVL claim that antisemitism was “weaponised”

The controversial filmmaker, Ken Loach, has suggested that Jeremy Corbyn was subjected to a “torrent of abuse” and that regardless of what he did, the “campaign” of antisemitism accusations was “going to run and run”. Mr Loach made the remarks in an interview on the BBC in the wake of Labour’s election defeat. Asked how […]


France’s leading left-wing politician, Jean-Luc Melenchon, calls Labour antisemitism claims “baseless” and suggests “Likud networks” were behind Jeremy Corbyn’s election defeat

France’s leading left-wing politician, Jean-Luc Melenchon, has weighed in on the UK’s general election, claiming that one of the reasons that Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn lost the election was “baseless accusations of antisemitism” and “the various influence networks of the Likud”, Israel’s ruling party. Mr Melenchon published his analysis in French on Facebook, where it caused […]


CAA joins eighty-eight Lords in calling for Jenny Tonge to withdraw her disgraceful claim that the “pro-Israel lobby won our General Election by lying about Jeremy Corbyn”

Eighty-eight members of the House of Lords have published a letter in The Daily Telegraph condemning remarks on Facebook by the disgraced peer, Jenny Tonge, following the general election. Baroness Tonge posted on Facebook an article detailing the Simon Wiesenthal’s labelling of Jeremy Corbyn as the world’s worst antisemite and commented, alluding also to the […]


Diehard supporters of Jeremy Corbyn turn their attention to the world’s oldest scapegoat

Britain has resoundingly rejected the politics of hate, albeit that millions still backed an institutionally antisemitic political party. However, the Jewish community must now brace itself for a potential backlash. Campaign Against Antisemitism has urged the Jewish community to be vigilant in case, as has happened so often in Jewish history and as the last […]


Some antisemitic Labour members got “lesser sanctions”, according to Channel 4, as it again disputes Corbyn’s claims about how the Party has dealt with antisemitism

Channel 4’s fact checker has again disputed Jeremy Corbyn’s claims about Labour’s disciplinary processes, claiming that some members were reportedly given “lesser sanctions” for expressions of antisemitism. Channel 4 suggests that this contradicts Mr Corbyn’s insistence that “where anyone has committed any antisemitic acts or made any antisemitic statements, they are either suspended or expelled […]


New Statesman declines to endorse Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism

The leading left-wing political journal, the New Statesman, has, unusually, declined to endorse the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism. In an editorial the magazine read: “the essential judgement that must be made is on Mr Corbyn himself. His reluctance to apologise for the antisemitism in Labour and to take a stance […]


Labour’s Barry Gardiner denies Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic, merely critical of Israel’s politics

Labour frontbencher Barry Gardiner has said that Jeremy Corbyn and the Party have been wrongly accused of antisemitism, and that the Labour leader is merely “critical of the politics of Israel”. Mr Gardiner, who is the Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade, said that it was “important” to have “clarity” on Mr Corbyn’s record, […]


Simon Wiesenthal Centre labels Jeremy Corbyn worst antisemite on the planet

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre has reportedly declared that the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is the worst antisemite in the world. The U.S.-based group, which is the leading Nazi-hunting organisation in the world, said: “No one has done more to mainstream antisemitism into the political and social life of a democracy than the Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour […]


CAA releases case files showing Jeremy Corbyn personally responsible for 24 antisemitic incidents, four times more than all candidates for other major parties combined

Campaign Against Antisemitism is today publishing the 29 case files from our database of more than 300 entries. The research, which is available now on our website examines involvement in antisemitic discourse by all parliamentary candidates and party leaders. The research shows that Jeremy Corbyn is personally responsible for 24 incidents, which is equal to […]


Watch new video of Corbyn embracing radical antisemitic cleric Raed Salah after he was found to have disseminated antisemitic blood libel

New video has emerged of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn embracing the The firebrand Islamic cleric, Sheikh Raed Salah, after Sheikh Salah was found by the Court of Appeal to have promoted the antisemitic blood libel that Jews bake bread using the blood of non-Jewish children. Sheikh Salah, who was recently convicted in a court in […]


Channel 4 suggests Corbyn may have misled viewers about improvement of Labour antisemitism disciplinary processes

Channel 4 is reporting that it has seen evidence showing that, contrary to assertions by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the Party’s enhanced disciplinary processes were not expected to be implemented until after the general election. Mr Corbyn told the BBC’s Andrew Neil in a ‘car crash’ interview last week that he had “strengthened processes” since […]


CAA and KCL study finds far-left Jew-hatred has now overtaken far-right in Britain and two-thirds of Corbyn’s vanguard of strongest supporters hold antisemitic views

Today, Campaign Against Antisemitism is releasing the results of our Antisemitism Barometer research, a multiyear study by Campaign Against Antisemitism which was designed and analysed by one of the foremost academics in his field from King’s College London. The study makes shocking findings about antisemitism in the Labour Party and British society, and how Jews […]


Man who criticised Jeremy Corbyn on Twitter has swastika sent to his home by first class post, police investigating

A Jewish filmmaker from Hertfordshire who has become increasingly worried about the rise of antisemitism in the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has received a swastika by post at his home address after tweeting criticism of the Labour leader. On Friday, his partner was outside their house while the postman was carrying out his […]


Respected European Rabbi Menachem Margolin says Corbyn’s legacy is abhorrent to the Jews of Europe

The respected Rabbi Menachem Margolin has delivered a blistering attack on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Rabbi Margolin, who is based in Belgium, is the founder and chairman of the Brussels-based European Jewish Association, a leading organisation in the community. On Mr Corbyn, Rabbi Margolin told Campaign Against Antisemitism: “There is no nuance, no clever turn […]


Corbyn refuses to apologise to Jewish community for Labour antisemitism, and appears to admit Chakrabarti report was not independent

Jeremy Corbyn has refused to apologise to the Jewish community for the Labour Party’s institutional antisemitism and his role in it. Mr Corbyn was interviewed by the BBC’s Andrew Neil last night in what was widely panned as a disastrous conversation for the Labour leader, a full third of which was spent discussing Labour’s antisemitism […]


Corbyn shares platform with Labour candidates with troubling records on anti-Jewish racism as Labour launches race manifesto

The launch of Labour’s controversial Race and Faith manifesto today was mired with controversy, as Mr Corbyn shared a platform with Labour candidates with troubling records on anti-Jewish racism. The event was delayed and already overshadowed by the Chief Rabbi’s unprecedented intervention criticising the Labour Party over its institutional antisemitism and the manifesto’s sinister pledge […]


Leader of Britain’s Sephardi Jewish community backs Chief Rabbi over Jeremy Corbyn

The Senior Rabbi of Britain’s Sephardi Jewish community has issued a statement fulsomely backing the Chief Rabbi over his unprecedented intervention, in which he warned that Jeremy Corbyn was “unfit for office” and that “the very soul of our nation is at stake.” Rabbi Joseph Dweck wrote: “As a rule we as rabbis are careful to […]


Archbishop of Canterbury backs Chief Rabbi over his comments about Jeremy Corbyn, warning “visible action” is needed, not just words

The Archbishop of Canterbury has backed the Chief Rabbi over his unprecedented intervention, in which he warned that Jeremy Corbyn was “unfit for office” and that “the very soul of our nation is at stake.” Archbishop Justin Welby, who is the most senior clergyman in the Church of England has this morning issued a statement […]


Chief Rabbi attacks Corbyn and calls on Britons to “vote with their conscience” in unprecedented intervention, saying “soul of our nation is at stake”

In an unprecedented intervention, the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, Ephraim Mirvis, has asked in The Times how far Jeremy Corbyn would have to go to be considered “unfit for office”, rhetorically asking readers: “What will the result of this election say about the moral compass of our country? When […]


Jeremy Corbyn shared platform with speakers who said Zionism made the Jews “immoral” and endorsed violent Jihad

It has emerged that Jeremy Corbyn shared a platform in 2008 with a speaker who claimed that Zionism has made the Jews “immoral”, while another endorsed violent Jihad against Israelis. The footage from a 2008 rally shows Mr Corbyn, then a backbench Labour MP, on a stage with Ismail Patel, the chair of Friends of […]


Labour candidate Laura McAlpine heckled for defending Corbyn’s record on Hamas and terrorists, and her own campaign staff

Labour’s Harlow general election candidate was heckled at a hustings for defending Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s relationship with the genocidal antisemitic group Hamas and other terrorists. Laura McAlpine, who is fighting to unseat the Conservative MP in the marginal seat, described Mr Corbyn as “a man of peace”, and dismissed a questioner asking about Mr […]


Jeremy Corbyn laughed at in ITV election debate as he lied about Labour’s handling of its antisemitism crisis

At ITV’s general election debate yesterday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was laughed at as he lied about his Party’s handling of its antisemitism crisis. Asked about why Labour had become a “cesspit of antisemitism”, Mr Corbyn was met with ridicule from the audience as he insisted that antisemitism is “an absolute evil and scourge within […]


Usual suspects sign disgraceful letter saying Jeremy Corbyn “is being smeared as an antisemite by people who should know better”

A number of actors and academics have endorsed a disgraceful letter describing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as “a life-long committed anti-racist” who “is being smeared as an antisemite by people who should know better.” While conceding that antisemitism is present within society and all political parties, including Labour, the signatories insist that “no political party […]


Labour claims 24 public figures who denounced Corbyn and Labour over antisemitism are actually just racists and misogynists

The Labour Party has vehemently rejected criticism from the 24 public figures who denounced Jeremy Corbyn and Labour over antisemitism and accused several of them of antisemitism, Islamophobia and misogyny. Twenty-four non-Jewish authors, actors, television and radio presenters, human rights campaigners and technologists wrote to The Guardian denouncing Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party over […]


Top non-Jewish authors, actors, television and radio presenters, human rights campaigners and technologists unite to denounce Corbyn and Labour over antisemitism

Twenty-four non-Jewish authors, actors, television and radio presenters, human rights campaigners and technologists have written to The Guardian denouncing Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party over antisemitism. Noting that the Party is now under statutory investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission following legal representations from Campaign Against Antisemitism, which is the complainant, the […]


Labour frontbencher, Laura Pidcock, reportedly uses words from Jesus Christ’s crucifixion to describe critics of Jeremy Corbyn at her campaign launch

Laura Pidcock, the Labour Party’s Shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights, who is tipped to become Labour’s new Deputy Leader, reportedly used words from Jesus Christ’s crucifixion to describe critics of Jeremy Corbyn at her campaign launch. Ms Pidcock, who was elected the MP for North West Durham in 2017, said: “I know we […]


SNP confirms it would put antisemite Jeremy Corbyn into 10 Downing Street in return for certain policies

Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that her Party would support a minority Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn if certain policies are pursued. She said she “would drive a hard bargain”. Recently, Campaign Against Antisemitism wrote to all the Opposition parties in Parliament (other than Labour) asking whether they would rule […]


John McDonnell falsely claims Ian Austin’s criticism of Labour antisemitism and Jeremy Corbyn was because he’s “employed by the Tories”

Campaign Against Antisemitism is disgusted at suggestions by Labour frontbencher John McDonnell that Ian Austin, who quit the Labour Party over antisemitism and recently gave a series of interviews criticising the Labour leader over antisemitism and extremism, did so because he is “employed by the Tories”. Mr Austin, who is the adopted son of a […]


Famed Soviet human rights campaigner Natan Sharansky says antisemitism in Corbyn’s Labour Party reminds him of USSR

The famous Soviet “refusnik” and human rights campaigner, Natan Sharansky, has said that the antisemitism in the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is reminiscent of the USSR. Mr Sharansky, who became famous for being refused the right to emigrate to Israel by Soviet authorities but eventually rose to become Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister, expressed concern […]


Pollster reports focus group “slated” Jeremy Corbyn for antisemitism “straight away” despite not knowing what antisemitism meant just a year ago

A polling expert has reported that in a focus group in a London constituency that he carried out, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was “slated for antisemitism.” James Johnson, who used to conduct polling for 10 Downing Street under Theresa May, said that the public “did not know what this word meant a year ago” but […]


Diane Abbott is “totally out of touch with reality” for claiming Stamford Hill Jews don’t believe Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite

Community leaders in Stamford Hill have challenged their local MP, Diane Abbott, over her claim that “not every element of the Jewish community says Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite” and that, in contrast to other communal bodies and newspapers, the “Jewish community in Stamford Hill doesn’t say that.” When pressed on Labour’s response to its […]