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Actor Keith Allen defends Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism

The actor Keith Allen has defended Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism, complaining of the “appalling treatment” meted out to the former Labour leader. Mr Allen said in an interview with the Radio Times that Mr Corbyn had been treated “appallingly” by the media, which was “scared” of him. Regarding Mr Corbyn’s antisemitism, Mr Allen said: “I don’t think […]


Disciplinary charges against Jewish student for complaining about lecturer’s “Israel lobby” remark dropped by Warwick University

Dubious disciplinary charges against a Jewish student who complained about antisemitism have been dropped by Warwick University. The President of the Warwick Jewish Israeli Society submitted a complaint on behalf of a member against Dr Goldie Osuri for saying, in a lecture on 11th November 2019, that “the next time they say that the Labour Party is antisemitic, you […]


EHRC publishes guidance warning all political parties of their responsibilities, as requested by CAA

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has today published new guidance for all political parties and associations, following a request by Campaign Against Antisemitism. The ‘New Guiding Principles for all Associations and Membership Organisations’ comes following the EHRC’s devastating report on antisemitism in the Labour Party, which was found to have engaged in unlawful discrimination and harassment […]


CAA submits complaint to Ofcom over Channel 4’s segment claiming International Definition of Antisemitism “silences” criticism of Israel, with no input from any mainstream Jewish representative

Campaign Against Antisemitism is submitting a complaint to Ofcom regarding a segment on Channel 4 News that aired last night that was devoted to criticism of the International Definition of Antisemitism. Speakers during the segment repeatedly stated that the Definition “silenced” debate about Israel, which is precisely the “Livingstone Formulation” that the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) confirmed was […]


Prof David Feldman’s colleagues join CAA in slamming him for opposing International Definition of Antisemitism, which his own institution, Birkbeck, discloses to CAA it has now adopted

Two colleagues of Prof. David Feldman’s at the Pears Institute for the Study of Antisemitism at Birkbeck have joined Campaign Against Antisemitism in slamming him for opposing the International Definition of Antisemitism. Recently, our Chief Executive, Gideon Falter, documented how Prof. Feldman, who is the Director of the Pears Institute, “has been on the wrong side of the fight against antisemitism throughout […]


Sir Keir Starmer under pressure again after Diane Abbott shares platform with suspended JVL member

Sir Keir Starmer is under pressure again after Diane Abbott reportedly shared a platform with a suspended Labour member. Ms Abbott, the former Shadow Home Secretary under Jeremy Corbyn, shared a platform with Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, the Media Officer of Jewish Voice for Labour, an antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation. Ms Wimborne-Idrissi was recently suspended from Labour after giving a speech in support […]


Social media reacts with grotesque antisemitism to Sir Keir Starmer’s participation in Jewish charity event at synagogue and to Dame Margaret Hodge for calling out anti-Jewish racism

Users of social media have reacted to a visit by Sir Keir Starmer to a synagogue earlier this week with grotesque antisemitism. The Labour leader was participating in a Jewish charity event in his constituency, and users of social media responding to pictures of the event accused him of “bending to the Jewish lobby”, being a “slave […]


“Sir Keir is offering the Jewish community crumbs” by withholding the whip from Jeremy Corbyn after former leader was readmitted by sham process

Campaign Against Antisemitism has reacted to Sir Keir Starmer’s statement that he is withholding the whip from Jeremy Corbyn, who was yesterday readmitted to the Labour Party by the same processes that the Equality and Human Rights Commission had declared unfit for purpose. Gideon Falter, Chief Executive of Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “We have been conned. We did not go to […]


Jeremy Corbyn’s statement today changes nothing and he must remain suspended until CAA’s full complaint against him has been investigated

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s former leader who was recently suspended from the Party, has issued a statement “clarifying” his inflammatory remarks about the report into Labour antisemitism by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). However, he has not addressed his own long history of antisemitism, which was recorded in a complaint made by Campaign Against Antisemitism shortly before he was suspended. Mr Corbyn […]


High Court rules it was permissible for CAA to call Palestine Solidarity Campaign founder Tony Greenstein a “notorious antisemite” in humiliating case of legal action backfiring

The High Court has today ruled that it was permissible for Campaign Against Antisemitism to call Tony Greenstein a “notorious antisemite” in a humiliating case of legal action backfiring, as he loses a defamation case that he himself brought against us after we called him just that. An expelled member of the Labour Party and founder of Palestine Solidarity […]


The Guardian criticised for cartoon employing antisemitic and insensitive motifs and portraying Jeremy Corbyn as saintly martyr

The Guardian newspaper has been criticised for publishing a cartoon employing antisemitic and insensitive motifs. The cartoon features Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer presenting the head of former Leader Jeremy Corbyn on a platter in a pose deliberately reminiscent of the Caravaggio painting “Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist”, a depiction of the New Testament event […]


CAA applauds Hastings Borough Council for adopting International Definition of Antisemitism

Expectations of an acrimonious debate came to nothing as Hastings Borough Council adopted the International Definition of Antisemitism almost unanimously. With the exception of Cllr Leah Levane, who abstained, it is understood that all councillors present at the 21st October virtual Council meeting agreed to the adoption. Cllr Levane is a co-Chair of Jewish Voice for Labour, an antisemitism-denial group […]


BBC tells CAA it cannot disclose how it has dealt with employee embroiled in antisemitism controversy, but today it has emerged that he has resigned, leaving questions about Corporation’s handling of the controversy

Campaign Against Antisemitism contacted the BBC this week for an update on how it has dealt with an employee caught in a controversy over antisemitic and trolling tweets, but the BBC refused to disclose whether it has taken any action beyond launching an investigation. Today, however, The Times has learned that the journalist, Nimesh Thaker, has resigned, leaving questions about how […]


Private Eye claims one of Grazia’s new writers, hired to “fight for diversity”, claimed Holocaust commemoration can represent the “erasure of brown trauma”

One of Grazia magazine’s new writers – hired in order to “fight for diversity, inclusion and women’s rights” – has reportedly claimed that commemoration of the Holocaust can represent the “erasure of brown trauma”. According to Private Eye, Stephanie Yeboah, who is now a contributing writer for Grazia, has previously stated on social media that “You know how I love Jews”, […]


Disgraced Chris Williamson disinvited from Royal Holloway Students’ Union in compliance with hate speech policy

Royal Holloway’s Students’ Union has disinvited the disgraced former MP Chris Williamson from a Debating Society event in order to comply with its policy on hate speech. In a statement, the Students’ Union said: “Over the weekend the Students’ Union was made aware of an event Debating Society had planned, involving the former Labour MP Chris Williamson, that contravened our […]


As CAA turns six and Rosh Hashanah approaches, whatever next year brings, together we will do whatever it takes to defend against antisemitism

With the Jewish New Year upon us, Campaign Against Antisemitism marks the sixth anniversary of our launch and reflects on some key moments and achievements of the past year. It seems like an age ago that almost half of Anglo-Jewry was considering leaving the country, with considerable fear that the antisemite, Jeremy Corbyn, could become Prime Minister […]


Maxine Peake, who shared antisemitic conspiracy theory, attends JVL annual conference and describes it as “wonderful”

Maxine Peake, the controversial activist-actress who shared an antisemitic conspiracy theory earlier this year, has reportedly attended the annual conference of Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), the antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation. The conference featured numerous controversial figures, including the notorious antisemite and expelled Labour member Jackie Walker; as well as senior JVL figures such as co-Chair Jenny Manson, Media Officer […]


John McDonnell says it’s “ridiculous” to think he “shared a platform” with expelled antisemite Jackie Walker even though he is president of the LRC where she is an officer

John McDonnell has claimed that it is “ridiculous” to suggest that he ‘shared a platform’ with expelled Labour members at the Labour Representation Committee’s (LRC) Annual General Meeting on 5th September, as it was an open meeting and he could not control who spoke. The controversial former Shadow Chancellor made the comments in response to calls to Labour […]


Liberal Democrats drop prospective London mayoral candidate after her past antisemitism is revealed

The Liberal Democrats have quickly moved to drop a prospective mayoral candidate after her past antisemitism was revealed. Last week, the Party announced that Geeta Sidhu-Robb and Cllr Luisa Porrit would vie for the Party’s nomination for the London mayoralty. However, video has now emerged of Ms Sidhu-Robb, who is a millionaire businesswoman, former corporate lawyer and “juice diet” entrepreneur, […]


CAA reveals that BBC journalist Nimesh Thaker, now under investigation by the BBC, shared antisemitic posts and trolled BBC colleagues in his own name

Campaign Against Antisemitism can reveal that the BBC journalist, Nimesh Thaker, who has recently been criticised for antisemitic comments on his anonymous Twitter account, also had another – now-deleted – Twitter account in his own name, which he used to post antisemitic material and criticise other BBC journalists. Using the handle, @thaker_nimesh, Mr Thaker, who has […]


Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t empathise with ‘prosperous’ Jewish community and declined to visit Auschwitz or make other gestures of reconciliation, according to new book

A new book quotes a union official and former senior advisor to Jeremy Corbyn who claimed that Mr Corbyn struggled to empathise with the Jewish community because it is “relatively prosperous”. Andrew Murray is quoted in a new behind-the-scenes book by journalists Gabriel Pogrund and Patrick McGuire saying about the former Labour leader: “He is very empathetic, […]


CAA to complain to The Guardian over characterisation of antisemitic conspiracy theory that Israel was to blame for racist killing of George Floyd as merely “anti-Israel”

Campaign Against Antisemitism is to issue a complaint to The Guardian newspaper over the characterisation of an antisemitic conspiracy theory as merely “anti-Israel”. In an interview with the esteemed Jewish actress and writer, Maureen Lipman, the interviewer, Zoe Williams, referenced recent comments by activist actress Maxine Peake that Israel may have been to blame for the racist killing of George Floyd, […]


CAA applauds Architects Registration Board for removing architect from register who claimed Judaism is a “cult” and Jews should be banned from “important public office”

The Architects Registration Board (ARB) has removed an architect from its professional register following an investigation into his claims that Judaism is a “cult” and Jews should be banned from “important public office”. On 13 April 2019, Peter Kellow, an award-winning architect, published a long post on Facebook, which read, in part: “This business of ‘anti-semiticism’ [sic] in the Labour […]


Holocaust denier David Irving praised by American activist Norman Finkelstein at pro-Corbyn meeting, where David Miller also continued venomously targeting Jewish charities

The controversial American activist Norman Finkelstein praised Holocaust denier David Irving at a pro-Corbyn meeting of Labour Against the Witchhunt, an antisemitism-denial group of former and expelled Labour members. Mr Finkelstein described Mr Irving as a “very good historian” who “knew a thing, or two or three.” He reportedly went on to say: “I don’t see the reason […]


Woman behind Jeremy Corbyn legal fund is involved with a company that aims to “end the politicisation of Jewish suffering”

The JC is reporting that the woman behind a crowdfunder that has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for Jeremy Corbyn’s legal expenses is involved with a company that aims to “end the politicisation of Jewish suffering”. According to Companies House, Carole Morgan, who set up the crowdfunder on Go Fund Me, is one of two persons with significant control over Truth […]


Jeremy Corbyn deletes Wiley tweet without condemning antisemitism

Jeremy Corbyn has deleted a past tweet exchange with the grime artist Wiley, who has become embroiled in controversy over an extended antisemitic rant. Wiley, whose real name is Richard Kylea Cowie Jr., appears to have shown support for the former Labour leader, who thanked him for his endorsement. However, with Wiley now at the centre of his own antisemitism […]


Crowdfunder for Jeremy Corbyn’s legal defence gets donations from “Hitler” and “B*stard Son of Netanyahu and Starmer”

A crowdfunder launched to raise money for Jeremy Corbyn’s legal defence has received money from donors calling themselves “Adolf Hitler” and “B*stard Son of Netanyahu and Starmer”. The crowdfunder was launched by a supporter of Mr Corbyn’s and does not appear to have his formal endorsement, however the supporter said: “The funds on this campaign will not […]


Lloyd Russell-Moyle quits Shadow Cabinet citing “right-wing” campaign and abuse, but given his record on antisemitism it is disappointing that Sir Keir Starmer promoted him in the first place

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, the Shadow Minister for Natural Environment and Air Quality, has resigned from the Labour frontbench, citing a “campaign by the right-wing media” and targeted abuse. It comes days after he was forced to apologise after it was revealed that he had called Zionism, the movement to give Jews the same right to self-determination […]


Where have they been for the past five years? New Shadow Cabinet frontbencher Kate Green’s record on antisemitism

Campaign Against Antisemitism previously published first-of-its-kind research on the records of every frontbench Shadow Cabinet member on antisemitism. Following Kate Green’s promotion to Shadow Education Secretary after the sacking by Sir Keir Starmer of Rebecca Long-Bailey for promoting an article containing an antisemitic trope, we have investigated her record over the past five years. As we pointed out in […]


Steve Reed apologises for “puppet-master” tweet hours after Sir Keir Starmer said he would speak to him

Steve Reed MP has apologised for tweeting that a Jewish millionaire was a “puppet-master” hours after Sir Keir Starmer announced this morning that he would speak to his Shadow Communities Secretary about the matter. On 4th July, Mr Reed tweeted “Is millionaire former porn-baron Desmond the puppet-master for the entire Tory cabinet? @Robert Jenrick @PritiPatel”. The tweet […]


All eyes on Sir Keir Starmer after Steve Reed tweets and deletes reference to Jewish millionaire as “puppet-master” amid calls for his resignation by leading Tory backbencher

Steve Reed MP tweeted a reference to a Jewish billionaire as a “puppet-master” before deleting the tweet, and now all eyes are on Sir Keir Starmer in anticipation of his response. Mr Reed, the Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, tweeted on 4th July: “Is millionaire former porn-baron Desmond the puppet-master for the […]


John McDonnell’s Forward Momentum faction wins control of the pro-Corbyn pressure group

The Forward Momentum faction has prevailed in internal elections in the pro-Corbyn pressure group. Forward Momentum was backed by John McDonnell, the former Shadow Chancellor and senior ally of former Leader Jeremy Corbyn, and won on a platform of critical engagement with the new Labour Leader, Sir Keir Starmer. The Momentum Renewal slate, which was backed […]


Black Lives Matter Movement condemns “antisemitism slurs” against the separate entity, BLM UK, which claimed that Zionism “gagged” Britain

The Black Lives Matter Movement has condemned “antisemitism slurs” directed at BLM UK, a separate entity which claimed that Zionism “gagged” Britain. Campaign Against Antisemitism criticised BLM UK, an entity of unknown provenance that exists only on Twitter and GoFundMe, after it claimed that “British politics is gagged of the right to critique Zionism” following the […]


After CAA exposes journalist’s record of inflammatory social media posts he is no longer featured as writer at online magazine for teenagers

Just days after Campaign Against Antisemitism exposed a journalist’s record of inflammatory social media posts, he is no longer featured as a writer at the online magazine for teenagers. Toby Maxtone-Smith, who worked at The Day, responded to a report about antisemitic Chelsea fans performing Nazi salutes, singing about ‘Yids’ and imitating a gas chamber by […]


Why it is antisemitic to claim that Israel was to blame for the killing of George Floyd

Rebecca Long-Bailey was sacked for sharing an article in which the actress Maxine Peake claimed that Israel was to blame for the racist killing of George Floyd. Ms Peake is reported in The Independent to have said: “The tactics used by the police in America, kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, that was learnt from seminars with […]


After publishing xenophobic article and then wishing antisemite Gilad Atzmon ‘happy birthday’, The Guardian will now host interview with Ken Loach

After publishing a xenophobic article and then wishing the antisemitic saxophonist Gilad Atzmon ‘happy birthday’, The Guardian is now reportedly due to host an interview with Ken Loach. The controversial director and outspoken Jeremy Corbyn enthusiast will be in conversation with critic Peter Bradshaw in an hour-long online event covering his career and reflections on contemporary Britain. Mr […]


Claudia Webbe says it is racist to remind the public that she defended Ken Livingstone, after Twitter user posts past CAA articles documenting her record

The controversial Labour MP Claudia Webbe has made the extraordinary and demeaning claim that scrutiny of her past defence of Ken Livingstone is racist. Twitter user @Never_Again2000 posted an article by Campaign Against Antisemitism recalling how Claudia Webbe MP had written a letter of support for Ken Livingstone after he compared a Jewish journalist to a concentration camp […]


Police investigating calls for CAA personnel to be shot and beheaded after Canary editor says Jews like CAA “gonna get their asses dragged all over town” by BLM as far-left phalanx launches attack over our letter to Sir Keir Starmer

A far-left phalanx comprising Chris Williamson, Salma Yaqoob and Kerry-Ann Mendoza has attacked Campaign Against Antisemitism for sending a letter calling on Sir Keir Starmer to reveal a timetable for the introduction of a reformed disciplinary process in the Labour Party, and for seeking action against Labour figures including Jeremy Corbyn, Dianne Abbott and Salma Yaqoob […]


Brighton and Hove PSC says “Solidarity with Black Lives Matter” requires opposition to the International Definition of Antisemitism

Brighton and Hove Palestine Solidarity Campaign (BHPSC), has claimed that “solidarity with Black Lives Matter” requires opposition to the International Definition of Antisemitism. BHPSC released a statement trying to connect the racist killing of George Floyd to Israel and criticising its local authority’s adoption of the Definition back in 2018. The statement said (extracted): “When the […]


Veteran activist links Israel to racist killing of George Floyd and says “Israeli embassies” were behind campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, who listens without objecting

A veteran left-wing activist has linked Israel to the racist murder of George Floyd by claiming that American police forces are trained in Israel and have learned dubious techniques of restraint from their Israeli counterparts. He went on to accuse “Israeli embassies” of claiming that any criticism of Israel is antisemitic and that one of […]


Lord Mann tells Sir Keir Starmer to outlaw use of “Zionist” as a term of abuse

Lord Mann has told Sir Keir Starmer to outlaw the use of the word “Zionist” in the Labour Party, as well as the term “Zionism”, as terms of abuse. The Government’s Independent Advisor on Antisemitism gave several pieces of advice to the Labour leader, including not wavering from the International Definition of Antisemitism and, “if […]


CAA investigation reveals even more racist tweets by Prof. John Ashton as well as his trolling of the BBC to include Gaza in a Holocaust commemoration, while hundreds sign our petition to take him off air

An investigation by Campaign Against Antisemitism has revealed that Prof. John Ashton’s racism toward Jews goes even deeper than previously realised. In one instance, Prof. Ashton trolled the BBC on Twitter urging it to include the “ghetto” in Gaza in a Holocaust commemoration. Among several other ugly breaches of the International Definition of Antisemitism, he […]


Notorious Bristol professor David Miller and other far-left activists attack Sir Keir Starmer over “Zionist money” behind his leadership campaign

A notorious academic at the University of Bristol is among numerous far-left activists to attack Sir Keir Starmer over “Zionist money” behind his leadership campaign. Labour members and far-left activists have criticised the new Labour Leader following the revelation that Jewish philanthropist Sir Trevor Chinn donated £50,000 to his leadership bid. One activist claimed that […]


CAA calls for BBC, Sky News and others to ban appearances of public health expert John Ashton after antisemitic tweets revealed comparing “Zionists” to Nazis

Campaign Against Antisemitism is calling for the BBC, Sky News and other channels to ban appearances of the public health expert John Ashton, after the JC published his tweets comparing Zionists to Nazis and appearing to minimise Jewish suffering in the Holocaust. Prof. Ashton has become a regular fixture on national television, known for his […]


CAA calls on Sir Keir Starmer to condemn MPs for event claiming that addressing antisemitism can be to the detriment of other minorities

Following the leak of the Labour report into alleged factionalism in the Party’s headquarters during the era of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, a new narrative has developed in the far-left faction of the Labour Party and among its external allies, namely that addressing Labour’s institutional antisemitism is somehow racist against BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethnic) people. […]


Disgraced former MP Chris Williamson to launch new ‘grassroots movement’ with inaugural ‘Resist Festival’ featuring Lowkey and Noam Chomsky

The disgraced former MP, Chris Williamson, has floated the idea of launching a new ‘grassroots movement’. Mr Williamson, who was embroiled in scandals over antisemitism when he was in the Labour Party, has said that with the election of Sir Keir Starmer to the Labour leadership, many feel “politically homeless”. He intends the new movement […]


CAA to write to Exeter University and General Medical Council after outspoken activist Ghada Karmi publishes article making numerous antisemitic statements

In an article for the Middle East Eye blog lamenting Jeremy Corbyn’s departure from the Labour leadership and Sir Keir Starmer’s accession, the outspoken activist Ghada Karmi makes a series of antisemitic statements. Dr Karmi, a medical doctor and now a Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, observes in her article that “while much […]


Where have they been for the past five years? The first research of its kind on each of the new Shadow Cabinet members’ records on antisemitism

Sir Keir Starmer has selected his Shadow Cabinet, following his election as Leader of the Labour Party. During the tenure of his predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party became institutionally antisemitic, was investigated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), following a complaint by Campaign Against Antisemitism, and caused almost half of all British […]


Show Racism the Red Card gets its own red card as trustee bravely quits the charity in protest against its support for Ken Loach despite concerns of Jewish community

A trustee of Show Racism the Red Card has bravely quit from the charity over its support for Ken Loach despite the concerns of the Jewish community about the filmmaker’s record, according to the JC. Azeem Ahmad resigned from the group’s Management Committee because he was “troubled and uncomfortable” by the charity’s refusal to reverse […]


Mira Bar-Hillel should never be published again after rejoicing that JC editor Stephen Pollard is driven to tears worrying over COVID-19 and his cancer

Campaign Against Antisemitism is calling on all newspapers never again to publish articles by the journalist Mira Bar-Hillel following a spate of Jew-baiting tweets, culminating in today’s sickening mockery of the editor of the Jewish Chronicle, Stephen Pollard, for expressing concern over the danger COVID-19 poses to him due to his leukaemia and how the […]


Michael Gove: Jeremy Corbyn wanted to “smuggle into our political conversation antisemitic expressions and antisemitic tropes”

Michael Gove, the Conservative frontbencher, has accused the leader of the Labour Party of trying to “smuggle into our political conversation antisemitic expressions and antisemitic tropes.” Mr Gove made the remark at a reception in Westminster for the Mainstream UK group co-founded by the former Labour MP and honorary patron of Campaign Against Antisemitism, Ian […]


Show Racism the Red Card involved in another antisemitism controversy as it invites Ken Loach to join a panel of judges for an anti-racism school contest

The activist group, Show Racism the Red Card, has become involved in another controversy over antisemitism following an invitation to the outspoken filmmaker, Ken Loach, to join a panel of judges for a school competition on creative anti-racism designs. Mr Loach has a history of inflammatory comments on the subject of antisemitism. Mr Loach’s voice […]