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Prosecutions Monitor

Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) is the UK’s leading organisation fighting antisemitism nationwide. We strive to hold public authorities to account in matters relating to antisemitism, ensuring that Britain continues to remain safe and hospitable to the Jewish community and that those who perpetrate antisemitic crimes face justice.

As a volunteer Prosecutions Monitor you will support our Scrutiny Unit by monitoring how the Criminal Justice System handles cases of antisemitism. You will receive training on how criminal cases are investigated by the police and prosecuted by the Crown Prosecution Service.

You will help us to identify cases where public bodies have failed to adequately defend the British Jewish community, reporting directly to the Head of Scrutiny.

As Prosecutions Monitor you will:

  • Monitor traditional and social media to identify cases in which we are not involved;
  • Maintain our record of active criminal cases in the UK, including by calling police forces and courts to inquire as to the status of investigations and prosecutions, and working with our Incident Response Unit to track cases in which we are more actively involved;
  • Manage our court diary and network of court reporters, and ensure that court hearings are attended; and
  • Update our investigations, enforcement, litigation and communications teams as cases progress.

You do not need to have formal experience in any area but do need to have an aptitude for administration and a passion for conducting independent research.

Media monitoring: You will monitor both traditional and social media to identify new cases and track existing ones, to ensure that other Units within CAA have the information that they need when they need it, including our Incident Response and communications team.
Data management: You will help to maintain our dynamic record of ongoing criminal cases. This requires attention to detail and a basic level of comfort dealing with data management software such as Excel. Our database needs to be continually updated to reflect the ongoing work of our Scrutiny Unit.

Court diary: In order to keep abreast of legal developments in particular cases of interest, and to hold the authorities to account, representatives of CAA must attend court hearings. We rely on a network of court reporters to do so, and your role will be to maintain and expand this network, update our court diary and ensure that hearings are attended.

Liaising with colleagues: You will keep various teams within CAA updated as cases progress, ensuring that all team members are aware of developments.

Prosecutions Monitoring requires absolute discretion as to the details of work being conducted by the Scrutiny Unit and an understanding of the serious and highly sensitive nature of this work. The Scrutiny Unit provides vital monitoring and research to inform the charity’s campaigns, policy and public awareness of antisemitism. You must be happy working in a supportive rather than frontline role.