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Incoherent Labour disciplinary decision removes Preston Tabois as London Assembly candidate but keeps him on as councillor and member

Preston Tabois, a Labour councillor in Haringey suspended six months ago and now readmitted to the Party, has been the subject of an incoherent disciplinary decision by the Labour Party that illustrates how far it still has to go in addressing antisemitism. Cllr Tabois, who is also an activist with the Unite union and is backed by the pro-Corbyn […]


Labour activist suing Labour for employing Israeli social media manager reportedly declared his “love” for founder of genocidal antisemitic terror group

A Labour activist who is suing his Party for employing an Israeli social media manager has declared his “love” for the founder of a genocidal antisemitic terror group, the JC is reporting. Adnan Hmidan, who is being represented by the Bindmans LLP law firm and has the backing of former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, is suing Labour for employing a […]


Disgraced peer Shami Chakrabarti who authored whitewash report into Labour antisemitism tells pupils not to leave victims of discrimination to “stand up for themselves”

The disgraced peer, Baroness Chakrabarti, has given a speech on gender equality to the prestigious St Paul’s School in London, in which she said that pupils must not leave victims of discrimination to “stand up for themselves”. Baroness Chakrabarti, whose infamous 2016 whitewash report into Labour antisemitism began with the words “The Labour Party is […]


CAA asks St Paul’s School why disgraced peer Shami Chakrabarti who authored whitewash report into Labour antisemitism will address pupils on “equality between people”

Shami Chakrabarti has been invited to speak at the prestigious St Paul’s School on the subject of “equality between people” on the occassion of International Women’s Day, despite her role whitewashing antisemitism within the Labour Party. Following a complaint to us from an appalled alumnus, Campaign Against Antisemitism has written to the High Master of […]


Cross-party group of 100 MPs and peers berates Bristol University for inaction over David Miller and accuses him of bringing the University “into disrepute”

A cross-party group of over 100 MPs and peers have written to the University of Bristol accusing Prof. David Miller of “inciting hatred against Jewish students on your campus”. Under the aegis of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism, the letter calls on the University to act against Prof. Miller, whom it accuses of “hate speech” and […]


CAA launches petition demanding BBC apologise for asking “should Jews count as an ethnic minority?” in response to Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner ignoring past Jewish political leaders

Campaign Against Antisemitism has launched a petition calling on the BBC to apologise after airing a segment on its Politics Live show titled “Should Jews count as an ethnic minority?”, a question that the BBC would never presume to ask about any other British minority community. The segment featured four panellists and a guest, Ben Cohen, the (Jewish) Editor […]


Green Party continues to wage war on International Definition of Antisemitism

The Green Party is set to vote on two motions against adoption of the International Definition of Antisemitism at its Spring Conference next month. Motion D07 (an “organisational” motion), sponsored by former Deputy Leader Shahrar Ali and others, calls on the Party to “reaffirm its support for free speech on Israel and Palestine and for The Green Party to campaign […]


“Skulduggery continues” as Labour reportedly drops without a word its quiet investigation into Deputy Leader Angela Rayner launched following CAA complaint

The Labour Party has taken a regressive step by reportedly opening and promptly closing an investigation into Deputy Leader Angela Rayner over an antisemitism complaint submitted by Campaign Against Antisemitism. The complaint relates to Ms Rayner’s promotion of a book entitled The Holocaust Industry, in which the author claims that the American Jewish establishment exploits the Holocaust for political and financial […]


Chair of Labour in Newham to be investigated over alleged antisemitism just days after his deputy is suspended over alleged antisemitic social media activity

The chair of Labour in Newham in London is reportedly to be investigated over alleged antisemitism, just days after his deputy was suspended over alleged antisemitic social media activity. Cllr Mushtaq Mughal, who chairs the Labour Group, is reportedly being investigated over social media posts. He reportedly posted on social media a video from the fringe and controversial Neturei Karta […]


Labour’s Shadow Communities Secretary calls on all Labour Councils and universities to adopt International Definition of Antisemitism

Labour’s Shadow Communities Secretary has called on all local authorities controlled by his Party, as well as all universities, to adopt the International Definition of Antisemitism. Steve Reed made the announcement in a debate in the House of Commons, saying: “With the support of Keir Starmer, I have asked every Labour council to adopt the [International] Definition of Antisemitism […]


CAA’s latest Antisemitism Barometer study shows Jewish community regaining confidence after the Corbyn era but scars remain, with Labour, CPS and BBC coming in for opprobrium

Today, Campaign Against Antisemitism publishes its latest Antisemitism Barometer, comprising a survey of the British public’s views toward Jews and a poll of the Jewish community. The Barometer’s poll of the British public’s views towards Jews is the first survey to use the Generalised Antisemitism Scale, devised by Dr Daniel Allington of King’s College, Louise Katz […]


Liberal Democrats launch investigation into local branch spokesperson who claimed the “fake antisemitism campaign against Labour is the worst single episode of misinformation I have ever witnessed”

The Liberal Democrats have reportedly launched an investigation into the spokesperson for its Bromley branch after he made controversial comments about antisemitism in the Labour Party. Jonathan Coulter, a former editor of the Liberal Democrats Friends of Palestine newsletter, reportedly declared at a non-Party event earlier this month that “fake antisemitism campaign against Labour is the worst […]


Plaid Cymru “has work to do to win the confidence of anyone who opposes racism”: CAA makes submissions to Party’s internal review into antisemitism

Campaign Against Antisemitism has today made submissions to Plaid Cymru’s review into antisemitism in the Party. Plaid Cymru’s internal review will reportedly be led by Liz Saville Roberts MP, the leader of the Party’s small contingent at Westminster, and it aims to ensure that there is “zero tolerance” of antisemitism in the Party. The review was announced following the publication of […]


As EHRC authorises Action Plan for Labour to “drive out antisemitism” CAA warns “Jewish community should be under no illusions” in months ahead

The Labour Party has today published its Action Plan, entitled “Driving out antisemitism from the Labour Party”, as required by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) in its devastating report on antisemitism in the Party. The Action Plan covers numerous areas, including the need for a culture change in the Party and an “Independent Antisemitism […]


Labour’s Chanukah message greeted with reams of antisemitic messages

The Labour Party’s Chanukah message on Facebook has been greeted with reams of antisemitic messages from the Party’s social media following. The graphic read: “Happy Chanukah from all of us at the Labour Party”. The accompanying message was: “As Jewish communities across Britain light the first candle of the menorah this evening, the Labour Party would like […]


Labour frontbencher compares Prime Minister to Adolf Hitler

A Labour frontbencher has compared the Prime Minister to the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler. Bill Esterson MP, who is Shadow Minister for International Trade, tweeted: “My dad’s family is Jewish. We have no idea how many of our relatives were murdered in the holocaust. I fear [Prime Minister Boris] Johnson’s actions are leading us to a very dangerous […]


Senior United Nations official asks whether Labour politician pledging to Jewish audience that she will fight antisemitism has also ‘offered solidarity to Palestinians’

A senior official at the United Nations has tweeted to ask whether a Labour Party politician pledging to a Jewish audience that she will fight antisemitism has also ‘offered solidarity to Palestinians’. Mark Seddon is media advisor to the President of the General Assembly and has previously worked as a speechwriter for a former UN Secretary-General, as […]


CAA says CPS “ignoring Jewish victims” after it closes most police investigations into Labour antisemitism

Campaign Against Antisemitism has said that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is “ignoring Jewish victims” after it closed most police investigations into Labour antisemitism. The Metropolitan Police has reportedly dropped fifteen of the 23 criminal investigations in relation to Labour antisemitism without charges. It is understood that the decisions in most of the cases were taken after […]


Supporter of Jeremy Corbyn who called Jewish women MP a “f****** racist Zionist c***” and sent antisemitic abuse to other Labour Parliamentarians avoids jail

A supporter of the former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who sent antisemitic abuse to Labour MPs had avoided jail. Nicholas Nelson, 31, admitted to three charges of sending communications of an offensive nature in mid-2018. The communications were sent via telephone calls and e-mails to the Jewish women MPs Dame Margaret Hodge and Dame Louise Ellman, as […]


Students at University of Sydney pass antisemitic resolution claiming Labour’s suspension of Jeremy Corbyn was bid to “intimidate and silence”

The main student body of the University of Sydney has criticised the Labour Party in the UK for suspending Jeremy Corbyn, alleging that the measures were designed to “intimidate and silence” the political Left and criticism of Israel. The Students Representative Council (SRC) of the University of Sydney passed a motion on 10th November condemning […]


As Labour whip asks Jeremy Corbyn to apologise, CAA is resolute: “An apology is no substitute for justice”

Labour’s Opposition Chief Whip, Nick Brown, has written to Jeremy Corbyn, the former Leader, urging him to apologise in return for a restoration of the whip. Mr Corbyn was recently suspended for downplaying the extent of antisemitism in the Party but was then rapidly readmitted to the Party in a shambolic process that represented a con of the Jewish community. Under pressure, Sir […]


With pro-Corbyn members leaving Labour en masse, other parties must stand guard against importation of Labour antisemitism

According to recent reports, the Labour Party has lost tens of thousands of members since Sir Keir Starmer became leader, with the exodus apparently accelerating since the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn. This is the first time since Mr Corbyn’s election as Leader that the Party’s membership has fallen below half a million, which was itself a staggering achievement […]


New evidence emerges showing that incompetence, factionalism and politicisation remain the hallmarks of Labour’s disciplinary process under Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership

More and more evidence is emerging that Labour’s disciplinary process remains a politicised shambles almost a month after the Equality and Human Rights Commission slammed it in a damning report and demanded that the Party introduce an independent system. Item: Campaign Against Antisemitism submitted a complaint against Kate Linnegar, Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for North Swindon in the 2019 General Election, […]


CAA files new complaint seeking expulsion of Jeremy Corbyn over his responsibility for Labour being found guilty by EHRC of unlawful acts of antisemitism

Today, Campaign Against Antisemitism has filed a further complaint against the former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, over his personal responsibility for the Party being found guilty of unlawful acts of antisemitism, for which he must be held to account. Mr Corbyn was suspended over remarks he made in reaction to the damning report issued by the Equality and Human […]


“Jew process” Councillor Jo Bird under investigation by Labour for third time after reportedly suggesting antisemitism is being privileged over other forms of racism

The controversial councillor, Jo Bird, is understood to be under investigation by the Labour Party for the third time in recent years after reportedly suggesting that antisemitism is being privileged over other forms of racism. Last week, Cllr Bird reportedly told a meeting of the far-left faction ‘Don’t Leave, Organise’: “As a Jew, I worry about racism […]


Concern as former Labour MP Ruth George selected as council candidate even as CAA complaint against her is pending

Concerns have been raised following the announcement that former Labour MP Ruth George has been selected as a candidate for the Party in upcoming local council elections, despite a complaint against her having recently been submitted by Campaign Against Antisemitism. The complaint was submitted on the day that the report into Labour antisemitism by the Equality and Human Rights Commission was published, and […]


CAA to make submissions to Plaid Cymru after it announces review into antisemitism in its own ranks following publication of damning EHRC report into Labour

The Welsh nationalist party, Plaid Cymru, has announced that it is holding a review into antisemitism in its Party. The announcement follows the publication of the damning report into antisemitism in the Labour Party by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). Campaign Against Antisemitism was the complainant in the EHRC’s investigation, having made the formal referral that prompted the launch of the […]


Within minutes of our submission of a complaint against Jeremy Corbyn and fifteen other sitting Labour MPs, Sir Keir Starmer suspends Mr Corbyn pending an investigation

Within minutes of our submission of a complaint against former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and fifteen other sitting Labour MPs in relation to antisemitism, Sir Keir Starmer has suspended Mr Corbyn, pending an investigation. Our letter to Sir Keir, which followed the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s unprecedented finding that the Labour Party committed unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination against […]


Former Mayor of Luton and current candidate for Bedfordshire Police chief is suspended by Labour over alleged antisemitism

The former Mayor of Luton, who is currently Labour’s candidate for Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner, has been suspended by the Party over alleged antisemitism. Tahir Khan, who served as Mayor of Luton in 2016-17, will no longer be able to represent Labour in the 2021 election for the senior police job, and a new selection process is reportedly […]


Outspoken union leader Len McCluskey, who repeatedly downplayed antisemitism in Labour, apologises for saying a Jewish politician should “go into a room and count his gold”

The outspoken Unite union leader, Len McCluskey, who has repeatedly downplayed antisemitism in the Labour Party, has apologised after saying that a Jewish politician should “go into a room and count his gold”. Mr McCluskey made the comment about Lord Mandelson, a New Labour grandee and former minister, in an interview with the BBC. Told that Lord Mandelson had praised the new […]


Jeremy Corbyn’s chief of staff sought to force out MPs who protested Labour antisemitism, according to report

Jeremy Corbyn’s Chief of Staff sought to force out Labour MPs who protested antisemitism in the Party, according to a report. In WhatsApp messages, Karie Murphy expressed disappointment in April 2019 in reaction to seven Labour MPs quitting the Party in February, according the JC. She reportedly wrote: “F**king idiots. All the work I did to trigger them and they […]


Ash Sarkar complains she was “crucified” for criticising Labour antisemitism as she and Owen Jones continue to whitewash their role in defending Jeremy Corbyn amid antisemitism allegations

The controversial far-left activist-journalists, Ash Sarkar and Owen Jones, are continuing their effort to distance themselves from the antisemitism scandal that engulfed Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, now that the electorate rendered its verdict clear and the Equality and Human Rights Commission prepares its report into the Party. In an interview to promote Mr Jones’ new book, Ms Sarkar, a […]


CAA investigation reveals more antisemitism and problematic social media activity from Labour’s councillors at beleaguered Sandwell Council

After Campaign Against Antisemitism reported on the numerous investigations, resignations and suspensions of Labour councillors on Sandwell Council – including a Leader and the current Interim Leader – a concerned member of the public has submitted further evidence of antisemitism from members of the Council. So far, the Leader of the Council, Cllr Yvonne Davies, resigned from Labour in the […]


New book confirms CAA’s claim that Jeremy Corbyn’s allies were worried about Labour adopting the International Definition of Antisemitism because he would be found to have breached it

A new book appears to confirm that Jeremy Corbyn’s allies were worried about the Labour Party adopting the International Definition of Antisemitism in 2018 because Mr Corbyn, then the Leader of the Party, would be found to have breached it, as Campaign Against Antisemitism has long maintained. The new book, by controversial journalist Owen Jones, claims on behalf of […]


Two Labour councillors in Cumbria investigated for alleged antisemitic comments online

Two Labour councillors in Cumbria are reportedly being investigated over alleged antisemitic comments that they posted online. The investigations into the two Copeland Borough Council councillors – Tom Higgins of Egremont ward and Graham Calvin of Moor Row and Bigrigg ward – follow the expulsion of former Councillor Bill Kirkbride from the Labour Party over “offensive” social […]


Sir Keir Starmer admits Labour’s sixteen-month-long investigation into suspended NEC member Pete Willsman over antisemitism allegations is taking “too long”

Sir Keir Starmer has admitted that the Labour Party’s investigation into antisemitism allegations in connection with Pete Willsman is taking “too long”. The Labour leader made the comments to Nick Ferrari on LBC. In May 2019, the Party was provided with a recording of Mr Willsman, who is suspended from Labour but still sits on its ruling […]


Warwick University rejects complaint by Warwick Jewish and Israel Society against lecturer who said allegations of Labour antisemitism are “very much an Israeli lobby kind of idea”

The University of Warwick has rejected a complaint by the Warwick Jewish and Israel Society (JISoc), against a sociology lecturer who described allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party as “very much an Israeli lobby kind of idea”. In a lecture on 11th November 2019, Dr Goldie Osuri posited in a recording obtained by Campaign Against Antisemitism that “the next […]


Conservatives suspend Cllr Jacqui Harris for the second time after CAA brings her social media history to the Party’s attention

Jacqui Harris, a local councillor, has been suspended again from the Conservatives after Campaign Against Antisemitism brought her social media history to the Party’s attention. Cllr Harris is currently a Conservative councillor on Stratford-upon-Avon District Council, having previously served as an Independent as well after being suspended by the Conservatives over allegations of antisemitism in 2019. In 2018 she was […]


Donors to unofficial crowd-funder for Jeremy Corbyn’s legal expenses post horrendous comments denying Labour antisemitism and equating Zionism with racism

Donors to an unofficial crowd-funder for Jeremy Corbyn’s legal expenses have posted horrendous comments in support of the beleaguered former Labour leader. The crowd-funder was launched by a supporter of Mr Corbyn’s and does not appear to have his formal endorsement, however the supporter said: “The funds on this campaign will not be touched and remain on […]


Disgraced former MP Chris Williamson publishes unhinged conspiracy theory video claiming “Zionists” and CAA control the “racist” EHRC in service to the Conservative Party

The disgraced former Labour MP, Chris Williamson, has published an unhinged conspiracy theory article and video claiming that “Zionists” and Campaign Against Antisemitism control the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) in service to the Conservative Party. Mr Williamson, who was suspended from the Labour Party several times before running as an Independent in the 2019 General Election and […]


Two JVL members to be sued for defamation by journalist John Ware in connection with Panorama expose of Labour antisemitism

John Ware, the maker of the BBC Panorama documentary “Is Labour Antisemitic”, is reportedly commencing legal proceedings against two members of the antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation, Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL). Naomi Wimbourne-Idrissi, one of the group’s founders, and web officer Richard Kuper, will join Jeremy Corbyn as defendants in separate libel actions by Mr Ware. It is understood that the libel […]


Leaked email from Corbyn ally shows he recognised that controversial leaked Labour report was misleading and feared the consequences

A leaked email from a senior Corbyn ally in Labour Party headquarters shows that he recognised that a controversial leaked report about the Party’s handling of antisemitism was misleading and that there may be adverse consequences following its dissemination. Thomas Gardiner, who resigned a few weeks ago as Labour’s Director of Governance and Legal, is reported to have sent an email on […]


Labour could face legal bill of £5.5 million over claims arising from its scandal of institutional antisemitism

The Labour Party could be facing a legal bill of over £5 million over claims arising from its scandal of institutional antisemitism, according to the JC. The settlement reached by the Labour Party yesterday in libel proceedings brought by the maker of the BBC Panorama programme, “Is Labour Antisemitic”, and the whistleblowers it featured, including the legal costs, was reportedly in […]


Labour settles defamation case with Panorama whistleblowers with apology and significant payout, demonstrating how ready Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour was to betray its principles and people to cover its institutional racism against Jews

The Labour Party has settled a defamation case in the High Court brought by seven whistleblowers who featured in last year’s BBC Panorama’s programme titled “Is Labour Antisemitic?” as well as the journalist behind the programme, John Ware. The programme, which was televised in July 2019, showed former Labour Party employees speaking out publicly to reveal Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s personal […]


High Court rejects claim for judicial review of Ofcom’s decision not to sanction BBC over Panorama’s Labour antisemitism investigation, leaving JVL member with £10,000 in legal costs

The High Court has rejected a challenge to Ofcom’s decision not to sanction the BBC over the Panorama investigation into antisemitism in the Labour Party. The challenge was brought by Justin Schlosberg, a senior lecturer in journalism at Birkbeck University and Jeremy Corbyn enthusiast who is reportedly a member of Jewish Voice for Labour, the antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation. After […]


CAA reacts to Labour disclosing it has received draft EHRC report

Campaign Against Antisemitism has reacted to the Labour Party’s disclosure that it has received the draft report of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), in which Campaign Against Antisemitism is the sole complainant. Gideon Falter said: “Under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, the Labour Party became institutionally antisemitic and brought almost half of British Jews to […]


Labour’s controversial Shadow Cabinet member Lloyd Russell-Moyle apologises for calling Zionism “dangerous” after social media posts and his defence of expelled local activist are uncovered

The controversial Labour MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, has apologised for calling Zionism “dangerous” after historic social media posts were uncovered. Mr Russell-Moyle, the Shadow Minister for Natural Environment and Air Quality, wrote in 2009 that Zionism is “a very dangerous nationalist idea”. He also said, in reference to Jewish claims to the Land of Israel, that the “idea […]


After Leader of Sandwell Council resigns over antisemitism allegations following CAA pressure, another Labour councillor’s record comes under the spotlight

Another Labour councillor on Sandwell Council has been revealed to have a record of problematic remarks. Although Cllr John Edwards says on his Twitter biography that he is “allergic to bigots”, he has described accusations of antisemitism as “smears”, called criticism of the disgraced then-Labour MP Chris Williamson a “smear campaign”, described the International Definition of […]


CAA calls on Sandwell Council and Dudley Council to take action against current and former council leaders after Labour opens antisemitism investigations

Campaign Against Antisemitism has called for “strong and decisive action” against the Leader of Sandwell Council and the former leader of Dudley Council after it emerged that the Labour Party is investigating them over antisemitism. Cllr Yvonne Davies, the current Council leader at Sandwell, is being investigated over tweets she sent in 2018, one of […]


Divisive Corbyn aide Seumas Milne and Labour’s controversial complaints chief Thomas Gardiner reportedly both leave after years at centre of antisemitism crisis

Seumas Milne, Jeremy Corbyn’s divisive senior aide, and Thomas Gardiner, Labour’s Director of Governance and Legal Affairs, have both quit their employment with the Party. Mr Milne, who has a record of espousing extreme political views, served as Executive Director of Strategy and Communications under Jeremy Corbyn. As a political appointee, his departure following the election […]


Labour’s Nia Griffith says defenders of Rebecca Long-Bailey are guilty of antisemitism while Claudia Webbe won’t say whether the conspiracy theory was antisemitic or not

Labour’s Nia Griffith has said that defenders of Rebecca Long-Bailey are guilty of antisemitism while her colleague, Claudia Webbe, has refused to say whether she believes that the conspiracy theory publicised by Ms Long-Bailey was antisemitic or not. Ms Long-Bailey was sacked from the Shadow Cabinet last week for sharing an article in The Independent in which […]


CAA calls on Sir Keir Starmer to discipline Jeremy Corbyn and group of far-left Labour MPs demanding reinstatement of Rebecca Long-Bailey despite her sharing antisemitic conspiracy theory

Labour’s far-left Socialist Campaign Group of MPs met with Sir Keir Starmer today to express their opposition to the sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey from the Shadow Cabinet after she shared an article containing an antisemitic trope baselessly linking Israel to the killing of George Floyd. Not only did they call for Ms Long-Bailey’s punishment to […]


Tahir Ali signs up to International Definition of Antisemitism in the presence of the Opposition Chief Whip, leaving Labour’s Grahame Morris as sole sitting MP not to endorse it

Tahir Ali, a new Labour MP, has become the second last of all sitting MPs to sign up to the International Definition of Antisemitism, according to the All Party Group Against Antisemitism, which organised the campaign. But he reportedly only did so in the presence of the Opposition Chief Whip, which suggests the Labour Party may have […]


Far-left Labour MPs and outriders defend Rebecca Long-Bailey after she is sacked for sharing antisemitic conspiracy theory even after Maxine Peake apologises for promoting it

A slew of far-left Labour MPs and outriders have come to the defence of Rebecca Long-Bailey after she was sacked for sharing an article in The Independent in which the actress Maxine Peake promoted an antisemitic conspiracy theory. Ms Peake has apologised for promoting the notion that Israel is to blame for the racist killing of George Floyd, […]


CAA applauds Sir Keir Starmer for sacking Rebecca Long-Bailey over antisemitic conspiracy theory as he appears to shifts up a gear in fight against antisemitism in Labour

Sir Keir Starmer has sacked Rebecca Long-Bailey for sharing an antisemitic conspiracy theory and appears to have shifted up a gear in his promise to “tear [antisemitism] out by its roots” in his Party. The Labour leader removed his Shadow Education Secretary today after she earlier tweeted an endorsement of an offensive interview by the actress […]


Actress Maxine Peake’s conspiratorial views have no place in decent society, but Labour MPs Rebecca Long-Bailey and Kate Osborne endorsed them before retracting

The actress Maxine Peake’s conspiratorial view that Israel is somehow to blame for the racist killing of George Floyd has no place in decent society. In an interview with The Independent, Ms Peake claimed that “The tactics used by the police in America, kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, that was learnt from seminars with Israeli […]


Sam Tarry MP endorses for Momentum role a candidate who thinks Ken Livingstone should be Labour’s General-Secretary and who is backed by Chris Williamson and Jackie Walker

The new Labour MP, Sam Tarry, has come under fire for endorsing for a senior Momentum role a far-left candidate who believes Ken Livingstone should be the Party’s General-Secretary. Mr Tarry backed Syed Siddiqi despite, according to Dame Margaret Hodge MP, Mr Siddiqi being an associate of expelled Labour member and antisemite Jackie Walker and the […]


Outrage as Blackburn with Darwen Council is revealed to have as many councillors suspended or expelled from Labour over antisemitism on its committees as it does Lib Dems

Blackburn with Darwen Council is facing outrage after the revelation that there are as many councillors who have been suspended from the Labour Party over antisemitism claims on its committees as there are Liberal Democrats. The controversy relates to Cllr Tasleem Fazal, who was suspended from Labour after it was revealed that he had made a video […]


CAA reveals former Labour member Prof. David Miller is behind Chris Williamson’s “Resistance” movement and thinks Jewish interfaith is Israeli-backed “Trojan Horse” effort to “normalise Zionism in the Muslim community”

Campaign Against Antisemitism can reveal that the conspiracy theorist David Miller is behind the “Resistance” movement founded and fronted by the disgraced former Labour MP Chris Williamson. Mr Williamson, who was embroiled in scandals over antisemitism when he was in the Labour Party, introduced his Resistance movement several months ago by explaining that with the election of […]


Ken Loach joined by Mike Leigh and other usual suspects in criticism of BAFTA nomination of Panorama programme that helped expose Labour antisemitism

The controversial filmmaker and Jeremy Corbyn enthusiast has been joined in his criticism of the BAFTA Television Award nomination for Panorama’s programme titled “Is Labour Antisemitic?” by a cast of usual suspects. Ken Loach, a BAFTA Fellow, called the programme a “crude polemic, without balance or objectivity, intended to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership,” and claimed that “BAFTA’s choice is a […]


CAA writes to Sir Keir Starmer seeking a timetable for overhauling Labour’s corrupted disciplinary process and action against senior figures including Jeremy Corbyn

Today, Campaign Against Antisemitism has written to Sir Keir Starmer welcoming a report that he intends to treat the report of the statutory investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) into antisemitism in the Labour Party as “a help rather than a distraction”. On 28th May 2019, the Equality and Human Rights Commission launched […]


Labour MP promotes article claiming Jeremy Corbyn was brought down by “lies”, “mob politics” and “dark forces”, but then deletes tweet and apologises

A Labour MP promoted an article that claimed that Jeremy Corbyn, the former Leader of the Labour Party, was electorally unsuccessful due to “lie after lie” told about him, “mob politics” and “dark forces”, before deleting the tweet and apologising. Margaret Greenwood, who is the Shadow Minister for Schools, tweeted that the article was “important reading” […]


People care more about the Holocaust because Jews are white, claims former Momentum Vice Chair and expelled Labour member, Jackie Walker

The disgraced racist activist Jackie Walker has claimed that the Holocaust gets more notice than other genocides or instances of oppression because Jews are “white”. The former Momentum Vice Chair and expelled Labour member made the claim on Twitter while posting an article by another former Labour member, Tony Greenstein, who was also expelled from the […]


Controversial filmmaker and and Corbyn enthusiast Ken Loach describes BAFTA nomination for Panorama’s expose of Labour antisemitism a “disgrace”

Ken Loach, the controversial filmmaker and Jeremy Corbyn enthusiast, has described the BAFTA Television Award nomination for Panorama’s programme titled “Is Labour Antisemitic?” as a “disgrace”. Mr Loach called the programme a “crude polemic, without balance or objectivity, intended to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership,” and claimed that “BAFTA’s choice is a blatant attempt to rehabilitate […]


BBC Panorama investigation into Labour antisemitism nominated for BAFTA TV award

BBC Panorama has been nominated for a BAFTA Television Award in the category of ‘current affairs’ for its programme titled “Is Labour Antisemitic?”, which explored antisemitism in the Labour Party. The programme, which was televised in July 2019, showed former Labour Party employees speaking out publicly to reveal Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s personal meddling in […]


Sir Keir Starmer to investigate Luciana Berger’s former Wavertree Labour branch after senior local members attack new MP for regretting her predecessor had to leave

Sir Keir Starmer intends to launch an investigation into Luciana Berger’s former Constituency Labour Party, according to the JC, after members were found to have attacked the new MP for telling a Jewish newspaper that she regretted that Ms Berger felt that she had to leave the Party. Paula Barker, the new Labour MP for […]


Labour councillor who apologised for calling Israel a “racist state” then reacted to the antisemitism investigation by saying she “will not bow down to white supremacy”

It has emerged that a local Labour councillor who had previously apologised for calling Israel a “racist state” then reacted to the ensuing antisemitism investigation by saying she “will not bow down to white supremacy”. Nichole Brennan, a councillor in Brighton and Hove, apologised and resigned from her role as deputy housing chairwoman and rough […]


Notorious Bristol University Professor who attacked Sir Keir Starmer over “Zionist money” has been suspended from Labour, but not for antisemitism

A notorious academic at the University of Bristol who attacked Sir Keir Starmer over “Zionist money” behind his leadership campaign has been suspended from the Labour Party, but not, according to the Jewish Chronicle, for antisemitism. According to a report, Prof. David Miller asserted that his and other recent suspensions “were designed to target members […]


Palestine Solidarity Campaign, a group riddled with bigotry, marks anniversary of Israel’s independence with Zoom event extolling terrorism, accusing Israel of racism and denying Labour antisemitism

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), which we have exposed for failing to act against anti-Jewish bigots in its midst, marked the Gregorian date of Israel’s Independence Day with a Zoom event in which guest speakers extolled terrorism, accused Israel of racism and denied Labour antisemitism. Speakers included notorious Jew-baiters Ken Loach and Roger Waters. The Zoom […]


Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Bell RIbeiro-Addy share platform with Stop The War’s Lindsay German who denies Labour antisemitism and backed disgraced Chris Williamson

The former leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, joined former Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott and fellow MP Bell Ribeiro-Addy on a platform with a controversial activist who has a history of denying antisemitism in the Labour Party and who backed the disgraced former Labour MP, Chris Williamson. Lindsay German has repeatedly denied Labour’s […]


Labour councillor Aslam Choudry who shared antisemitic video about the ‘Jewish lobby’ controlling America says he will undertake antisemitism training

A Labour councillor in Brent and the former Mayor of the borough who shared an antisemitic video on a local residents’ WatsApp group has conceded that it was an “accident” that was “racist and unacceptable” and that he is “seeking to undertake training on antisemitism”. The JC recently revealed that Cllr Aslam Choudry, who represents […]


Shadow Minister wants Labour to be “toxic environment for antisemites” but stops short of calling for suspension of MPs who shared an online platform with expelled members

A Shadow Minister told a Jewish audience that she wants the Labour Party to become a “toxic environment for antisemites”, but she stopped short of calling for the suspension of MPs who shared an online platform with expelled members. Rosena Allin-Khan, who is the Shadow Minister for Mental Health and ran for the Party’s deputy […]


Sir Keir fails first antisemitism test by refusing to act after Diane Abbott and Bell Ribeiro-Addy share platform with who’s who of expelled Labour members and controversial figures

Campaign Against Antisemitism has condemned Sir Keir Starmer for failing to take action after the JC revealed that two senior Labour MPs participated in an online conference with far-left activists who had been expelled from the Party in connection with antisemitism. Diane Abbott, the former Shadow Home Secretary, and Bell Ribeiro-Addy, a new MP who […]


Steve Hedley, the RMT executive suspended for saying he would throw a party if Boris Johnson died of COVID-19, has also made antisemitic comments and must be expelled

An executive in the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) who gained public attention when he said that he would throw a party if Boris Johnson died of COVID-19, has also made antisemitic comments and must be expelled. Steve Hedley served as Senior Assistant General Secretary at RMT until he was suspended for his comment […]


Controversial new Labour MP Zarah Sultana expresses solidarity with antisemitic terrorist murderers

A controversial new Labour MP has expressed her solidarity with antisemitic terrorist murderers. Zarah Sultana tweeted her solidarity with “political prisoners” held by Israel by sharing a video from the controversial charity War on Want, which has reportedly been investigated by the Charity Commission over allegations of antisemitism. It has been pointed out, however, that […]


Online backlash against new Labour leader takes aim at the Jews

Members of at least one Facebook group backing losing candidates in Labour’s leadership and deputy leadership primaries have vented their frustration regarding the results towards a traditional scapegoat. Numerous deeply troubling messages on the group, called “Jeremy Corbyn Group supports Richard Burgon for Deputy Leader”, which has almost 23,000 members, have been uncovered by activist […]


CAA’s message to new Labour leader: disciplining Jeremy Corbyn is your litmus test

The new leader of the Labour Party will commence his or her term in office during the worst health crisis in living memory, but that must not delay dealing with another priority, addressing the Party’s need for internal reforms, starting with unravelling its institutional antisemitism. On the campaign trail, the contenders have often spoken of […]


“The unresolved crisis of antisemitism nearly cost us our soul”, says Jewish former MP Ruth Smeeth of Labour in stinging rebuke of Jeremy Corbyn

The Jewish former Labour MP, Ruth Smeeth, has declared of her Party that “the unresolved crisis of antisemitism nearly cost us our soul” in a stinging rebuke of the Party’s outgoing leader, Jeremy Corbyn, of whom she said: “his failure on anti-Jewish racism will rightly forever tarnish his reputation – and those around him in […]


Disappointment as Boris Johnson praises Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at his last PMQs without reference to the fear he instilled in British Jews

At yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions, which was Jeremy Corbyn’s last as leader of the Labour Party, Boris Johnson praised the Leader of the Opposition without referencing his antisemitism and the fear he instilled in British Jews. The Prime Minister said: “I wish to pay tribute to [Mr Corbyn] for his service to party and country […]


Brighton and Hove Labour councillor apologises and resigns leadership role pending investigation over potentially antisemitic protest

A Labour councillor in Brighton and Hove has apologised for calling Israel a “racist” state and has resigned from her role as deputy housing chairwoman and rough sleeping chief pending an investigation. Pictures have emerged showing Nichole Brennan holding a sign calling Israel a “racist, apartheid state” in a protest two years ago at Hove […]


New Corbyn-backed chair of Labour’s disputes panel, Yasmine Dar, does not believe Labour has an institutional antisemitism problem, even as her brother is suspended

The new chair of the Labour Party’s disputes panel does not believe that the Party has a problem of institutional antisemitism, even as her brother is suspended over antisemitism allegations. Yasmine Dar, a councillor in Manchester and member of Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC), was elected this week to head up the Party’s disputes […]


Leading journalist Robert Peston says Labour antisemitism so “toxic” he feels the need to declare that he’s a Jew before reporting on it

A leading journalist has revealed that Labour’s antisemitism crisis is so “toxic” that he feels he must declare that he is Jewish before reporting on it. Robert Peston, ITV’s political editor, made the remark at the annual Cudlipp Lecture, saying that “in the current febrile political climate, it matters – and I say this with […]


London Labour Councillor demands removal of zero-tolerance clause in antisemitism motion as Livingstone defender narrowly loses selection vote

Antisemitism problems are persisting in the Labour Party, including in the capital, as a Haringey Labour Councillor has told Tottenham’s Constituency Labour Party to drop a “zero-tolerance” clause from an antisemitism motion it was debating. Meanwhile in Brent and Harrow, a defender of Ken Livingstone missed out on being selected as its candidate for the […]


Conspiracy theorist group showcases convergence of far-left, including former Labour members, with far-right to promote antisemitism

Infiltration of a conspiracy theorist group has revealed a convergence of the far-left, including former Labour members, with the far-right, which come together to promote antisemitism. Among those who have reportedly attended meetings of the Keep Talking group are: notorious antisemite and Holocaust denier Alison Chabloz, who became a Labour Party supporter in 2015 and […]


Former Labour activist to be prosecuted over alleged “rid the Jews” comments is named, but prosecutors reduced charges on other offenders so that it is now too late to prosecute

The former Labour activist who has been charged by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) after Campaign Against Antisemitism reported a leaked secret Labour dossier to the Metropolitan Police live on LBC has been named. According to a source, Mohson Rasool, a 60-year-old from Hollybank Road, Birmingham, commented on Facebook that “We shall rid the Jews […]


CAA considering private prosecution and judicial review after CPS refuses to charge four Labour activists over incitement to racial hatred and says it will now only prosecute one

The Metropolitan Police Service has informed Campaign Against Antisemitism that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will only charge one of the Labour Party activists reported by Campaign Against Antisemitism over antisemitism. The decision comes well over a year after Campaign Against Antisemitism’s Chief Executive, Gideon Falter, referred an 86-page secret internal Labour Party dossier of […]


Largest Facebook group supporting Labour leadership candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey reportedly replete with antisemitic material

The largest Facebook group supporting the Labour leadership candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey is reportedly replete with antisemitic material. The We Support Rebecca Long-Bailey group currently has 6,683 members, apparently including the new Labour MP, Tahir Ali, who is one of only three sitting MPs not to have signed up to the International Definition of Antisemitism; three […]


Labour suspends another NEC candidate and a councillor over antisemitism allegations

The Labour Party has suspended another candidate for its ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) and a councillor over antisemitism allegations. Graham Durham, a member of the Brent Central Labour Party and of the Unite union, told a rally for Rebecca Long-Bailey, a candidate for the Party’s leadership, that she was guilty of “cuddling up to…the […]