Gideon Falter

Chief Executive

Gideon was elected to lead Campaign Against Antisemitism in autumn 2014, soon after its establishment, building it into the UK’s foremost campaigning organisation against antisemitism.

Gideon has been at the forefront of Campaign Against Antisemitism’s mass-education work to expose and explain the dangers of antisemitism to the public, appearing regularly in the national and international media to stand up for British Jews.

He has been responsible for gathering together some of the most renowned lawyers in the UK to devise and execute an ambitious legal strategy that continues to change the law on antisemitism in Britain through landmark lawsuits both against notorious antisemites and the authorities when they fail to protect the Jewish community.

Gideon is also a forthright advocate for change in Westminster, leading Campaign Against Antisemitism’s work to strengthen Britain’s laws. He has spoken at the House of Commons and given evidence to parliamentary select committees. His work for Campaign Against Antisemitism has been publicly praised by the British Government.

The Algemeiner has awarded Gideon as one of the “top 100 people positively influencing Jewish life”, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center has hailed him as a “Jewish hero who proves that there are still powerful ways to leverage democratic rules to serve justice and protect Jewish community”.

Gideon has a degree in UK, French and European Union law, and has worked in high-tech, commercial real estate and management consultancy. In addition to his charitable work for Campaign Against Antisemitism, he also serves as Vice Chairman member of the Jewish National Fund UK.

Stephen Silverman

Director of Investigations and Enforcement

Stephen is a former IT and business consultant who specialised in effecting cultural change and improved business performance within multi-national corporations. During 2014 he became increasingly concerned by something he never expected to see in Britain: a surge in openly expressed hatred towards the Jewish community on the streets, on social media and even in certain branches of political discourse. Alarmed by the prospect of antisemitism becoming normalised in public life and by the failure of the authorities to address the problem, he joined Campaign Against Antisemitism in the summer of 2015.