We’re hiring!

General Counsel

Full-time, based in London, on-site only
At least 4 years PQE either as a barrister or solicitor
£90,000-£110,000, subject to previous salary
Generous annual leave

The Role

Our charity

Campaign Against Antisemitism is the UK’s leading organisation fighting antisemitism, and we continue to break new ground through our litigation.

We have brought private prosecutions, judicial reviews, regulatory complaints, and actions for libel, and we were the complainant in the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s statutory investigation into antisemitism in the Labour Party.

Having established the effectiveness of litigation in forcing action by the authorities and bringing antisemites to justice, we have now decided to increase the number of cases that we bring each year, especially in relation to antisemitism on campuses and online.

The opportunity

As our in-house General Counsel, you will be at the forefront of the fight against antisemitism. You will work to hold antisemites to account and force the authorities to fulfil their duty to protect British Jews.

This role is an important strategic hire for Campaign Against Antisemitism. The charity is committed to this senior management role and has secured long-term funding for it. You will report to the Chief Executive and work closely with our trustees directly.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with some of the UK’s most renowned lawyers to change the way that racism is addressed in the UK, gain litigation experience across a broad range of disciplines, and work with major law firms and leading counsel to devise legal strategy.


You must have at least four years’ experience post-qualification as a solicitor or barrister in at least one of the fields below or with ample experience in litigation and working with senior legal teams:

  • Crime, such as communications or public order;
  • Regulatory law, such as professional conduct or charity law;
  • Administrative law, such as judicial review;
  • Defamation; or
  • Equality and human rights.

It is fully understood that you will not be an expert in every area of law that our work involves, which is why you will work with our network of pro-bono legal experts and external counsel, who are counted amongst the very best in their professional specialisms. In areas of law that are not your specialism, you will be led by a specialist practitioner.

Nature of the work

The work will involve:

  • Bringing private prosecutions against antisemites;
  • Challenging the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) when it fails to prosecute antisemitic hate crime;
  • Subjecting inadequate decisions by public bodies to judicial review;
  • Submitting regulatory complaints and advising regulatory bodies;
  • Bringing and defending defamation cases;
  • Working with some of the most renowned lawyers in the country who assist us on a pro-bono basis and running our legal network;
  • Advising victims of antisemitism;
  • Drafting documents including correspondence, internal policies, particulars of claim, and witness statements; and
  • Supervising compliance with charity and data protection laws, and assisting with employment and contract questions.

The team

To assist you in your work, you will have the support of:

  • A full-time paralegal who reports to you, supporting you in case triage, case progression, drafting, internal compliance and contract management;
  • The specialised volunteers within our investigations and enforcement units, who are accustomed to preparing evidence and seeing cases through to their conclusion, often doggedly, over years through multiple appeals;
  • Our pro-bono lawyers whose expertise is drawn from the full range of the fields above and who practise at the top of their specialisms;
  • Access to legal databases and materials on a basis to be agreed and budgeted each year; and
  • Operational, communications and administrative support from full-time colleagues working with you in our London office.

Your personal characteristics

You will be meticulously organised and precise, even under pressure, and operate with total discretion. Your work will require you to prioritise effectively, respond fast and think analytically. You will have excellent interpersonal skills and be comfortable working as part of a large and growing team. Above all, you will be passionate about fighting for equal treatment for Britain’s Jews.


We want to make the application process easy for you and for us. To apply, please just send us your CV and a covering letter outlining your motivation and suitability for the role. We will then invite some candidates to attend an interview in London.

Please enter your details below and instructions for submitting your CV and cover letter will be e-mailed to you.

Please note that if you have been a candidate for another position, you should only apply for this position if you were invited for an interview on the previous occasion.

About Us

Campaign Against Antisemitism is the UK’s leading organisation fighting antisemitism nationwide. Our volunteer-led charity is dedicated to exposing and countering antisemitism through education and zero-tolerance enforcement of the law.

We expect the authorities, professions and political parties to take firm action against antisemites and we work closely with them, but when they do not defend the rights of British Jews, we take action ourselves in court, in tribunals and through the media.

We are at the forefront of the battle to expose antisemitism in politics, and our campaign of litigation continues to set landmark precedents. We pride ourselves on working intelligently and fast to deploy innovative and aggressive campaigning strategies against antisemites.

Our small team of staff works with the hundreds of volunteers who have signed up to contribute their considerable talents to the fight against antisemitism.

In the long history of the fight against the world’s oldest hatred, every accomplishment of note started with a small, plucky, single-minded group using every ounce of their determination and ingenuity to achieve an objective that everyone else said was too ambitious.

We campaign with the agility of a startup, the expertise of our professional volunteers and, when needed, a dash of chutzpah.

We only recruit exceptional people who are dedicated to our cause. If that sounds like you, we want you on our team.