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CAA writes to Leeds University over its website linking to Twitter account with numerous tweets that breach of International Definition of Antisemitism

Campaign Against Antisemitism has written to the University of Leeds to point out that its website links to a Twitter account with numerous tweets that breach the International Definition of Antisemitism. Ray Bush, who holds the Emeritus Professor of African Studies and Development Politics, has a profile page  on the University’s website that links to his Twitter account. Last year, […]


Conservative councillor apologises for sending allegedly antisemitic video in WhatsApp group

A Conservative Party councillor in Worcester has apologised after he sent a video that was reported to have been antisemitic in nature to a WhatsApp group. Cllr Allah Ditta sent the video to a group called ‘Campaign News’, which contained several prominent Conservatives, including Worcester MP Robin Walker and leader of Worcester City Council, Marc […]


Emptiness of Leeds University’s adoption of International Definition of Antisemitism laid bare as it fails to act over professor’s tweets

The emptiness of the University of Leeds’ adoption of the International Definition of Antisemitism has been laid bare, after the institution failed to take any meaningful action against a professor with a record of tweets that breach the Definition. Last year, Campaign Against Antisemitism wrote to the University regarding Ray Bush, who was then a Professor of African Studies and Development Politics. […]


“These days, any criticism of Israel is deemed ‘antisemitic’,” says inflammatory columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in her latest use of Livingstone Formulation

The controversial columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, has deployed the Livingstone Formulation yet again, asserting that “These days, any criticism of Israel is deemed ‘antisemitic’.” Ms Brown made the claim in a column this week for the i newspaper on Israel’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The “Livingstone Formulation”, named by sociologist David Hirsch after the controversial former Mayor of London, […]


Success for Jewish students after Lowkey removed from NUS conference programme following outrage from CAA and other Jewish groups

Following the revelation by LBC’s Theo Usherwood that the rapper Kareem Dennis, known as Lowkey, would be headlining the National Union of Students’ (NUS) centenary conference, Campaign Against Antisemitism and other Jewish groups expressed outrage that a union meant to represent all students, including Jews, would consider the inflammatory activist to be a suitable keynote speaker. NUS has now reportedly confirmed […]


CAA outraged after NUS suggests Jewish students who feel excluded by rapper Lowkey headlining centenary conference should literally segregate themselves

Campaign Against Antisemitism has expressed outrage after it was reported that the National Union of Students (NUS) responded to Jewish complaints about an inflammatory rapper headlining the union’s centenary conference by suggesting that the Jewish students literally segregate themselves. Jewish students reportedly expressed concern after learning that the rapper Kareem Dennis, known as Lowkey, would be headlining a […]


Poster of Jewish MP defaced with swastika and Adolf Hitler moustache in Australia

A poster of a Jewish MP in Australia was defaced with a swastika and an Adolf Hitler moustache recently. The election poster of Josh Burns, who represents Australia’s Labour Party and is the Federal Member of Parliament for the Melbourne division of Macnamara, was vandalised with a black marker. On his forehead, a swastika was […]


Australian State of New South Wales introduces bill to ban swastika

The Australian State of New South Wales (NSW) is close to banning the swastika following the reporting of some 31 incidents in which the Nazi symbol was displayed. The bill, introduced by opposition Labour Party member Walt Secord, would ban the public display or dissemination of the Nazi symbol. The bill imposes maximum penalties of approximately […]


Sir Keir Starmer shows pragmatism over principle in revealing interview with Channel 4 News

In a Channel 4 News interview broadcast on 15th February, Sir Keir Starmer declined to express remorse for serving alongside and backing the antisemite Jeremy Corbyn, and said that whether Mr Corbyn returned to the Parliamentary Labour Party, from which he is currently suspended, is “a matter for him and the Chief Whip”. In comments that are unlikely […]


Unite suspends official who accused veteran Jewish MP of “weaponising the Holocaust” to push her “Zionist aims”

Unite, one of Britain’s biggest unions, has suspended an official who accused a veteran Jewish MP of “weaponising the Holocaust” to push her “Zionist agenda”. Communications Officer Nick West reportedly wrote online of the Labour MP, Dame Margaret Hodge, that she “makes millions of us sick to our stomachs. A woman who has weaponises both her faith […]


President of UCL Palestine Society leads hundreds in “From the river to the sea” chant and warns of “Zionist plotting” at rally

During an anti-Israel demonstration held on Friday night, the President of the University College London (UCL) Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) Society, Saleem Nusseibeh, led the notorious “From the river to the sea” chant and warned the crowd of hundreds about “Zionist plotting”. The chant of “From the river to the sea, Palestine will […]


Glasgow University academic whose tweets breached International Definition of Antisemitism dismisses Jewish student who challenged him as being part of “the Lobby”

An academic at the University of Glasgow whose tweets breached the International Definition of Antisemitism has dismissed a Jewish student who challenged him as being part of “the Lobby”, according to the JC. Dr Muir Houston, a senior education lecturer, reportedly claimed that the Jewish former Labour Party MP, Dame Louise Ellman, was “a liar and a fraud – and responsible for […]


Prime Minister calls for “swift” action by BBC over its biased coverage of antisemitic Oxford Street incident

The Prime Minister has called for “swift” action by the BBC over its biased coverage of antisemitic Oxford Street incident. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister confirmed that Boris Johnson agrees with Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries’ letter to BBC Director General Tim Davie urging the BBC urgently to get a grip on the issue. Speaking to journalists on Wednesday, […]


CAA to write to BBC after Rachel Burden insists on BBC 5 Live there is “absolutely no evidence” that Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic

Campaign Against Antisemitism shall be writing to the BBC after a presenter claimed on BBC 5 Live Breakfast this morning that there is “absolutely no evidence” that Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic. Rachel Burden said towards the end of the programme, referring to her interview earlier with the businessman John Caudwell, who described the former Labour Party leader as “a Marxist and […]


Culture Secretary writes to BBC over Oxford Street fiasco while Corporation becomes embroiled in two further scandals relating to antisemitism

The Culture Secretary has written to the BBC’s Director General over the broadcaster’s coverage of the antisemitic Oxford Street incident, while the Corporation has become embroiled in two further scandals relating to antisemitism. Nadine Dorries wrote to Tim Davie explaining that the BBC’s outrageous coverage of the Oxford Street incident was “not only distressing for those involved but also […]


Yasmin Alibhai-Brown oversteps yet again, deploying the Livingstone Formulation to belittle allegations of antisemitism

The controversial columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has once again overstepped the line, arguing in an article that “any criticism of the state [of Israel] is deemed antisemitic by apologists and diehard allies, and suggesting that this is motivating a “purge” of Labour Party members. In the article titled “The UN is warning of spiralling violence, yet the West has forgotten the […]


Charity Commission removes Tony Greenstein as a trustee of The Brighton Trust after being declared legally bankrupt following humiliating loss of defamation claim against CAA

Tony Greenstein has been removed as a trustee of The Brighton Trust, formerly known as the “Trust 4 Unpopular Causes”, by the Charity Commission after being declared legally bankrupt in July following his failed defamation claim against Campaign Against Antisemitism earlier this year. Mr Greenstein had been ordered by judges to pay Campaign Against Antisemitism […]


Channel 4 appoints figure who defended Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism allegations to its board

Channel 4 has appointed to its board a figure who defended Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism allegations. Tess Alps, a former chairman of the TV advertising industry body ThinkBox and member of the Labour Party, has been made a non-executive director of the channel. When the Labour Party under Mr Corbyn was accused of racism towards Jews – allegations that were confirmed by the Equality and […]


Neo-Nazi group British Movement and far-right group Patriotic Alternative hold joint demonstration in West Yorkshire

The neo-Nazi group British Movement and the far-right group Patriotic Alternative held a joint demonstration on Saturday in Castleford, West Yorkshire. British Movement described the demonstration as an example of “pan-Nationalist co-operation”.  The groups also marched to the constituency office of Labour Party MP Yvette Cooper, the representative for the Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford area. […]


Richard Burgon to address controversial Halifax Friends of Palestine group

The Labour MP Richard Burgon is reportedly set to address the Halifax Friends of Palestine group, despite its controversial record. Mr Burgon, a former Shadow Justice Secretary and close ally of Jeremy Corbyn, is due to speak at the group’s gala dinner later this month. It has been reported that the Yorkshire-based group participated in a rally in September celebrating a terrorist who killed […]


“Can you racially abuse Jewish people?” former footballer John Barnes, wonders in new book

Former Liverpool and England footballer John Barnes reportedly wonders in his new book whether one can racially abuse Jewish people. “Can you racially abuse Jewish people?” he asks, explaining that “if the Jewish people are a race, what race does a black Jewish person belong to?” Mr Barnes’ particular conceptualisation of racism becomes a little clearer when […]


CAA report: Britain’s political parties and antisemitism

Today, during party conference season, Campaign Against Antisemitism releases its review of the state of Britain’s major political parties vis-a-vis antisemitism, with particular focus on relevant developments over the past twelve months. This review of the parties (ordered alphabetically) supplements our ongoing Antisemitism in Political Parties monitoring project, which documents specific cases of antisemitic conduct […]


‘Unluckiest anti-racist’ Jeremy Corbyn happens to find himself due to share platform with actor who tweeted about Jewish toddlers having their “cute little horns filed off”

The antisemitic former leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, is scheduled to appear at an event with an actor who tweeted about Jewish toddlers having their “cute little horns filed off”. Numerous past comments by Rob Delaney have surfaced in advance of his event on 4th October with Mr Corbyn, organised by the People’s Assembly to protest the Conservative Party’s annual conference. […]


Salma Yaqoob, Lowkey and staffers at CAGE and MEND claim Bristol’s David Miller is being censored from criticising Israel

700 Muslims from around the world, led by the divisive British politician Salma Yaqoob, rapper Lowkey and leaders of the controversial CAGE activist group, have signed an open letter claiming that Prof. David Miller is being censored from criticising Israel. The letter states that “as British Muslims” the supposed “orchestrated pile-on by pro-Israel groups, politicians […]


Outrage over council leader’s refusal to act against fellow councillor’s anti-Israel rally that featured swastika placard and antisemitic chanting

The Leader of Calderdale Council has refused to act against a fellow councillor who organised an anti-Israel rally last month, where it was reported that antisemitic chanting and a sign bearing a swastika were present, causing outrage. Labour Party Cllr Tim Swift was urged by members from both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats to […]


Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says she is “committed to tackling” antisemitism

Scottish First Minister and Scottish National Party (SNP) Leader Nicola Sturgeon has reportedly said that she is “committed to tackling” antisemitism. It was reported last week that Ms Sturgeon met with The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities and Glasgow Jewish Representative Council to discuss the rise in antisemitism, where it was said that she “understood the […]


“Equity’s Inequity”: Demonstrators say actors’ union helped escalate “upsurge in antisemitism in the UK”

On Tuesday, demonstrators campaigned outside of the headquarters of the actors’ union, Equity, alleging that the union helped to escalate the “upsurge in antisemitism in the UK”. The protesters, wearing sashes that read “Equity’s Inequity”, said that they represent 300 “usually anonymous theatre-goers, who sit in the dark and applaud” and delivered an open letter […]


John Ware wins first stage of libel case against JVL’s Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi

John Ware, the maker of the BBC Panorama documentary “Is Labour Antisemitic”, has won the first stage of his libel lawsuit against two members of the antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation, Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL). The libel action concerns comments made by Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, one of the group’s founders and its Media Officer, on Jeremy Vine’s BBC Radio 2 show, in which she claimed […]


CAA in final stages of building lawsuit against University of Bristol over Professor David Miller’s conduct and calls for more students to add names to legal action

Campaign Against Antisemitism is inviting Jewish students who studied at the University of Bristol in the academic year 2020-21 to join a lawsuit against the University over Prof. David Miller’s alleged harassment of Jewish students. Lawyers working with Campaign Against Antisemitism have begun the pre-action process ahead of commencing litigation against the University. The prospective […]


Journalist posts tweet suggesting witness against Roman Abramovich and other Jewish businessmen may have changed his story in return for “a few shekels”

A freelance journalist formerly employed by Bloomberg has posted a tweet claiming that a witness against Roman Abramovich and other prominent Jewish businessmen may have changed his story in exchange for “a few shekels”. The tweet relates to a recent case in the High Court, in which three prominent Jewish businessmen – Roman Abramovich, Mikhail […]


Piers Corbyn suggests “troublemakers” in Jewish areas posted leaflets comparing COVID-19 to Auschwitz through their own doors in “plot” to portray him as antisemitic

Piers Corbyn has suggested that “troublemakers” in Jewish areas posted leaflets created and distributed by Mr Corbyn, which compared the COVID-19 vaccines to the Auschwitz death camp, through their own doors in a “plot” to portray him as antisemitic. Referencing a headline in the Evening Standard that the new COVID-19 vaccines are a “safe path to freedom”, […]


SNP MP apologises and deletes “Murdering babies wasn’t on the Nazi manifesto” tweet but second tweet seemingly comparing Tories to Nazis remains

A Scottish National Party (SNP) MP has apologised for, and deleted, a tweet in which he wrote that “Murdering babies wasn’t on the Nazi manifesto.” However, another tweet in which he appeared to compare the Conservative Party to the Nazis still remains on his Twitter account. Peter Grant, MP for Glenrothes, posted the now-deleted inflammatory […]


“Hitler was Right” journalist reveals she was fired by BBC in supposedly “heartfelt apology” in which she blames “industrial scale pro-Israel censorship” for her termination

A journalist who tweeted “Hitler was right” and other antisemitic comments and images has revealed that she was fired from the BBC in a supposedly “heartfelt apology” in which she blames “industrial scale pro-Israel censorship” for her termination. Tala Halawa, until recently a Palestine Affairs Specialist at the BBC Monitoring Service, posted a series of antisemitic tweets in […]


Judge grants CAA petition to declare Tony Greenstein legally bankrupt over legal costs in his humiliating failed “notorious antisemite” defamation claim

A judge has today declared Tony Greenstein legally bankrupt in a brief hearing that follows his predictable failure to comply with court orders to pay Campaign Against Antisemitism tens of thousands of pounds after his humiliating failed defamation claim against us. Mr Greenstein has been ordered by judges to pay Campaign Against Antisemitism £81,854, over […]


Under questioning from Robert Halfon MP, NEU’s Kevin Courtney says he is “proud” of his appearances at antisemitism-infested rallies and evades questions on International Definition of Antisemitism at testy Education Committee hearing

The Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union (NEU), Kevin Courtney, appeared today at a testy hearing of the House of Commons Education Committee, where he attempted to defend a number of controversial stances that he and his union have taken in relation to antisemitism. The Committee Chair, Conservative Robert Halfon MP, shifted the […]


Jeremy Corbyn under investigation by Parliamentary Watchdog over alleged improper declaration of legal support for antisemitism-related claims

Jeremy Corbyn is under investigation by Parliament’s watchdog over allegations that he did not properly declare financial support given to him to pay for the legal fees behind antisemitism-related claims.  The former leader of the Labour Party is being investigated over the “registration of an interest under the Guide to the Rules” by the Parliamentary Commissioner for […]


Batley and Spen by-election campaign rocked by allegations and evidence of antisemitism

The closely-watched Batley and Spen by-election, which takes place on Thursday, has been rocked with both allegations and evidence of antisemitism. Much of the campaign has been focused on the ‘Free Palestine’ protests of recent weeks – a focus inflamed by the provocative and controversial politician George Galloway, who is running in the by-election for the Workers […]


Numerous MPs appear to excuse antisemitism in Palestinian Authority textbooks in Parliamentary debate

Numerous MPs from across parties appeared to excuse antisemitism in Palestinian Authority textbooks in a debate in Parliament today. The debate focused on a recent “EU Review into Palestinian school textbooks”, which revealed that Palestinian Authority textbooks are rife with antisemitism. As Caroline Ansell MP put it, opening the debate, “The EU report clearly identifies evidence of anti-Jewish racism […]


Two councillors reported to Sheffield Council’s standards board over alleged antisemitic social media posts

It is being reported that formal complaints have been submitted to Sheffield City Council and the Labour Party in connection to antisemitism.  The Director of Legal and Governance at Sheffield Council said: “All complaints received are taken seriously. We are unable to confirm details of any complaint or individuals identified in order to protect all affected parties.” Sheffield […]


As National Education Union plays down role of Warsaw Ghetto vandal in organising antisemitism training, CAA can reveal the sessions were led by two Jewdas activists

Jewish groups have expressed outrage at the involvement of a Warsaw Ghetto graffiti vandal in the organisation of antisemitism training for the National Education Union (NEU). Although the NEU insisted that Ewa Jasiewicz had no say over the content or delivery of the sessions, Campaign Against Antisemitism can reveal that they were led by two fringe Jewdas […]


Evidence emerges that second convoy did again lead to antisemitism on streets of London

Evidence has emerged that the second ‘Free Palestine’ convoy did lead to antisemitism on the streets of London. A visibly Jewish man has revealed that one driver in the 35-car convoy shouted ‘Free Palestine’ at him and another beeped their car horn. The incident took place on Shabbat on Finchley Road. The victim, who was targeted by the convoy […]


“Hitler was right” journalist “no longer works for the BBC”, but Corporation won’t say whether she was fired

A journalist who tweeted “Hitler was right” and other antisemitic comments and images “no longer works for the BBC”. Tala Halawa, until recently a Palestine Affairs Specialist at the BBC Monitoring Service, posted a series of antisemitic tweets in 2014, including one that read: “#Israel Is more #Nazi than #Hitler! Oh, #HitlerWasRight #IDF go to hell. #PrayForGaza”. […]


Jeremy Corbyn addresses another antisemitism-infested rally, organised by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, as second ‘Free Palestine’ convoy passes without incident thanks to heavy policing

Yesterday, Jeremy Corbyn addressed another antisemitism-infested demonstration in central London. An evidence gathering team from Campaign Against Antisemitism’s Demonstration and Event Monitoring Unit was present at the rally in Whitehall and observed countless antisemitic placards, especially ones equating Israel with Nazism, in breach of the International Definition of Antisemitism. Pamphlets were also distributed at the demonstration explaining, in […]


Controversial Warwick lecturer Dr Goldie Osuri reportedly claims International Definition of Antisemitism is “part of a broader gamut of Tory moves to legitimate racist speech”

A controversial Warwick lecturer has reportedly claimed that the International Definition of Antisemitism is part of a Conservative plot to “legitimate racist speech and de-legitimate anti-racist and anti-colonial research, teaching and activism”. Goldie Osuri, a sociology lecturer at the University of Warwick, made the comments at an event in April organised by the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) called ‘Resisting […]


GMB union elects new boss with history of speaking out against antisemitism

A new GMB union General Secretary, with a history of speaking out against antisemtism, was elected last Thursday. Gary Smith has previously said: “No political party has clean hands on the issue of antisemitism but nobody should need any reminders that antisemitism is on the rise and we in GMB are clear that it is […]


London is scene of another antisemitism-strewn demonstration as terrorist flags fly over crowds and speakers declare that Israel creates antisemitism and “there will be no ceasefire in our campaign”

London was the scene of yet another antisemitism-strewn demonstration today, as crowds were told that Israel creates antisemitism and that “there will be no ceasefire in our campaign”. Crowds also marched in Manchester, Cardiff and elsewhere. Campaign Against Antisemitism is now reviewing a large volume of evidence from today’s rallies and those of the past […]


Disgraced former MP Chris Williamson says “Zionist teachers around the country are violating children’s rights” and brands Zionism “a racist ideology”

Disgraced former MP Chris Williamson has tweeted that “Zionist teachers around the country are violating children’s rights” and that Zionism is “a racist ideology.” He went on to say that Zionism “has no place in society – especially in the classroom”, and offered support to any parents whose child “has been affected by Zionist extremism […]


CAA lawyers reviewing evidence as far-right, Islamists and far-left unite to march through London with protesters chanting battle cry: “Jews…the army of Muhammad is returning” and flaunting terrorist emblems

Campaign Against Antisemitism’s Demonstration and Event Monitoring Unit has documented far-right, Islamist and far-left extremists uniting to march through London today. Antisemitic placards, terrorist emblems and genocidal anti-Jewish battle cries went completely unchallenged by the crowd, whose leaders claimed to be avowed anti-racists. One group of protesters wearing t-shirts showing Saddam Hussein chanted: “Khaybar Khaybar, […]


Ruth George in, David Ward and Leanne Wood out: mixed results for controversial candidates in local elections, but questions remain for all parties who allowed them to stand in the first place

There have been mixed results for candidates with controversial histories relating to the Jewish community and antisemitism in last week’s local elections. The candidates hail from all political parties and ran in races across the UK.  ENGLAND In England, the Conservatives’ Darran Davies, who used an antisemitic “Jew Boy” slur online before apologising with a slap on the […]


Protesters compare Israel to Nazis in breach of International Definition of Antisemitism at rally outside Downing Street

A rally was held outside Downing Street yesterday that protested the ongoing events in the Middle East and featured several antisemitic themes. Around 1,500 people attended Tuesday’s “Emergency Rally for Palestine – Save Sheikh Jarrah.” Volunteers from our Demonstration and Event Monitoring Unit gathered material which we are now reviewing for possible legal action. We photographed several […]


CAA writes to BBC Director-General demanding proper response after BBC Arabic journalist who blamed “Israel lobbyists” for wanting Prof. David Miller fired is let off with mere reminder of social media guidelines

Campaign Against Antisemitism will be writing to Tim Davie, the BBC’s Director-General, after our concerns over a BBC journalist’s social media activity were dismissed by BBC Arabic’s Head of Daily Output. Last month, Nour Eddine Zorgui shared an article titled “Who are the Israel lobbyists that want David Miller fired?” that referred to Zionism as […]


Success for CAA after BBC forced to amend website to confirm that Jews are an ethnic minority after airing offensive “Should Jews count as an ethnic minority?” segment

The BBC has been forced to amend its website to confirm that Jews are indeed considered an ethnic minority, after Campaign Against Antisemitism demanded an apology in response to the BBC’s airing of an offensive segment last month titled “Should Jews count as an ethnic minority?” In addition to having launched a petition, signed by […]


Ofcom dismisses CAA’s complaint about Channel 4 segment that claimed International Definition of Antisemitism “silences” criticism of Israel but excluded any Jewish perspective

Ofcom has dismissed a complaint from Campaign Against Antisemitism regarding a Channel 4 segment that criticised the International Definition of Antisemitism without offering a Jewish perspective. The media regulator said that it found “no issues warranting investigation under its rules.” Speakers during the segment, which lasted nearly ten minutes, repeatedly stated that the Definition “silenced” […]


Jeremy Corbyn loses appeal in first stage of defamation case brought by Jewish activist in relation to infamous “Zionist irony” comments

Jeremy Corbyn has lost an appeal in the first stage of a defamation case brought by a Jewish activist and blogger. On an unknown date in 2013, Mr Corbyn addressed a meeting convened by the Palestinian Return Centre. Referring to a previous speech given by Manuel Hassassian, the Palestinian Authority’s representative in Britain, Mr Corbyn suggested that “the progressive […]


UCU Scotland defends Prof. David Miller over accusations of antisemitism and rejects International Definition of Antisemitism

The University and College Union (UCU) Scotland has defended Prof. David Miller over recent inflammatory comments that he has made. Prof. Miller, a Professor of Political Sociology, has a history of peddling conspiracy theories relating to Jewish students, and the UCU statement was prompted by his latest outburst, when he asserted that “Zionism is racism”, declared his objective “to […]


Sir Keir Starmer meekly threatens Jew-haters with ‘formal warnings’ lasting 18 months in antisemitism handbook that reads like a bad April Fool’s joke

The Labour Party has published its new Complaint Handling Handbook, as part of its compliance with the Action Plan devised in consultation with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) after it delivered its damning report into antisemitism in the Party. While the handbook pertains to the complaints system as a whole, it makes specific provision for complaints […]


Brazilian political leader accuses Jews of sacrificing children

A Brazilian political leader has accused the Jews of sacrificing children. Roberto Jefferson posted on Instagram: “Baal, Satanic deity, Canaanites and Jews sacrificed children to receive their sympathy. Today, history repeats itself.” The comment is reminiscent of the classic blood libel against the Jews, and Instagram has removed the post. Mr Jefferson leads the Labour Party (PTB), which holds […]


Plaid Cymru’s inaction on complaints undermines worthwhile recommendations in its new internal report on antisemitism

Plaid Cymru has published its internal report on antisemitism following a review led by its Westminster leader, Liz Saville Roberts MP. Campaign Against Antisemitism made submissions to the review – in the form of a series of cases that were intended both to inform the review and to function as complaints about the subjects. The review came in the wake of the […]


Member of Mayor Sadiq Khan’s “Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm” resigns without apology after controversial comments come to light

A member of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s “Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm” has stepped down from his position after allegedly making inflammatory remarks online. Toyin Agbetu reportedly said in a blog post that there was an “immoral hierarchy of suffering”, whereby victims of the Holocaust have been “served well by Nazi hunters” compared […]


Bristol University’s David Miller strikes again with inflammatory conspiracy theories about Zionism, which he seeks “to end as a functioning ideology of the world”

An academic with a history of promoting conspiracy theories has asserted that “Zionism is racism” and declared his objective “to end Zionism as a functioning ideology of the world”. In an online event, David Miller, a Professor of Political Sociology at the University of Bristol, complained of being criticised by the President of the Bristol […]


Jewish students face mix of solidarity and antisemitic backlash for raising concerns over appearance of controversial filmmaker Ken Loach at St Peter’s College, Oxford

Jewish students are facing an antisemitic backlash online after opposing an event with the controversial filmmaker Ken Loach, who has a history of antisemitism-denial and inflammatory comments. The event was being hosted by Prof. Judith Buchanan, the Master of St Peter’s College, of which Mr Loach is an alumnus. Oxford students have largely sided with their Jewish […]


Disgraced Baroness Tonge appallingly uses House of Lords debate on antisemitism to blame it on actions of Israeli Government, yet again

Baroness Tonge has blamed the rise in antisemitism on actions of Israeli Government, again. In a debate called by CAA honorary patron Baroness Deech over the adoption of the International Definition of Antisemitism by universities, the disgraced Baroness Tonge called for an “investigation into why these [antisemitic] incidents are increasing”, noting apparent upswings during conflicts between Israel and […]


TV personality and antisemitism activist Rachel Riley vindicated as judge strikes out all of the “fanciful” defences of Twitter troll she sued for defamation

Rachel Riley, the Jewish TV personality and campaigner against Jew-hatred, has been vindicated in a defamation case that she brought against a Twitter troll who Campaign Against Antisemitism exposed in 2017 over his blog in which he claimed that there was a “conspiracy” by Jews and those who would defend them in the UK, and in which […]


CAA writes to Leeds University over professor with history of antisemitic tweets

Campaign Against Antisemitism has written to the University of Leeds regarding a politics professor with a history of antisemitic tweets. Ray Bush, Professor of African Studies and Development Politics, appears to have tweeted from the Twitter handle @raymondobush a large number of tweets that breach the International Definition of Antisemitism, which the University of Leeds recently […]


Actor Keith Allen defends Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism

The actor Keith Allen has defended Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism, complaining of the “appalling treatment” meted out to the former Labour leader. Mr Allen said in an interview with the Radio Times that Mr Corbyn had been treated “appallingly” by the media, which was “scared” of him. Regarding Mr Corbyn’s antisemitism, Mr Allen said: “I don’t think […]


Disciplinary charges against Jewish student for complaining about lecturer’s “Israel lobby” remark dropped by Warwick University

Dubious disciplinary charges against a Jewish student who complained about antisemitism have been dropped by Warwick University. The President of the Warwick Jewish Israeli Society submitted a complaint on behalf of a member against Dr Goldie Osuri for saying, in a lecture on 11th November 2019, that “the next time they say that the Labour Party is antisemitic, you […]


EHRC publishes guidance warning all political parties of their responsibilities, as requested by CAA

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has today published new guidance for all political parties and associations, following a request by Campaign Against Antisemitism. The ‘New Guiding Principles for all Associations and Membership Organisations’ comes following the EHRC’s devastating report on antisemitism in the Labour Party, which was found to have engaged in unlawful discrimination and harassment […]


CAA submits complaint to Ofcom over Channel 4’s segment claiming International Definition of Antisemitism “silences” criticism of Israel, with no input from any mainstream Jewish representative

Campaign Against Antisemitism is submitting a complaint to Ofcom regarding a segment on Channel 4 News that aired last night that was devoted to criticism of the International Definition of Antisemitism. Speakers during the segment repeatedly stated that the Definition “silenced” debate about Israel, which is precisely the “Livingstone Formulation” that the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) confirmed was […]