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CAA and KCL study finds far-left Jew-hatred has now overtaken far-right in Britain and two-thirds of Corbyn’s vanguard of strongest supporters hold antisemitic views

Today, Campaign Against Antisemitism is releasing the results of our Antisemitism Barometer research, a multiyear study by Campaign Against Antisemitism which was designed and analysed by one of the foremost academics in his field from King’s College London. The study makes shocking findings about antisemitism in the Labour Party and British society, and how Jews […]


Man who criticised Jeremy Corbyn on Twitter has swastika sent to his home by first class post, police investigating

A Jewish filmmaker from Hertfordshire who has become increasingly worried about the rise of antisemitism in the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has received a swastika by post at his home address after tweeting criticism of the Labour leader. On Friday, his partner was outside their house while the postman was carrying out his […]


Respected European Rabbi Menachem Margolin says Corbyn’s legacy is abhorrent to the Jews of Europe

The respected Rabbi Menachem Margolin has delivered a blistering attack on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Rabbi Margolin, who is based in Belgium, is the founder and chairman of the Brussels-based European Jewish Association, a leading organisation in the community. On Mr Corbyn, Rabbi Margolin told Campaign Against Antisemitism: “There is no nuance, no clever turn […]


Corbyn refuses to apologise to Jewish community for Labour antisemitism, and appears to admit Chakrabarti report was not independent

Jeremy Corbyn has refused to apologise to the Jewish community for the Labour Party’s institutional antisemitism and his role in it. Mr Corbyn was interviewed by the BBC’s Andrew Neil last night in what was widely panned as a disastrous conversation for the Labour leader, a full third of which was spent discussing Labour’s antisemitism […]


Corbyn shares platform with Labour candidates with troubling records on anti-Jewish racism as Labour launches race manifesto

The launch of Labour’s controversial Race and Faith manifesto today was mired with controversy, as Mr Corbyn shared a platform with Labour candidates with troubling records on anti-Jewish racism. The event was delayed and already overshadowed by the Chief Rabbi’s unprecedented intervention criticising the Labour Party over its institutional antisemitism and the manifesto’s sinister pledge […]


Leader of Britain’s Sephardi Jewish community backs Chief Rabbi over Jeremy Corbyn

The Senior Rabbi of Britain’s Sephardi Jewish community has issued a statement fulsomely backing the Chief Rabbi over his unprecedented intervention, in which he warned that Jeremy Corbyn was “unfit for office” and that “the very soul of our nation is at stake.” Rabbi Joseph Dweck wrote: “As a rule we as rabbis are careful to […]


Archbishop of Canterbury backs Chief Rabbi over his comments about Jeremy Corbyn, warning “visible action” is needed, not just words

The Archbishop of Canterbury has backed the Chief Rabbi over his unprecedented intervention, in which he warned that Jeremy Corbyn was “unfit for office” and that “the very soul of our nation is at stake.” Archbishop Justin Welby, who is the most senior clergyman in the Church of England has this morning issued a statement […]


Chief Rabbi attacks Corbyn and calls on Britons to “vote with their conscience” in unprecedented intervention, saying “soul of our nation is at stake”

In an unprecedented intervention, the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, Ephraim Mirvis, has asked in The Times how far Jeremy Corbyn would have to go to be considered “unfit for office”, rhetorically asking readers: “What will the result of this election say about the moral compass of our country? When […]


Jeremy Corbyn shared platform with speakers who said Zionism made the Jews “immoral” and endorsed violent Jihad

It has emerged that Jeremy Corbyn shared a platform in 2008 with a speaker who claimed that Zionism has made the Jews “immoral”, while another endorsed violent Jihad against Israelis. The footage from a 2008 rally shows Mr Corbyn, then a backbench Labour MP, on a stage with Ismail Patel, the chair of Friends of […]


Labour candidate Laura McAlpine heckled for defending Corbyn’s record on Hamas and terrorists, and her own campaign staff

Labour’s Harlow general election candidate was heckled at a hustings for defending Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s relationship with the genocidal antisemitic group Hamas and other terrorists. Laura McAlpine, who is fighting to unseat the Conservative MP in the marginal seat, described Mr Corbyn as “a man of peace”, and dismissed a questioner asking about Mr […]


Jeremy Corbyn laughed at in ITV election debate as he lied about Labour’s handling of its antisemitism crisis

At ITV’s general election debate yesterday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was laughed at as he lied about his Party’s handling of its antisemitism crisis. Asked about why Labour had become a “cesspit of antisemitism”, Mr Corbyn was met with ridicule from the audience as he insisted that antisemitism is “an absolute evil and scourge within […]


Usual suspects sign disgraceful letter saying Jeremy Corbyn “is being smeared as an antisemite by people who should know better”

A number of actors and academics have endorsed a disgraceful letter describing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as “a life-long committed anti-racist” who “is being smeared as an antisemite by people who should know better.” While conceding that antisemitism is present within society and all political parties, including Labour, the signatories insist that “no political party […]


Labour claims 24 public figures who denounced Corbyn and Labour over antisemitism are actually just racists and misogynists

The Labour Party has vehemently rejected criticism from the 24 public figures who denounced Jeremy Corbyn and Labour over antisemitism and accused several of them of antisemitism, Islamophobia and misogyny. Twenty-four non-Jewish authors, actors, television and radio presenters, human rights campaigners and technologists wrote to The Guardian denouncing Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party over […]


Top non-Jewish authors, actors, television and radio presenters, human rights campaigners and technologists unite to denounce Corbyn and Labour over antisemitism

Twenty-four non-Jewish authors, actors, television and radio presenters, human rights campaigners and technologists have written to The Guardian denouncing Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party over antisemitism. Noting that the Party is now under statutory investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission following legal representations from Campaign Against Antisemitism, which is the complainant, the […]


Labour frontbencher, Laura Pidcock, reportedly uses words from Jesus Christ’s crucifixion to describe critics of Jeremy Corbyn at her campaign launch

Laura Pidcock, the Labour Party’s Shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights, who is tipped to become Labour’s new Deputy Leader, reportedly used words from Jesus Christ’s crucifixion to describe critics of Jeremy Corbyn at her campaign launch. Ms Pidcock, who was elected the MP for North West Durham in 2017, said: “I know we […]


SNP confirms it would put antisemite Jeremy Corbyn into 10 Downing Street in return for certain policies

Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that her Party would support a minority Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn if certain policies are pursued. She said she “would drive a hard bargain”. Recently, Campaign Against Antisemitism wrote to all the Opposition parties in Parliament (other than Labour) asking whether they would rule […]


John McDonnell falsely claims Ian Austin’s criticism of Labour antisemitism and Jeremy Corbyn was because he’s “employed by the Tories”

Campaign Against Antisemitism is disgusted at suggestions by Labour frontbencher John McDonnell that Ian Austin, who quit the Labour Party over antisemitism and recently gave a series of interviews criticising the Labour leader over antisemitism and extremism, did so because he is “employed by the Tories”. Mr Austin, who is the adopted son of a […]


Famed Soviet human rights campaigner Natan Sharansky says antisemitism in Corbyn’s Labour Party reminds him of USSR

The famous Soviet “refusnik” and human rights campaigner, Natan Sharansky, has said that the antisemitism in the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is reminiscent of the USSR. Mr Sharansky, who became famous for being refused the right to emigrate to Israel by Soviet authorities but eventually rose to become Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister, expressed concern […]


Pollster reports focus group “slated” Jeremy Corbyn for antisemitism “straight away” despite not knowing what antisemitism meant just a year ago

A polling expert has reported that in a focus group in a London constituency that he carried out, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was “slated for antisemitism.” James Johnson, who used to conduct polling for 10 Downing Street under Theresa May, said that the public “did not know what this word meant a year ago” but […]


Diane Abbott is “totally out of touch with reality” for claiming Stamford Hill Jews don’t believe Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite

Community leaders in Stamford Hill have challenged their local MP, Diane Abbott, over her claim that “not every element of the Jewish community says Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite” and that, in contrast to other communal bodies and newspapers, the “Jewish community in Stamford Hill doesn’t say that.” When pressed on Labour’s response to its […]


Tony Blair says Labour antisemitism is “killing the Party” but stops short of saying he won’t vote for Corbyn

Tony Blair has said that Labour’s antisemitism scandal is “absolutely killing the Party”, but stopped short of declaring that he would not vote for the Party in the coming election. The former Prime Minister made the remarks at a dinner at the Board of Deputies, and said that he anticipates a “complete battle” in Labour […]


Jo Swinson lambasts Jeremy Corbyn on antisemitism in Lib Dem campaign launch and rules out backing him as PM

Jo Swinson has condemned Jeremy Corbyn for his handling of Labour’s antisemitism crisis in a strong rebuke as she launched the Liberal Democrats’ general election campaign this morning. Asked in the press conference whether she might potentially back Mr Corbyn as Prime Minister in return for concessions on Brexit policy, Ms Swinson said that she […]


Momentum’s Laura Parker defends Jeremy Corbyn and Labour on antisemitism

Laura Parker, Momentum’s National Coordinator, was challenged on LBC on Labour’s antisemitism crisis and the role of Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Ms Parker recognised that the antisemitism crisis “has troubled people” but insisted that Momentum “has been clear there is no place for antisemitism in the Labour Party or in wider society,” claiming that “Labour […]


Retiring MP Dame Louise Ellman says Labour Party left her as she reveals she had useless meeting with Jeremy Corbyn to discuss antisemitism

Dame Louise Ellman MP, who recently resigned from the Labour Party over antisemitism, has said that the Labour Party left her rather than vice versa, as she announced that she will not stand for re-election. Dame Louise also revealed in an interview with the Jewish News that a few months ago Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn […]


SNP and Green Party leaders tell CAA they are ready to make Jeremy Corbyn PM despite antisemitism, Liberal Democrats ignore question

A few weeks ago, Campaign Against Antisemitism wrote to all the Opposition parties in Parliament (other than Labour) asking whether they would rule out making the antisemite, Jeremy Corbyn, Prime Minister. The scenario could arise prior to an election or in the event of a hung Parliament after one if the Opposition parties agree to […]


CAA analysis proves Corbyn’s supporters are trying to place cast of Jew-haters, antisemitism-deniers and Jew-baiters in dozens of constituencies ahead of general election

As political parties gear up for a general election that may imminently be called, selections of candidates are underway across the country. However, numerous figures with very troubling records are being lined up as candidates for the Labour Party. In the election for Mayor of the West Midlands metropolitan area, former Respect Party leader Salma […]


The fast-tracking of Corbyn’s “hero” Salma Yaqoob as Labour candidate for West Midlands Metro Mayor is no accident

Former Respect Party leader Salma Yaqoob is now running to become Labour’s candidate for the Mayor of the West Midlands metropolitan area, despite her deeply troubling record and her having reportedly only become a Party member some four months ago. In a 2013 tweet (that she has since deleted), Ms Yaqoob stated: “Iceland arrests 10 […]


CAA deplores responses from Jeremy Corbyn and other Labour MPs to Louise Ellman’s resignation from the Party

The resignation of Dame Louise Ellman from the Labour Party has elicited a variety of unsatisfactory responses from fellow Labour MPs. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn dismissed the resignation of yet another MP over the Party’s antisemitism with his usual platitude: “We do not tolerate antisemitism in any form whatsoever in our party or in any […]


Keir Starmer tells BBC’s Marr that he’s “100% behind Jeremy Corbyn” despite Labour leader’s antisemitism

Sir Keir Starmer, the Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, has insisted that he is “100% behind Jeremy Corbyn…I am working with Jeremy Corbyn to win the next general election.” Sir Keir made the comments on BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show on 20th October. When questioned on Dame Louise Ellman’s resignation from […]


Just seven percent of Jews would consider voting for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour

A new poll suggests that as little as seven percent of the Jewish community would consider supporting the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership in the next general election. This was an even lower figure than the thirteen percent support that the Party registered in a previous poll ahead of the 2017 general election. The […]


Dame Louise Ellman MP quits Corbyn’s Labour, saying “We cannot allow him to do to the country what he has done to the Labour Party”

Louise Ellman MP has quit the Labour Party after 55 years of membership because she says that “Jeremy Corbyn is not fit to be Prime Minister” because he “spent three decades on the backbenches consorting with, and never confronting antisemites, Holocaust deniers and terrorists”, saying he has “attracted the support of too many antisemites”. She […]


“Sanctimonious hypocrite” Corbyn told to “sort your own house out first” before calling out racism in football

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of being a “sanctimonious hypocrite” after he called on UEFA to “do far more to tackle this kind of abuse”. Mr Corbyn made the comments following England’s match against Bulgaria on 14th October, which was interrupted twice as a far-right contingent of Bulgarian fans made Nazi salutes and […]


Labour’s Rosh Hashanah video features Jeremy Corbyn in conversation with Jew who said Kaddish for Hamas terrorists

Jeremy Corbyn’s Rosh Hashanah message, traditionally directed to the Jewish community, features the Labour leader in conversation with a Jewish activist who was one of several young Jews who recited the traditional Jewish memorial prayer, known as Kaddish, for those killed on the Gaza border in Spring 2018 protests. Despite Hamas’ confirmation that some 50 […]


Campaign Against Antisemitism denounces SNP over reports it is open to backing Jeremy Corbyn as PM

It is being reported that the Scottish National Party (SNP) “has come round to the idea that Jeremy Corbyn may shortly have to become temporary caretaker prime minister.” As the second largest opposition party in Parliament, the SNP yields considerable influence in determining who, if anyone, may succeed the sitting Prime Minister in the event […]


Labour’s Dame Louise Ellman says she “understands” why Jews “would seriously consider” leaving UK if Corbyn becomes PM

The veteran Labour MP Dame Louise Ellman, who is Jewish, delivered a powerful attack on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn over his record on antisemitism at a Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) reception the sidelines of the Labour Party Conference. LFI had opted not to host a stand at the Conference for fear of abuse to […]


Pro-Corbyn filmmaker Ken Loach claims “everyone knows Chris [Williamson] is not an antisemite”

The controversial filmmaker and longtime Labour supporter, Ken Loach, has complained to the Morning Star that “Tory supporters are more likely to hold antisemitic views than Labour supporters, but there is no mass demand for investigations into their Party.” In his interview published on 24th September, Mr Loach conceded that “where there is evidence of […]


Tom Watson planned to attack Jeremy Corbyn’s record on antisemitism in axed Conference speech

The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, has disclosed that he was intending to attack Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s record on antisemitism in his Labour Party Conference speech, before it was cancelled due to events in Westminster. Alluding to Mr Corbyn’s empty statements on the antisemitism crisis engulfing the Party, Mr Watson said: […]


Conservative MP Sir Charles Walker tells BBC’s Politics Live that Corbyn has a problem with Jews and Commons will never put him in power

Erupting on BBC’s Politics Live programme, the Conservative MP Sir Charles Walker passionately insisted that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would not be appointed as Prime Minister by the MPs in the House of Commons forming a coalition headed by him. “The House of Commons will never put Jeremy Corbyn into Number 10, that will never […]


Rachel Riley cites Campaign Against Antisemitism’s Corbyn petition on Peston

The TV personality and activist, Rachel Riley, appeared on ITV’s Peston on Thursday and observed that over 55,000 people have signed Campaign Against Antisemitism’s petition denouncing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as an antisemite and declaring him “unfit to hold any public office.” Ms Riley was discussing her campaign to encourage users of social media not […]


Chuka Umunna blasts Corbyn on antisemitism and failing to support the ban on Hizballah

In a barnstorming speech at the Liberal Democrats’ party conference, Chuka Umunna, an MP who left Labour for reasons including antisemitism and recently joined the Liberal Democrats, shared his thoughts on Jeremy Corbyn. “The Labour Party likes to think of itself as a champion of liberal values at home and abroad,” Mr Umunna said, before […]


Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson says it’s “impossible” for her to work with Corbyn “in any sort of arrangement” due to antisemitism

The leader of the Liberal Democrats has assured her party’s newest MP that it would be “impossible” for her to work with the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, “in any sort of arrangement.” Jo Swinson reportedly made the pledge to Luciana Berger, saying she “would not enter any coalition with Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister” or […]


Ian Austin MP launches blistering attack on “extremist” Corbyn for “working with and defending antisemites”, joined by Ivan Lewis MP

Ian Austin MP, who resigned from Labour in protest at antisemitism within the Party earlier this year, delivered a passionate indictment of the Labour leadership in a speech in Parliament yesterday, branding Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party’s leadership “extremists”. Standing amongst Labour MPs on the opposition benches, Mr Austin said: “I left the Labour […]


Jeremy Corbyn says Labour peer who signed advertisement protesting Labour antisemitism “lowered himself”

Jeremy Corbyn has responded to a critical advertisement by accusing one of the signatories of having “lowered himself”. Last month, 67 Labour peers took out a full-page advertisement in the Guardian accusing Mr Corbyn of having “failed the test of leadership” over his handling of antisemitism. The advertisement stated: “The Labour Party welcomes everyone* irrespective […]


Liberal Democrats leadership hopefuls cite antisemitism as reason not to back Corbyn government

Liberal Democrats leadership rivals, Jo Swinson and Sir Ed Davey, have said that they would not support a Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn. Both candidates criticised Mr Corbyn over antisemitism during an interview on 3rd July on BBC Radio 4’s World at One, with Ms Swinson noting that “Jeremy Corbyn is a Brexiteer, but he […]


67 Labour peers take out advertisement saying Jeremy Corbyn “failed the test of leadership” over his handling of antisemitism

In an unprecedented step, 67 Labour peers have taken out a full-page advertisement in the Guardian today accusing Jeremy Corbyn of having “failed the test of leadership” over his handling of antisemitism. The signatories represent over a third of Labour’s members in the House of Lords and include over a dozen former ministers. The advertisement […]


BBC Panorama’s exposé of Jeremy Corbyn’s meddling in antisemitism cases is further evidence that he is racist and unfit for office

Former Labour Party employees have spoken out publicly on the BBC’s flagship investigative documentary programme, Panorama, to reveal Jeremy Corbyn’s personal meddling in disciplinary cases relating to antisemitism. The documentary lays bare the scale of the interference by agents of Mr Corbyn in the process. The programme is peppered with unconvincing denials from Labour’s press […]


Pro-Corbyn activists post near-identical mocking tweets claiming they are the child of a Holocaust survivor and that Jeremy Corbyn is not antisemitic

Pro-Corbyn activists have reportedly posted near-identical mocking tweets claiming that they are the child of a Holocaust survivor and that Jeremy Corbyn is not antisemitic. The tweets from several accounts, which appear to be cut and pasted, have made the same claims: that their mother “lost 39 members of her family in the camps” and […]


Andrew Murray, close adviser to Jeremy Corbyn, reportedly offered advice on stopping investigation into Max Tasker using his Unite union e-mail address instead of his official Labour account

Andrew Murray, a close adviser to Jeremy Corbyn and Chief of Staff to the Unite union, reportedly offered advice on stopping the investigation into Labour activist, Max Tasker, using his e-mail address belonging to the Unite union, meaning that his message was not sent through the Labour Party’s e-mail system. The e-mail, obtained by the […]


Corbyn still campaigns with Lisa Forbes, Labour’s candidate in Peterborough by-election, after learning she “enjoyed reading” comments under post claiming ISIS was created by Mossad

Jeremy Corbyn has continued to campaign with Lisa Forbes, Labour’s candidate in the Peterborough by-election, even after learning that she liked a Facebook post that said that Theresa May has a “Zionist slave master’s agenda” and commented that she “enjoyed reading” comments beneath a post claiming that ISIS and other extremists were created and funded […]


Corbyn supporter David Lindsay threatens violence against EHRC’s staff and CAA’s team following decision to investigate Labour over antisemitism

As soon as the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) launched its statutory investigation into antisemitism in the Labour Party on Tuesday, supporters of the Party proved how urgent the investigation was by declaring that there is no antisemitism within Labour, and additionally that the Commission was controlled by Jews or Zionists or even the […]


Just 19% of British voters believe Labour and Corbyn are not antisemitic as over 60% condemn Corbyn’s incompetence and dishonesty on issue

A YouGov survey has found that only 19% of British voters say that Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are not antisemitic. Just 18 percent of voters say that the Labour Party does not have a problem with antisemitism, while 50 percent think that it does. The polling shows that in the past year, approximately […]


Jeremy Corbyn defended “salient points” which were “overlooked” in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech vowing to “wipe Israel off the map” without condemning it

It has emerged that Jeremy Corbyn authored an article in which he defended “salient points” which he felt were “overlooked” in former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech vowing to “wipe Israel off the map” at an event called “The world without Zionism”. Mr Ahmadinejad was also quoted as saying that: “Anybody who recognises Israel will […]


Hamas issues statement in “salute” to Jeremy Corbyn, noting its “great respect and appreciation” for his support of antisemitic march

Hamas, the terrorist organisation which seeks the murder of all Jews worldwide, has issued a statement in which it “salutes” Jeremy Corbyn for supporting this weekend’s antisemitic march through London. It said that it had “great respect and appreciation [sic] the solidarity message sent by the British Labor [sic] Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn”. Only one […]


Crowds at Corbyn-supported anti-Israel march attended by National Front leader cheer as speaker says Jewish organisations are “in the gutter” and “part of the problem”

Central London was brought to a chaotic standstill today as thousands marched and rallied against Israel at the “National Demonstration for Palestine: Exist! Resist! Return!” The march saw open antisemitism from attendees, many of whom cheered as one speaker told adoring crowds that Jewish organisations are “in the gutter” and “part of the problem”. Numerous […]


Andrew Murray, close adviser to Jeremy Corbyn, authored article claiming roots of 9/11 lay in “Zionist colonialism”

It has emerged that in 2005, Andrew Murray, a close adviser to Jeremy Corbyn, authored an article in which he claimed that the roots of the 9/11 terror attacks lay in “Zionist colonialism” of the Balfour Declaration. The comments, which appeared in an article that he wrote for the extreme-left Morning Star newspaper, have been […]


In Holocaust video featuring five UK Prime Ministers, Tony Blair says “poison” of antisemitism has returned to “political mainstream” in rebuke of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour

In an apparent rebuke of Jeremy Corbyn, former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair said that the the “poison” of antisemitism has returned in a rebuke of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. In powerful comments in a video in support of the new National Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre, Mr Blair said that: “Antisemitism and […]


Jeremy Corbyn joins his most rabid supporters in claiming he is victim of “mischievous” political smear campaign plotted by Jewish peer and Rupert Murdoch

In what seems to be a major shift in policy, instead of his usual protestations of innocence when challenged with examples of his own antisemitism, Jeremy Corbyn has now gone a step further claimed to be the victim of a “mischievous” political attack orchestrated by Jewish peer Lord Finkelstein, plotted secretly with media mogul Rupert […]


In outrageous statement, Labour claims that by pointing out Jeremy Corbyn’s use of an antisemitic trope, CAA is reinforcing antisemitism

In an outrageous statement, Labour has claimed that it if you point out an antisemitic trope, that is reinforcing antisemitism. This statement sets a new low in Labour Party responses to accusations of antisemitism. Labour was responding to the revelation yesterday that in 2009 Jeremy Corbyn authored an article in which he claimed that a […]


Jeremy Corbyn claimed Israel has “control of US foreign policy” and “unbelievably high levels of influence…in the upper echelons of parts of the media”

It has emerged that in 2009, Jeremy Corbyn authored an article in which he claimed that a decision by the BBC not to broadcast a 2009 appeal to send money to Gaza demonstrated the “unbelievably high levels of influence that Israel’s government appears to have in the upper echelons of parts of the media.” He […]


Jeremy Corbyn’s glowing foreword for book claiming banks and press are controlled by “a single and peculiar race” is yet further evidence that he is an antisemite

It has emerged that Jeremy Corbyn wrote a glowing foreword to a book which argued that the banks and the press are controlled by “a single and peculiar race.” Mr Corbyn praised the book as “brilliant”, “correct and prescient” and a “great tome.” The foreword written by Mr Corbyn was uncovered by The Times columnist […]


Disgraced Corbyn aide Laura Murray, who intervened to stop suspension of alleged antisemite, formally appointed as Labour’s Head of Complaints

Jeremy Corbyn’s close parliamentary aide, the daughter of one of his major allies, has now been formally appointed to lead the Labour Party’s disciplinary process. According to the Labour Party, Ms Murray is “the best person for the job”, despite the fact that she has been publicly disgraced after being caught preventing the suspension of […]


CAA petition denouncing Jeremy Corbyn as an “antisemite” who is “unfit to hold any public office” passes 50,000 signatures

Campaign Against Antisemitism’s petition denouncing Jeremy Corbyn as an “antisemite” who is “unfit to hold any public office” has passed 50,000 signatures. The petition notes that Mr Corbyn has “lied, distracted, tried to twist the definition of antisemitism to exclude his past conduct, and issued false apologies when pressure mounted” and that “his actions have […]


Radio Times publishes Miriam Margolyes’ vile claims that antisemitism in Labour is exaggerated “to stop Corbyn from being Prime Minister”

The actor Miriam Margolyes, best known for her portrayal of Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter film series, has attempted to diminish the scale and impact of the Labour antisemitism scandal by characterising it as a plot to undermine Jeremy Corbyn. In an interview given to the Radio Times, Ms Margolyes said: “I don’t think […]


55% of public believes Jeremy Corbyn is unfit to be Prime Minister due to failure to tackle antisemitism, according to ComRes poll

A ComRes poll has found that 55% of the British public agreed with the statement that: “Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to tackle antisemitism within his own party shows he is unfit to be Prime Minister.” ComRes conducted the poll for the Jewish News. Additionally, 51% believe that “The Labour Party has a serious antisemitism problem”, which […]


CAA condemns Labour MP Ronald Campbell over claim that “the Jewish issue” is being used “as a big stick to beat Corbyn and get rid of him”

Ronald Campbell, the Labour Party MP for Blyth Valley in Northumberland, has told the BBC that charges of antisemitism in the Labour Party are politically motivated and that “the Jewish issue” is being used “as a big stick to beat Corbyn and get rid of him.” In an interview commencing at 05:25 minutes on The […]


Labour Party reportedly suspends last remaining permanent employee from its disciplinary unit, leaving it run by Corbyn staffers

The Labour Party has suspended the last remaining full-time employee from its Compliance Unit, which investigates disciplinary matters, leaving it run by staffers on secondment from Jeremy Corbyn’s office to the Unit. According to a report in The Sunday Times, last Tuesday the staffer was stripped of their security pass and escorted out of Labour […]


Jeremy Corbyn’s admission that Labour may have “mislaid, ignored or not used” evidence of antisemitism proves statutory investigation is needed

It has emerged today that in a secretly-recorded conversation with Jewish Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge, Jeremy Corbyn admitted that Labour may have “ignored or misplaced or not used”. The admission, in a recording released by The Sunday Times, shows that even as he consistently assured the nation that Labour “takes antisemitism very seriously”, he […]


Jeremy Corbyn defended eight primary schools’ plans to send children to “unbiased” festival featuring vandal who daubed “Free Gaza and Palestine” on Warsaw ghetto

It has emerged that in 2011, Jeremy Corbyn defended eight schools’ plans to send children to a festival featuring a vandal who daubed “Free Gaza and Palestine” on the Warsaw ghetto. Eight primary schools had intended to send children to the Tottenham Palestine Literary Festival, where speakers included Ewa Jasciewicz, who spray-painted “Free Gaza and […]


Corbyn ally Emily Thornberry joins calls for the Equality and Human Rights Commission to proceed with investigation following CAA’s complaint against her Party

Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Foreign Secretary and a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn, is reportedly the latest senior Labour politician to call for the Equality and Human Rights Commission to proceed with its investigation into institutional antisemitic discrimination and victimisation within the Labour Party. The Equality and Human Rights Commission launched pre-enforcement proceedings against the […]


Jewish Labour Movement approves motion that Jeremy Corbyn is “unfit to be Prime Minister” after voting to remain affiliated to Labour Party

The Jewish Labour Movement, which has for almost 100 years been the collective body of Jewish Labour Party supporters, has approved a motion declaring that it has “no confidence” in Jeremy Corbyn and that he is “unfit to be Prime Minister”. However the Jewish Labour Movement has not decided to reopen the debate on disaffiliating […]


Lying antisemite Jeremy Corbyn said he was not involved in disciplinary process “at all” whilst his office interfered in over 100 cases

A leaked hard drive of e-mails and documents and a secret recording of a meeting between Jeremy Corbyn and Campaign Against Antisemitism’s honorary patron, Dame Margaret Hodge, have proven once and for all that Mr Corbyn and his team have intervened in hundreds of antisemitism cases in the Labour Party whilst lying that they would […]


Baroness Chakrabarti pleads with Jews to stay in the Labour Party because Corbyn “won’t be leader forever”

Baroness Chakrabarti, who authored the eponymous whitewash report claiming that “The Labour Party is not overrun by antisemitism, Islamophobia or other forms of racism” and swiftly became the first person that Jeremy Corbyn ever proposed for elevation to the peerage, has now made a remarkable plea to Jewish Labour members. Speaking to Sky’s Sophie Ridge, […]


Jeremy Corbyn reportedly called on Western governments to “confront the Zionist lobby” following the arrest of Raed Salah

An article apparently written by Jeremy Corbyn has been uncovered that calls on Western governments to confront “the Zionist lobby” following the arrest of the alleged prolific antisemite and blood-libeller cleric, Raed Salah. The article was published in the Morning Star on 1st July 2011 after Mr Salah, the leader of the northern branch of […]


Corbyn’s senior aide Laura Murray said Corbyn instructed her to stop suspension of activist now arrested on suspicion of incitement to racial hatred

Jeremy Corbyn’s disgraced senior parliamentary aide, Laura Murray, has now been exposed intervening to prevent the suspension of Pat Sheerin from the Labour Party. In leaked e-mails, she said that she intervened on behalf of Mr Corbyn himself. Ms Sheerin is one of three former Labour activists who have been arrested on suspicion of incitement […]


Ken Livingstone reportedly tells Corbyn fans that antisemitism crisis is manufactured by “tax-dodging” elite and “bloody corporations”

The disgraced former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has reportedly told a meeting of pro-Corbyn activists that the Labour Party’s antisemitism crisis is driven by “lies and smears” manufactured by the “elite” wishing to protect their “tax-dodging in the Cayman Islands”. According to the Daily Mail, he also blamed “bloody corporations” and “ghastly old Blairites”, […]


Jeremy Corbyn and his top lieutenants reportedly took an interest in or intervened in Labour antisemitism cases

Two of Jeremy Corbyn’s closest aides reportedly directly intervened to lift the suspension of activist, Glyn Secker, who was accused of antisemitism, according to leaked e-mails seen by The Sunday Times, while a separate revelation in The Telegraph revealed that a Labour official defended Jackie Walker, the disgraced Labour activist who famously claimed that Jews […]


Lord Harris, Chair of Labour Peers, sends fierce letter to Jeremy Corbyn about “humiliating…shame” of CAA-instigated EHRC intervention

Lord Toby Harris, Chair of Labour Peers, has sent an extraordinary and fierce letter to Jeremy Corbyn about the “ongoing failure to remove antisemites from the Party” after the Equalities and Human rights Commission (EHRC) announced that it was initiating pre-enforcement proceedings against the Labour Party. The EHRC’s move was triggered by a formal referral […]


Hard evidence that Corbyn aide Laura Murray interfered with Labour disciplinary processes emerges as Labour complaints process goes into meltdown

The Times has just published evidence that Jeremy Corbyn’s Parliamentary aide, Laura Murray, interfered with Labour’s disciplinary processes. The news comes shortly after she was dispatched to join Labour’s complaints unit after its head suddenly resigned. One of Campaign Against Antisemitism’s honorary patrons, Dame Margaret Hodge, was assured by Mr Corbyn that there was no interference by […]


New video emerges of Jeremy Corbyn explaining how to understand the motivations of genocidal antisemitic suicide bombers

A new video has emerged of Jeremy Corbyn, this time explaining how to understand the motivations of genocidal antisemitic suicide bombers. In a 38-second video unearthed by investigative journalist, Iggy Ostanin, Mr Corbyn is heard saying that he met with a group of young Palestinians in Nablus who all knew somebody that had been “involved” […]


Jeremy Corbyn unapologetic about handling of antisemitism on “The Andrew Marr Show”

In an interview on BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show, Jeremy Corbyn declined the opportunity to apologise for antisemitism in the Labour Party, falling back instead on his oft-repeated claim that he is an anti-racist. The Labour leader’s appearance on the show, which made for uncomfortable viewing, saw him confronted on several issues that have arisen as part […]


Layla Moran says Corbyn has “some responsibility” for Labour antisemitism

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran has suggested that the problem of antisemitism in the Labour Party remains unresolved, and that “some responsibility” for the current situation lies with the Party’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Ms Moran made the comments in an interview with the Evening Standard after an interview panel with John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, […]


Veteran Labour MP Frank Field resigns the Labour whip, calling Jeremy Corbyn “antisemitic”

Veteran Labour MP Frank Field has resigned the Party whip over antisemitism in the Party. In a letter addressed to the Labour Party’s chief whip, he wrote that the Labour leadership is becoming a “force for antisemitism in British politics” and accused Jeremy Corbyn of trying to “deny that past statements and actions by him […]


Lord Jonathan Sacks: Jeremy Corbyn is “an antisemite” who has “given support to racists, terrorists and dealers of hate who want to kill Jews”

The former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks has labelled Jeremy Corbyn “an antisemite” in the peer’s first major comments on Labour’s antisemitism crisis. The remarks represent a dramatic intervention and reflect the depth of feeling in the Jewish community toward the Labour leader personally, as well as his handling of antisemitism in his party. Lord […]


Jeremy Corbyn remorseless after slur about British “Zionists”

Jeremy Corbyn has refused to apologise for comments about British “Zionists” that have widely been condemned as a euphemistic reference to Jews. Mr Corbyn made the remarks in a speech in 2013 while still a backbench MP. In his speech, Mr Corbyn praised an address he had recently heard in Parliament and added that the address “was […]


CAA declares Jeremy Corbyn unfit to hold any public office

Following the constant stream of revelations about the Labour Party over the past several weeks, Campaign Against Antisemitism has declared Jeremy Corbyn unfit to hold any public office. Gideon Falter, Chairman of Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “For weeks, events from Jeremy Corbyn’s disturbing past have trickled into the light. Among his many acts during his time […]


Jeremy Corbyn stood side by side with banned terrorist group’s chief at Tunisia cemetery

Journalists at The Times have identified the man photographed standing side by side with Jeremy Corbyn at the infamous wreath-laying in Tunisia as Maher al-Taher, the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a terrorist organisation which had been banned across the European Union two years before the ceremony. The PFLP has been […]


CAA adds Jeremy Corbyn’s Muslim Brotherhood salute to its latest complaint to the Labour Party

A photograph has emerged of Jeremy Corbyn performing the Muslim Brotherhood salute. According to The Daily Telegraph, Mr Corbyn performed the so-called Rabbi’ah sign during a visit to Finsbury Park Mosque in London. A Government report on the Muslim Brotherhood published in 2015 found that it was linked to Hamas, that “Senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood routinely use […]


CAA writes to the Conservative Party over allegations that Lord Sheikh spoke at the same Tunisia conference attended by Jeremy Corbyn

This morning it was revealed that Lord Sheikh, a Conservative peer and founder of the Conservative Muslim Forum, had apparently attended the same conference in Tunisia as that attended by Jeremy Corbyn, at which the latter allegedly laid a wreath honouring the neo-Nazi-linked Black September terrorists responsible for the Munich Olympics massacre. The conference, apparently […]


CAA complains to Parliamentary Commissioner after it emerges that Jeremy Corbyn’s trip to honour antisemitic Black September terrorists was not declared in parliamentary register

Campaign Against Antisemitism has submitted a complaint to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards after receiving reports that Jeremy Corbyn’s trip to Tunisia in 2014 was not declared in Parliament’s Register of Interests. According to Parliamentary rules, any payment of more than £300 for a foreign trip must be declared if not paid for by an MP […]


Chair of Labour Party’s Disciplinary Panel demonstrates how corroded the Party’s institutions have become, claiming “elite” is conspiring against Jeremy Corbyn with “false allegations”

Claudia Webbe, the Chair of the Labour Party’s Disciplinary Panel has tweeted a claim that the “combined machinery of state, political and mainstream elite” are conspiring to smear Jeremy Corbyn with “false allegations”. Ms Webbe, who previously defended Ken Livingstone after he compared a Jewish journalist to a concentration camp guard, took to Twitter to claim […]


The fact Jeremy Corbyn remains Labour Leader shows how rotten the Party has become, as he is caught in multiple lies over his honouring of antisemitic Black September terrorists

Jeremy Corbyn has insisted in an interview that he was not involved in laying a wreath honouring the Black September terrorists who brutalised and massacred Jewish Olympians at the 1972 Munich Olympics. When asked if he was involved in laying the wreath, his eye shifting rapidly, he said: “I was present at the wreath laying […]


Jeremy Corbyn’s 2015 leadership campaign was partly financed by donations from donors alleged to have supported Hamas or terrorism

Campaign Against Antisemitism has reviewed Electoral Commission documents, according to which Jeremy Corbyn’s 2015 campaign to become leader of the Labour Party was partly funded by London GP Dr Ibrahim Hamami, who is alleged to be aligned with Hamas, the genocidal antisemitic terrorist organisation, and retired Professor Ted Honderich, who stated in 2011 that Palestinians had […]


Home Secretary leads calls for Jeremy Corbyn to resign for laying wreath at graves of Black September terrorists

The Home Secretary, Sajid Javid has led calls this weekend for Jeremy Corbyn to resign over his laying of a wreath on the graves of the Black September terrorists who brutalised and slaughtered Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Mr Javid said that “If this was the leader of any other major political party, […]


Three trade unions and Momentum align to demand that Jeremy Corbyn adopts the full International Definition of Antisemitism

Three major trade unions and Momentum have aligned to demand that Jeremy Corbyn adopts the full International Definition of Antisemitism. So far, he has refused to do so, in defiance even of his own MPs. In separate, strident opinion articles, the heads of Unison, GMB and USDAW have all demanded that Mr Corbyn immediately adopt the […]


Jeremy Corbyn suggested that British education system should teach children that Israeli actions are like Nazi occupation of Europe

It has been revealed that Jeremy Corbyn expressed his desire for the British education system to promote a narrative that would allow for Israel to be compared to the Nazi regime. Mr Corbyn was captured on video at an event in 2013 calling for the British education system to “start teaching a lot of people the […]