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Labour’s mammoth report detailing anti-Corbyn conspiracy at Party’s HQ is “last ditch attempt to discredit antisemitism allegations” and must be sent to EHRC

Sky News has reported that the Labour Party spent the last month of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership conducting a full-scale review into how the Party handled antisemitism complaints during his tenure. The report, which is titled ‘The work of the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit in relation to antisemitism, 2014 – 2019’ and has not […]


Far-right group impersonates Extinction Rebellion to post inflammatory messages about ‘white Brits’ and COVID-19 online and in the streets

A far-right group has again impersonated the environmental protest group Extinction Rebellion in order to post inflammatory messages online and on the streets about ‘white Brits’ and COVID-19. Posters displaying the Extinction Rebellion font and logo have been observed in Bedford describing “white Brits” as an “endangered species”, while similar posters were seen in Brighton […]


Disappointment as Boris Johnson praises Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at his last PMQs without reference to the fear he instilled in British Jews

At yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions, which was Jeremy Corbyn’s last as leader of the Labour Party, Boris Johnson praised the Leader of the Opposition without referencing his antisemitism and the fear he instilled in British Jews. The Prime Minister said: “I wish to pay tribute to [Mr Corbyn] for his service to party and country […]


Michael Gove: Jeremy Corbyn wanted to “smuggle into our political conversation antisemitic expressions and antisemitic tropes”

Michael Gove, the Conservative frontbencher, has accused the leader of the Labour Party of trying to “smuggle into our political conversation antisemitic expressions and antisemitic tropes.” Mr Gove made the remark at a reception in Westminster for the Mainstream UK group co-founded by the former Labour MP and honorary patron of Campaign Against Antisemitism, Ian […]


Plaid Cymru reinstates an activist suspended over reported antisemitic social media posts with no sanction and will stand her as candidate for Welsh Assembly

A Plaid Cymru activist who was suspended over antisemitism has been reinstated with no sanction and will even stand as a candidate for the Party in elections for the Welsh Assembly. Sahar Al-Faifi was reported to have made antisemitic comments on social media some years ago, which Plaid Cymru intended to investigate during her suspension. […]


Former Labour activist to be prosecuted over alleged “rid the Jews” comments is named, but prosecutors reduced charges on other offenders so that it is now too late to prosecute

The former Labour activist who has been charged by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) after Campaign Against Antisemitism reported a leaked secret Labour dossier to the Metropolitan Police live on LBC has been named. According to a source, Mohson Rasool, a 60-year-old from Hollybank Road, Birmingham, commented on Facebook that “We shall rid the Jews […]


Labour leadership hustings for Jewish community sheds light on candidates’ records and positions on antisemitism

The issue of antisemitism dominated the Labour leadership hustings in London yesterday, which was organised by the Party’s Jewish affiliate and moderated by the Jewish journalist Robert Peston. In her introductory remarks, Dame Margaret Hodge MP, who is Jewish, said that antisemitism “hasn’t just penetrated the Labour Party but has chronically infected our Labour Party,” […]


Recent developments in Labour’s leadership primary provide insight into how candidates might approach Party’s antisemitism crisis

Recent developments in Labour’s leadership primary provide some insight into how candidates might approach the Party’s antisemitism crisis. Rebecca Long-Bailey’s candidacy has polarised her colleagues, with some defenders of Jeremy Corbyn’s record, such as John McDonnell and Ian Lavery, endorsing her, while others are concerned at the prospect of her assuming the Party’s top job. […]


Show Racism the Red Card involved in another antisemitism controversy as it invites Ken Loach to join a panel of judges for an anti-racism school contest

The activist group, Show Racism the Red Card, has become involved in another controversy over antisemitism following an invitation to the outspoken filmmaker, Ken Loach, to join a panel of judges for a school competition on creative anti-racism designs. Mr Loach has a history of inflammatory comments on the subject of antisemitism. Mr Loach’s voice […]


Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy pledges to implement all EHRC recommendations and calls for suspension of activist Rachael Cousins

Lisa Nandy, a candidate for the Labour leadership, has pledged to implement any and all recommendations made in due course by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) in its full statutory investigation into the antisemitism in the Labour Party. The EHRC launched the investigation on 28th May 2019, following a formal referral and detailed […]


Labour withdraws Ofcom complaint about Panorama expose of Party’s antisemitism

The Labour Party has apparently withdrawn its complaint to Ofcom over the Panorama investigation into antisemitism in the Party, which Labour had claimed was a “one-sided authored polemic”. Ofcom has also dismissed all other bias complaints made over the programme. In the episode, which was titled “Is Labour Antisemitic?” and televised in July, former Labour […]


Ken Loach says claims about Jeremy Corbyn’s antisemitism are “lies” and defers to apparent JVL claim that antisemitism was “weaponised”

The controversial filmmaker, Ken Loach, has suggested that Jeremy Corbyn was subjected to a “torrent of abuse” and that regardless of what he did, the “campaign” of antisemitism accusations was “going to run and run”. Mr Loach made the remarks in an interview on the BBC in the wake of Labour’s election defeat. Asked how […]


CAA statement as British public resoundingly decides to stand with its Jewish community and reject antisemites

Over the past several years, the Jewish community has watched the descent of the Labour Party into abject racism with horror. The Party twice elected an antisemitic leader and subjected the nation to a racist Leader of the Opposition. Under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, Labour has become institutionally antisemitic, defending antisemites and victimising those who stood […]


Diehard supporters of Jeremy Corbyn turn their attention to the world’s oldest scapegoat

Britain has resoundingly rejected the politics of hate, albeit that millions still backed an institutionally antisemitic political party. However, the Jewish community must now brace itself for a potential backlash. Campaign Against Antisemitism has urged the Jewish community to be vigilant in case, as has happened so often in Jewish history and as the last […]


Conservatives reportedly investigating three candidates over antisemitism claims

The Conservative Party is reportedly investigating three parliamentary candidates over alleged antisemitism. The candidates — Sally-Ann Hart in Hastings, Lee Anderson in Ashfield and Richard Short in St Helens South and Whiston — are facing varied accusations. Mr Short suggested that a Jewish journalist, Melanie Phillips, may have dual loyalty to Israel in a past […]


Man who called in bomb threats to Jewish schools imprisoned for four years

A man who called in bomb threats to Jewish schools has been imprisoned for four years. Andreas Dowling called in more than 100 bomb hoaxes, targeting schools, colleges and police stations in the UK, US and Canada. The court heard that Jewish schools were an “over-represented” target of the hoax calls, and he taunted them […]


Ewa Jasiewicz, who vandalised the Warsaw Ghetto, now campaigns for Labour

A woman who was roundly condemned for vandalising the Warsaw Ghetto to advance her political opinions about Israel is now campaigning for the Labour Party. Activist Ewa Jasiewicz sprayed political “Free Gaza and Palestine” on the walls of the Warsaw Ghetto in 2010, the largest and most well-known of the ghettos designated by the Nazis […]


SNP drops candidate in key marginal seat over allegations of antisemitism

The SNP has dropped its candidate for a key target seat over allegations of antisemitism. The Party has withdrawn its support for Neale Hanvey, a former councillor who is running in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, saying he had been suspended pending disciplinary action. The allegations reportedly relate to a social media post in which Mr Hanvey […]


Watch as Matt Hancock heckled at hustings for raising Labour antisemitism

The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, was heckled at a general election hustings for raising Labour’s institutional antisemitism in the debate. The event, in his constituency of West Suffolk, elicited cries of “shame on you” and “racist” when Mr Hancock said that he was passionate about ridding antisemitism from our politics. The audience’s outburst comes as […]


CAA and KCL study finds far-left Jew-hatred has now overtaken far-right in Britain and two-thirds of Corbyn’s vanguard of strongest supporters hold antisemitic views

Today, Campaign Against Antisemitism is releasing the results of our Antisemitism Barometer research, a multiyear study by Campaign Against Antisemitism which was designed and analysed by one of the foremost academics in his field from King’s College London. The study makes shocking findings about antisemitism in the Labour Party and British society, and how Jews […]


Jeremy Corbyn’s tea companion Raed Salah convicted of incitement to terrorism

The firebrand Islamic cleric, Sheikh Raed Salah, has been convicted in a court in Israel for incitement to terrorism. Sheikh Salah is best known in the UK as an object of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s warm praise. Sheikh Salah is a prolific antisemite who claims that Israel planned 9/11 and who has, according to the […]


Corbyn shares platform with Labour candidates with troubling records on anti-Jewish racism as Labour launches race manifesto

The launch of Labour’s controversial Race and Faith manifesto today was mired with controversy, as Mr Corbyn shared a platform with Labour candidates with troubling records on anti-Jewish racism. The event was delayed and already overshadowed by the Chief Rabbi’s unprecedented intervention criticising the Labour Party over its institutional antisemitism and the manifesto’s sinister pledge […]


Leader of Britain’s Sephardi Jewish community backs Chief Rabbi over Jeremy Corbyn

The Senior Rabbi of Britain’s Sephardi Jewish community has issued a statement fulsomely backing the Chief Rabbi over his unprecedented intervention, in which he warned that Jeremy Corbyn was “unfit for office” and that “the very soul of our nation is at stake.” Rabbi Joseph Dweck wrote: “As a rule we as rabbis are careful to […]


Chief Rabbi attacks Corbyn and calls on Britons to “vote with their conscience” in unprecedented intervention, saying “soul of our nation is at stake”

In an unprecedented intervention, the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, Ephraim Mirvis, has asked in The Times how far Jeremy Corbyn would have to go to be considered “unfit for office”, rhetorically asking readers: “What will the result of this election say about the moral compass of our country? When […]


Labour’s race manifesto calls for reform of Equality and Human Rights Commission, despite being subject to investigation by EHRC after complaint by CAA

The Labour Party is due to launch its Race and Faith Manifesto tomorrow. The manifesto includes a pledge to “Enhance the powers and functions of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, making it truly independent, to ensure it can support people to effectively challenge any discrimination they may face.” Gideon Falter, Chief Executive of Campaign […]


University of Warwick backs lecturer Dr Goldie Osuri who told students Labour antisemitism claims are “an Israeli lobby kind of idea”

The University of Warwick has backed a lecturer who dismissed concerns over Labour’s ongoing antisemitism crisis by saying such concerns are “an Israeli lobby kind of idea.” In a lecture on 11th November, Dr Goldie Osuri posited in a recording obtained by Campaign Against Antisemitism that “the next time they say that the Labour Party […]


Lib Dems dump candidate Waheed Rafiq who made antisemitic comments on social media

The Liberal Democrats have dropped a general election candidate after it emerged that he had made controversial remarks on social media, including about Jews. Waheed Rafiq was to represent the Lib Dems in Birmingham Hodge Hill, but has been dumped by the Party after it was revealed that he had posted on Facebook in 2010: […]


One Labour candidate and one member of Labour’s NEC administered Facebook group assisting members accused of Holocaust denial

It has emerged that two senior Labour figures — one a general election candidate and the other a member of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) — were administrators of a Facebook group reportedly set up in order to assist Party members subject to internal disciplinary investigations, including over antisemitism. One candidate involved in the Facebook […]


JVL produces guide to deceive voters that Labour “has done nothing wrong”

Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), an antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation, has produced a guide for canvassers advising that they tell voters worried about antisemitism that “the party has done nothing wrong” and that “any Jew who leaves the UK after the election of a Labour Government will be making the mistake of […]


Labour candidate Laura McAlpine heckled for defending Corbyn’s record on Hamas and terrorists, and her own campaign staff

Labour’s Harlow general election candidate was heckled at a hustings for defending Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s relationship with the genocidal antisemitic group Hamas and other terrorists. Laura McAlpine, who is fighting to unseat the Conservative MP in the marginal seat, described Mr Corbyn as “a man of peace”, and dismissed a questioner asking about Mr […]


Usual suspects sign disgraceful letter saying Jeremy Corbyn “is being smeared as an antisemite by people who should know better”

A number of actors and academics have endorsed a disgraceful letter describing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as “a life-long committed anti-racist” who “is being smeared as an antisemite by people who should know better.” While conceding that antisemitism is present within society and all political parties, including Labour, the signatories insist that “no political party […]


Labour deselects candidate Ed Murphy after it emerges he described the IDF as “international pirates” secretly backed by the Conservatives

Ed Murphy, the Labour Party general election candidate for North West Cambridgeshire, has reportedly been deselected by the Party after it emerged that he accused the Israel Defence Forces of being “international pirates” secretly backed by the Conservatives on Peterborough City Council. Mr Murphy, who is a councillor on Peterborough City Council, reportedly deleted a […]


Labour claims 24 public figures who denounced Corbyn and Labour over antisemitism are actually just racists and misogynists

The Labour Party has vehemently rejected criticism from the 24 public figures who denounced Jeremy Corbyn and Labour over antisemitism and accused several of them of antisemitism, Islamophobia and misogyny. Twenty-four non-Jewish authors, actors, television and radio presenters, human rights campaigners and technologists wrote to The Guardian denouncing Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party over […]


Top non-Jewish authors, actors, television and radio presenters, human rights campaigners and technologists unite to denounce Corbyn and Labour over antisemitism

Twenty-four non-Jewish authors, actors, television and radio presenters, human rights campaigners and technologists have written to The Guardian denouncing Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party over antisemitism. Noting that the Party is now under statutory investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission following legal representations from Campaign Against Antisemitism, which is the complainant, the […]


Labour candidate after candidate embroiled in antisemitism or Jew-baiting scandals in ongoing betrayal of Labour values and British Jews

In Liverpool Walton, Labour frontbencher Dan Carden has been accused of having sung The Beatles’ song “Hey Jude”, substituting the lyrics with “Hey Jews” during a private bus journey last year. Mr Carden has denied the claim, and Jeremy Corbyn has said that he is “looking into it”. In Coventry South, Labour candidate Zarah Sultana, […]


Labour Party MP, Dan Carden, Shadow International Development Secretary, reportedly changed lyrics of Beatles song “Hey Jude” to “Hey Jews”

Labour Party MP, Dan Carden, the Shadow International Development Secretary, reportedly changed the lyrics of the iconic Beatles song “Hey Jude” to “Hey Jews” on a late-night bus journey last year. BuzzFeed News revealed that Mr Carden, the MP for Liverpool Walton, who was a Junior Shadow Minister at the time, allegedly repeatedly sang the […]


Labour frontbencher, Laura Pidcock, reportedly uses words from Jesus Christ’s crucifixion to describe critics of Jeremy Corbyn at her campaign launch

Laura Pidcock, the Labour Party’s Shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights, who is tipped to become Labour’s new Deputy Leader, reportedly used words from Jesus Christ’s crucifixion to describe critics of Jeremy Corbyn at her campaign launch. Ms Pidcock, who was elected the MP for North West Durham in 2017, said: “I know we […]


Claudia Webbe, who defended Ken Livingstone after he compared a Jewish journalist to a concentration camp guard, reportedly selected as Labour’s candidate in safe seat

Claudia Webbe, who defended Ken Livingstone after he compared a Jewish journalist to a concentration camp guard, has reportedly been selected as the Labour Party candidate for the safe Labour seat of Leicester East. Ms Webbe was appointed as the candidate by a selection panel that included two representatives of the party’s governing body, the […]


Former MP and Minister Ivan Lewis blasts Labour Party as “institutionally racist”

The former Labour cabinet minister Ivan Lewis has hit out at his former party, calling it an “institutionally racist, antisemitic party” in an interview for the Jewish Telegraph podcast. In a blistering attack Mr Lewis warned that supporters of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn would be “facilitating an institutionally racist government if Corbyn got […]


John McDonnell falsely claims Ian Austin’s criticism of Labour antisemitism and Jeremy Corbyn was because he’s “employed by the Tories”

Campaign Against Antisemitism is disgusted at suggestions by Labour frontbencher John McDonnell that Ian Austin, who quit the Labour Party over antisemitism and recently gave a series of interviews criticising the Labour leader over antisemitism and extremism, did so because he is “employed by the Tories”. Mr Austin, who is the adopted son of a […]


Rebecca Jenkins, Labour’s candidate in Redditch, reportedly shared Facebook post supporting antisemitic Tower Hamlets mural

Rebecca Jenkins, Labour’s candidate in Redditch near Birmingham, reportedly shared a Facebook post supporting the large antisemitic public mural in Towers Hamlet. According to the political website Guido Fawkes, Ms Jenkins shared and commented on a post showing the infamous mural, using a now-deleted Facebook account. She reportedly wrote “Hear hear!” to a post with […]


Famed Soviet human rights campaigner Natan Sharansky says antisemitism in Corbyn’s Labour Party reminds him of USSR

The famous Soviet “refusnik” and human rights campaigner, Natan Sharansky, has said that the antisemitism in the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is reminiscent of the USSR. Mr Sharansky, who became famous for being refused the right to emigrate to Israel by Soviet authorities but eventually rose to become Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister, expressed concern […]


Gideon Bull withdraws candidacy after CAA publicises past ‘Shylock’ comment, but Labour candidates who have said and done worse remain

Gideon Bull, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate in Clacton, has withdrawn his candidacy after Campaign Against Antisemitism publicised a past comment he made referring to a Jewish fellow Labour councillor as “Shylock” earlier this year, in an apparent reference to the villainous Shakespearean Jewish moneylender. Cllr Bull reportedly made the comment when he was a Labour […]


Ian Austin is a “hero of the Jewish community” as he declares “Labour is poisoned with anti-Jewish racism” and announces he will not seek re-election

The former Labour MP Ian Austin, who resigned from the Party over antisemitism, has given a series of powerful interviews this morning condemning antisemitism in the Labour Party and announcing that he will not be seeking re-election. Speaking on Sky News, Mr Austin, who is an honorary patron of Campaign Against Antisemitism, was asked if […]


Gavin Shuker accuses erstwhile Labour colleagues of “chucking the Jews under the bus”

Gavin Shuker, a former Labour MP who quit the Party over antisemitism, has accused his former colleagues who remained in Labour of “chucking the Jews under the bus.” Reacting to the news that Labour’s Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, will not stand for re-election, Mr Shuker declared on BBC’s Newsnight that “the moderates in the Labour […]


Chris Williamson’s letter of resignation from Labour reads like manifesto against Jews

The disgraced MP, Chris Williamson, has submitted an extraordinary letter of resignation from the Labour Party that reads like a manifesto against Jews, replete with references to a “witch hunt”, “smears”, outsized Israeli power and opposition to Labour’s adoption of the International Definition of Antisemitism. He also suggests that the General Secretary of the Labour […]


Another rabbi calls for tactical voting against Labour

It is being reported that a second rabbi has written to his congregants urging them to vote for the party most likely to defeat Labour in their constituency. Rabbi Yuval Keren of Southgate Progressive Synagogue wrote that “the problem lies with Jeremy Corbyn and the present Labour leadership who tolerate and allow antisemitism to rise […]


Diane Abbott is “totally out of touch with reality” for claiming Stamford Hill Jews don’t believe Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite

Community leaders in Stamford Hill have challenged their local MP, Diane Abbott, over her claim that “not every element of the Jewish community says Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite” and that, in contrast to other communal bodies and newspapers, the “Jewish community in Stamford Hill doesn’t say that.” When pressed on Labour’s response to its […]


John McDonnell says Labour’s approach to antisemitism is an example to other parties

The Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, John McDonnell, has audaciously claimed that on antisemitism the Labour Party will “come out of this I think as an example of how you do address these issues within a political party and I think other political parties need to learn from that.” Mr McDonnell made the extraordinary remark […]