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Conservative councillor who claimed America, Israel and Saudi Arabia are a “trilogy of Zionists” and that “Zionism is one of the worst afflictions on the world” resigns from Thomas Deacon Education Trust 

A Conservative councillor who was suspended from the Party last year over social media posts, before being permitted to re-join, has resigned from the Thomas Deacon Education Trust. The Trust has confirmed to Campaign Against Antisemitism that Ishfaq Hussain was appointed a trustee of the Thomas Deacon Education Trust on 20th September 2021 and that he subsequently stepped down as a trustee […]


University of Bristol’s Appeal Panel upholds termination of David Miller’s employment

It has now been reported publicly that, last month, the University of Bristol’s Appeal Panel upheld the University’s decision last year to terminate the employment of David Miller, which took place one month after Campaign Against Antisemitism brought a lawsuit on behalf of current students against the institution, amidst an outcry from the Jewish community and its institutions. Our legal case against […]


Former Corbyn-supporter who switched parties suspended by Conservatives after revelation of his “Is Zionism racism?” Facebook poll

A former supporter of Jeremy Corbyn who sought to run as a Conservative candidate in local council elections has reportedly been suspended by the Conservative Party after it emerged that he administrated a Facebook group that asked members: “Is Zionism Racism?” According to a report, Khalid Sharif, who was confirmed as the Redbridge Conservative candidate for the Clayhall ward in next […]


David Miller fired from University of Bristol one month after CAA commenced lawsuit against the University on behalf of brave Jewish students and amid pressure from Jewish community disgusted by his antisemitic conspiracies

David Miller, an academic obsessed with anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, has been fired by the University of Bristol one month after Campaign Against Antisemitism commenced a lawsuit on behalf of current students against the institution. Our legal case against the University concerned alleged unlawful harassment on the basis of Jewish ethnicity and Judaism, amounting to breaches […]


Police reportedly investigating David Miller for hate crime while Bristol University’s claim that he’s on ‘sick leave’ undermined by his ongoing public activism

Police are reportedly investigating Prof. David Miller for a hate crime over recent inflammatory comments that he made about Jewish students. Prof. Miller, a conspiracist whom Campaign Against Antisemitism has been monitoring for years, recently added to his record of inflammatory comments about the Jewish community with the assertion that “Zionism is racism” and a declaration that his objective is “to end Zionism […]


University of Bristol confirms investigation into Prof. David Miller over antisemitic statements following condemnation by MPs and Jewish groups, including CAA

The University of Bristol has confirmed that it has opened an investigation into Prof. David Miller following antisemitic statements by the controversial academic. Prof. Miller, a conspiracist whom Campaign Against Antisemitism has been monitoring for years, recently added to his record of inflammatory comments about the Jewish community with the assertion that “Zionism is racism” and a declaration that his objective is “to […]


CAA concerned by some of the nominees for the 2020 Ethnicity Awards

The Ethnicity Awards has announced its nominees for its 2020 prizes. Many have done laudable work and set tremendous examples for the advancement of minorities and racial harmony in our society. However, a small proportion of the nominees are troubling in respect to their past comments or conduct in relation to the Jewish community. In the Inspirational […]


US legislators launch new Interparliamentary Task Force to Combat Online Antisemitism to combat online hate

An international effort to generate legislative and political pressure on social media companies to raise awareness and protect platforms from individuals or groups who engage in hate speech, propaganda and disinformation online has been launched by the US Congress. The Interparliamentary Task Force to Combat Online Antisemitism was announced on 29th September by a bipartisan […]


CAA disgusted and concerned at fascist New British Union’s youth recruitment

The New British Union (NBU), a self-described fascist organisation, is recruiting youth members on social media. In a tweet, the NBU announced that “Now 8-16 year olds have the opportunity of joining New British Union’s new Fascist youth branch, where children can learn about the great ideas behind the philosophy of Fascism! Join Britain’s fastest growing Blackshirts Fascist […]


Has your council adopted it yet? CAA report reveals extent of adoption of the International Definition of Antisemitism by local authorities across the UK

Today, Campaign Against Antisemitism publishes its report revealing the extent of adoption of the International Definition of Antisemitism by local authorities across the United Kingdom. The report — the first of its kind — shows that the campaign for widespread adoption of the Definition is well underway. Ever since Campaign Against Antisemitism led the effort for adoption of the Definition […]


Nigel Farage condemned over repeated use of conspiratorial language popular on the far-right

Nigel Farage has been condemned over his repeated use of conspiratorial language popular in far-right circles. Mr Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party, has recently made reference to “unelected globalists shaping the public’s lives based on secret recommendations from the big banks” and, commenting on the Black Lives Matter movement, has said that it is funded […]


Plaid Cymru now implicated in Rebecca Long-Bailey scandal as former leader Leanne Wood and local councillor in Gwynedd come to her defence

Plaid Cymru has now become implicated in the scandal around Labour’s Rebecca Long-Bailey, who shared an article containing an antisemitic trope, as the Welsh party’s former leader and one of its local councillors come to Ms Long-Bailey’s defence. Ms Long-Bailey was sacked for sharing an article in which the actress Maxine Peake claimed that Israel […]


Sign our petition calling on BBC, ITV and Sky News to get Prof. John “time for Jews to reflect” Ashton off our televisions

Campaign Against Antisemitism has launched a petition calling on the BBC, ITV and Sky News to stop featuring Prof. John Ashton, who has a long history of making antisemitic statements, in their programming. The petition can be signed here:  The text of the petition is as follows: We call on the BBC, ITV, Sky […]


Funding may be cut to universities and councils that refuse to adopt the International Definition of Antisemitism, Robert Jenrick announces on Holocaust Memorial Day

Robert Jenrick, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, has revealed that, further to his calls on them to do so, only 136 of the 343 local authorities in England had agreed to adopt the International Definition of Antisemitism. Mr Jenrick has also announced that those councils expressly refusing to adopt the […]


CAA joins eighty-eight Lords in calling for Jenny Tonge to withdraw her disgraceful claim that the “pro-Israel lobby won our General Election by lying about Jeremy Corbyn”

Eighty-eight members of the House of Lords have published a letter in The Daily Telegraph condemning remarks on Facebook by the disgraced peer, Jenny Tonge, following the general election. Baroness Tonge posted on Facebook an article detailing the Simon Wiesenthal’s labelling of Jeremy Corbyn as the world’s worst antisemite and commented, alluding also to the […]


Unite union’s Tony Woodhouse makes “juju” comment on Ivan Lewis’ Facebook account

Tony Woodhouse, the chairman of Len McCluskey’s Unite union and an important ally of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, left a pejorative comment on the Facebook page of former Labour minister Ivan Lewis. Mr Woodhouse confirmed that the comment had come from his account but denied responsibility, insisting that his social media account had been hacked. […]


SNP drops candidate in key marginal seat over allegations of antisemitism

The SNP has dropped its candidate for a key target seat over allegations of antisemitism. The Party has withdrawn its support for Neale Hanvey, a former councillor who is running in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, saying he had been suspended pending disciplinary action. The allegations reportedly relate to a social media post in which Mr Hanvey […]


Conservatives suspend candidate Amjad Bashir who claimed young British Jewish men were returning from Israel as “brainwashed extremists”

The Conservative Party has reportedly suspended, Amjad Bashir, their general election candidate for Leeds North East, who claimed that young British Jewish men were returning from Israel as “brainwashed extremists.” Mr Bashir has been “suspended from the party pending investigation” and the Conservatives have withdrawn election support after it emerged that during a debate in […]


Jeremy Corbyn remorseless after slur about British “Zionists”

Jeremy Corbyn has refused to apologise for comments about British “Zionists” that have widely been condemned as a euphemistic reference to Jews. Mr Corbyn made the remarks in a speech in 2013 while still a backbench MP. In his speech, Mr Corbyn praised an address he had recently heard in Parliament and added that the address “was […]


Toothless IPSO upholds CAA complaint against The Telegraph over Oliver Smith’s Jewish conspiracy article, but disgracefully fails to investigate editorial failures

The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) has upheld a complaint by Campaign Against Antisemitism over the publication by The Telegraph of a claim that the Rothschild family controlled all of the central banks in all of the countries in the world except for Cuba, Iran and North Korea. The antisemitic myth is frequently used by antisemites […]


British Government defends against push to fully proscribe genocidal Hizballah terrorist group in win for groups planning to bring London to a standstill again with pro-Hizballah parade this summer

A backbench motion was debated in the House of Commons yesterday urging the British Government to proscribe the entirety of Hizballah as a terrorist organisation, and not just Hizballah’s fictitious “military wing”. The motion was organised and moved by Joan Ryan, the Labour MP for Enfield North and Chair of the Party’s Friends of Israel […]


Facebook group frequented by young Conservative and UKIP activists reportedly a hotbed of antisemitism and far-right extremism

An influential group of young leaders, including the Chair of UKIP’s youth wing have been exposed as members of a Facebook group which spews antisemitic content. Hope not Hate, a controversial anti-racism group, has revealed that a 200-member Facebook group entitled “Young Right Society” (YRS) has been found to be awash with antisemitic, Holocaust denying […]


Ken Livingstone to be Matt Forde’s main guest in political comedy show at prestigious Leicester Square Theatre

Ken Livingstone is to star in an annual political comedy show at Leicester Square Theatre that has previously hosted Tony Blair, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Ed Balls, Ruth Davidson, Alastair Campbell, Michael Portillo, Harriet Harman, Nigel Farage, Neil Kinnock, Alan Johnson, Lord Prescott, Jack Straw and Dame Tessa Jowell. This year, on 6th December, host Matt Forde will welcome Anny Soubry […]


CAA files complaint after Michele Hanson conflates criticism of Israeli Government policy with accusations of antisemitism in Guardian article criticising Nigel Farage for stereotyping Jews

In an article for The Guardian about stereotyping Jews, Michele Hanson has peddled the stereotype that people are accused of antisemitism merely for “expressing a smidgin of concern about the Palestinians”. In an article titled “Nigel Farage isn’t just crass, I find him dangerous and cruel” she wrote: “I notice Theresa May mentioned illegal settlements to Israeli prime […]


Beinazir Lasharie, who reportedly linked Zionists to ISIS, appointed Deputy Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea to help “rebuild trust with residents”

Councillor Beinazir Lasharie, who reportedly said that “I’ve seen compelling evidence that links Zionists to ISIS” has been appointed Deputy Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea “to help the Council rebuild trust with residents following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower.” In February 2015, Councillor Lasharie reportedly posted a video on Facebook entitled: “ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence […]


Two weeks after losing his temper over pressure to call for a total ban on Hizballah, Sadiq Khan adds his voice to growing calls for complete proscription

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has finally decided to add his voice to the growing clamour to proscribe Hizballah in its entirety under the Terrorism Act 2000. Whilst the British government has proscribed the “military wing” of Hizballah under the Terrorism Act 2000, the “political wing” is not proscribed, something that even Hizballah finds […]


Bedfordshire Police confirms that it will no longer be advised by Ashuk Ahmed MBE, exposed by CAA as an antisemite

Bedfordshire Police has confirmed that Ashuk Ahmed MBE is “no long [sic] a member” of its Independent Advisory Group (IAG). No additional information or explanation was given. Campaign Against Antisemitism exposed Mr Ahmed in April in the Daily Mail over his antisemitic social media posts, including the conspiratorial charge that ISIS is a Jewish invention whose horrors […]


Tim Farron sacks disgraced parliamentary candidate David Ward over antisemitism, after first claiming that he was powerless to intervene

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has bowed to pressure to sack his disgraced former MP, David Ward, after Ward was selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Bradford East. Mr Farron first claimed that he was powerless to intervene in local parties’ selection processes. Campaign Against Antisemitism had worked with outraged Liberal Democrats to raise […]


Antisemitic candidate suspended by the Liberal Democrats after being exposed by CAA, but reappointed to advise Bedfordshire Police

Antisemite Ashuk Ahmed MBE has been suspended as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Parliamentary constituency of Luton South after being exposed in the media by Campaign Against Antisemitism. However Ahmed has been appointed Vice Chair of Bedfordshire Police South Independent Advisory Group (IAG). Ahmed was previously a member of the Luton IAG for Bedfordshire Police but quietly […]


Jeremy Corbyn’s promise to review the decision not to expel Ken Livingstone comes too late — the horse has bolted

Having found Ken Livingstone guilty of all charges, the subsequent failure of Labour’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC) panel to expel him last night constituted perhaps the darkest hour of Labour history as a self-described “anti-racist” institution. On the international stage, Labour now stands as an institutionally antisemitic party with no fig leaf to cover its shame. In […]


Suspending Baroness Tonge from the Liberal Democrats is not enough: expel and condemn her

Baroness Tonge specialises in baiting Jews, as we have been reminded in recent months by her renewed antisemitic statements. We welcome Baroness Tonge’s suspension from the Liberal Democrats in response to complaints from Campaign Against Antisemitism and others, but Party Leader Tim Farron must now procure Baroness Tonge’s long-overdue expulsion from the Party. Baroness Tonge’s ongoing membership of the […]


Guardian again publishes claim that CAA is a pawn of the Israeli government

The Guardian has yet again published a claim that Campaign Against Antisemitism is a pawn of the Israeli government. The claim was first made in 2015, when The Guardian printed a letter alleging that “the CAA was set up last summer, not to fight antisemitism but to counter rising criticism of Israel’s murderous assault on Gaza.” […]