Become a Student Ambassador 2024-2025!

To all our students, future leaders and first-hand witnesses to the rising tide of antisemitism sweeping across our UK universities today… become a CAA Student Ambassador!

Why should you apply:

Since 7th October 2023 universities have fast become a notorious breeding ground for the spread of antisemitism that we have seen across the UK. The levels of intimidation targeting Jewish students, attacks on Jewish identity, calls for violence and endorsement of terror organisations has meant that students are facing the worst rise in antisemitism to date.

Though this year has brought unprecedented challenges, it has also proven the resilience of the student community, here in the UK. Students are working tirelessly every day to curb the spread of hate, intimidatory behaviour and hold their institutions of learning to account. In so doing, our students are becoming future pillars of our community, standing with pride in their Jewish identity. CAA is here to amplify the voices of Jewish students and their allies.

Antisemitism has no place at a university, which is an institution built on the very essence of tolerance, openness, peaceful debate and the pursuit of truth.

Your year as a student ambassador will begin with antisemitism training, so participants have the most updated facts and statistics about antisemitism in the UK today, and are aware of all the nuances of antisemitism. You will gain the knowledge and tools to be active in the fight against antisemitism whenever it surfaces in student life. You will have opportunities to work at our office in London, meet our expert team and round off the year with an exclusive three day summer roundtable event, featuring esteemed speakers and expert panellists. Participants will learn to build a community support network that enables them to facilitate their work with CAA on campus, and you will have the opportunity to host events and collaborate with external bodies as part of their strategy development and forward-thinking projects.

Our programme will bring CAA closer to student life at university, enhancing students’ means to react more effectively to campus antisemitism. Participants will learn how they can offer tangible support to fellow students facing an astronomical rise in antisemitism – to which they are suffering on the front lines: giving students a direct link to the CAA team, encouraging the effective reporting of incidents and holding universities accountable to responding and clamping down on perpetrators of hate and hostility on campus.

Becoming a CAA Student Ambassador is a tremendous opportunity to not only stand as a stalwart activist against antisemitism, but develop key career enhancing skills and experiences that are valuable for life.

What should you expect:

At the start of the year you will take part in an in-person induction day, (with travel costs subsidised) where you will meet and get to know fellow participants. You will receive an introduction into the programme, understand what to expect from CAA throughout the year, gain an insight into the various strands of our work and brainstorm together your future goals for planning your year with CAA. As part of this induction day, you will also receive CAA antisemitism training to ensure you have the knowledge and are equipped with the latest resources to best identify and expose any antisemitism that festers on campus. Details and logistics will be provided once you are accepted onto the programme.

Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to host CAA on your campus, and will also be subsidised to run your own event showcasing our work to students. You will be supported in developing your own network to encourage others to help in your efforts to combat antisemitism and provide a direct link to the CAA team when it comes to reporting and escalating incidents should they arise. You will also gain the opportunity to work in our office on a rolling project and produce an accompanying article that you will present as part of our final summer workshop programme!

Our end of year summer workshop will be a three day roundtable discussion series where CAA will host expert speakers and other young leaders as part of an important networking and brainstorming event. Here students will receive their Student Ambassador title and award.

After completion, outstanding participants will also receive the opportunity (not compulsory) to apply for a two-month work placement within any one of our flagship in-house Education, Communications or Legal teams. This is an exclusive offer only open to participants on the programme who have received their Ambassador award!

How to apply:

  1. Please fill out the application form
  2. You will receive an automated e-mail asking for photo ID, CV and Cover Letter
  3. Please ensure that your Cover Letter explains why you want to participate in the programme and does not exceed 500 words

Places are limited and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis so don’t hesitate to apply! Deadline: 1st September

To all students across the country, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Campaign with us.
Investigate with us.
Make a difference with us.

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A note from our Chief Executive

“During a deeply significant period for our country, with unprecedented levels of anti-Jewish hate sweeping the student world, this is an opportunity to stand up to intimidation and hostility where it is so often disguised or ignored, and join the fight against antisemitism – all whilst enhancing tangible knowledge and skills that stand participants in great stead to accelerate their careers. We look forward to bringing more students into the heart of our work, solidifying our channels of support to students, and amplifying the voice of our future leaders.”

 – Gideon Falter, Chief Executive