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Head of Community Liaison

Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) is the UK’s leading organisation fighting antisemitism nationwide and endeavours to develop relationships with diverse Jewish communities and organisations across the country.

As Head of Community Liaison you will be at the centre of our outreach work, maintaining relationships with Jewish organisations and community leaders and conducting outreach efforts such as arranging educational sessions and talks about CAA’s work in combating antisemitism.

As Head of Community Liaison you will:

  • Initiate and build relationships with various community leaders to ensure an active network of contacts;
  • Maintain relationships with Jewish community organisations, raising awareness of the work conducted by CAA and the services that we provide;
  • Act as operational lead for the Community Liaison Unit, working with other volunteers to create and implement a project plan for community outreach;
  • Help to update our communal database, keeping track of Jewish community organisations across the country such as synagogues and community centres; and
  • Work closely with our Communications Unit to produce accessible and appealing publicity materials.

You do not need to have direct experience in these areas and you will receive training, guidance and assistance as required.

Operational thinking: You will define and adhere to an annual schedule for community outreach with definable goals. You will be an operationally- and logistically-minded person who is capable of keeping track of work and progressing in an organised manner.

Personability: Your role will involve conveying to strangers the vital work that CAA does to fight antisemitism and safeguard the wellbeing of the British Jewish community, which requires confidence and comfort using the telephone and speaking to strangers. You will be presentable, sociable and charismatic with a good understanding of various denominations and groups within the UK Jewish community.

Leadership: As Head of Community Liaison, you will help to recruit and lead a small team of volunteers to assist the Unit, while collaborating with our Communications Unit to produce materials to help promote CAA within the Jewish community.

Maintaining a database: We maintain a database of contacts at community organisations with whom we have relationships and prospective contacts with whom we want to establish relationships. You will play a central role in managing the upkeep of this database. You will be comfortable using standard office software such as Excel and dealing with data organised in a spreadsheet.

Considered approach: As Head of Community Liaison you will be representing CAA among the British Jewish Community and it is of vital importance that you are able to do so in a considered and respectable manner, accurately articulating CAA’s position and upholding its reputation. You will be a person who is diplomatic at all times, including in your personal dealings, communicating tactfully and courteously, including in regards to discussions of a religious or political nature.

The Head of Community Liaison will be able to make a lasting contribution to CAA and see projects through a full annual cycle. The successful applicant will be at the forefront of our community outreach program, which is essential to making our vital work known to the wider British Jewish community.