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Andrew Marr clumsily claims “a lot of Jewish friends” and “Jewish community leaders” blame Israel for antisemitism in Britain

BBC presenter Andrew Marr has claimed in an interview with the visiting Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, that “a lot of Jewish friends” and “a lot of Jewish community leaders have said that Israeli government policies are feeding antisemitism in Britain. Mr Marr asked Mr Netanyahu: “Can I ask you about the condition of Jews […]


CAA team finds antisemitism on display as anti-Israel demonstrators bring central London to a standstill

Central London was brought to a standstill today as thousands marched and rallied against Israel and the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, with antisemitic themes emerging from the protest. The march was organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB), Friends of Al Aqsa (FOA), Stop the War Coalition (STW) […]


Scott Nelson who was “removed” from the Labour Party following tweets about “Jewish companies” tells CAA he can apply to rejoin “whether you like it or not”

Scott Nelson, a Labour Party activist with almost 50,000 followers on Twitter, was reportedly “removed” from the Labour Party over a series of tweets about “Jewish companies” in 2015, but he has now told Campaign Against Antisemitism that he can apply to rejoin the Party “whether you like it or not”. In a conversation on Twitter […]


We welcome new rules passed by Labour Party Conference to make it easier to expel antisemites, but now the Party must walk the walk, not just talk the talk

With great reluctance, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has just passed a motion allowing greater sanctions against antisemites in its ranks. However, this welcome change will prove meaningless unless the Party rejects those parts of the whitewash Chakrabarti report that allow for a veil of secrecy to be drawn over all disciplinary proceedings: at present, the Labour […]


Shadow Emergency Services Minister Chris Williamson MP allegedly praised Jackie Walker and said her suspension was “disgraceful”

Chris Williamson, the Member of Parliament for Derby North and Shadow Fire and Emergency Services Minister, has defended disgraced suspended Labour activist Jackie Walker according to a post by Ms Walker on Facebook. Ms Walker posted a photo on Facebook from the Labour Conference hugging Mr Williamson along with a message of solidarity: “Chris Williamson, […]


Calls to allow Holocaust denial and expel the Jewish Labour Movement electrify Labour Conference fringe event

Calls by speakers at a Labour Conference fringe event to allow Holocaust denial and expel the Jewish Labour Movement from the Labour Party were reportedly met with rowdy applause and cheering earlier today. The packed event run by “Free Speech on Israel” heard from American-Israeli activist Miko Peled that people should be free to ask […]


Brent Council adopts diluted definition of antisemitism after Labour Councillor and fringe Jewish activists conflate antisemitism with criticism of Israel

Brent Council in London has voted in a lengthy meeting to adopt the International Definition of Antisemitism, however councillors have overwhelmingly decided to water the definition down, as well as voting that Jewish rights to self-determination should only be recognised alongside Palestinian rights. The decision was strongly opposed by three Jewish residents who said that […]


Unite the union hires former Labour candidate Vicki Kirby, who said Jews have “big noses” and Hitler is the “Zionist G-d”

Update: Unite has now told us that Vicki Kirby does not presently work for the union, but they would not confirm whether she did work for them in the past, or when and why she may have left. Vicki Kirby, who was twice suspended from the Labour Party over allegations of antisemitism has now reportedly […]


Labour Party Conference will reportedly include a session on the supposed antisemitism “witch hunt”

The Labour Party Conference later this month is reportedly due to include a session labelling the Labour Party’s chronic antisemitism scandal as a “witch hunt”. According to political blog, Guido Fawkes, the session will be entitled “Free speech on Israel – why we oppose the witch hunt” and will be chaired by the notorious Vice Chair of the […]


Chris Williamson MP must apologise and withdraw his claim that antisemitism allegations against Labour are “bulls***” and “dirty tricks”

For some time, it has been undeniable that the Labour Party has lost its status as an anti-racist organisation. Following the Party’s failure to expel Ken Livingstone a full year after his statements claiming that Hitler supported Zionism, 107 of its MPs felt moved to sign a statement declaring: “We stand with the Jewish community […]


Three months after 107 Labour MPs issued an ultimatum to expel Livingstone, the Labour Party remains a dystopia for Jews

The Jewish Community stands at a key moment in its history as a minority community living in the United Kingdom. Though after the Second World War it might have expected a certain low-level of antisemitism to rumble on — particularly on the far-right, among neo-Nazis — it did not expect antisemitism to make the leap […]


Labour MP Tulip Siddiq demands “truly independent” inquiry into Party’s antisemitism problem

Newly re-elected Labour MP Tulip Siddiq has demanded a “truly independent” inquiry into the Labour Party’s antisemitism problem when Parliament reconvenes. She also said that she wants Ken Livingstone to be expelled from the Party over his comments that “Hitler was supporting Zionism”. The Labour Party held an infamous whitewash internal review into antisemitism in the […]


Giant banner depicting Theresa May with star of David earrings removed by Bristol City Council following outcry

A giant banner depicting Theresa May with star of David earrings has been taken down by Bristol City Council. The banner was found around Bristol’s Bear Pit and featured Jeremy Corbyn as Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars films, whilst Theresa May was shown wearing star of David earrings alongside the caption “For a few”. Local residents contacted Campaign Against […]


Antisemitic candidate suspended by the Liberal Democrats after being exposed by CAA, but reappointed to advise Bedfordshire Police

Antisemite Ashuk Ahmed MBE has been suspended as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Parliamentary constituency of Luton South after being exposed in the media by Campaign Against Antisemitism. However Ahmed has been appointed Vice Chair of Bedfordshire Police South Independent Advisory Group (IAG). Ahmed was previously a member of the Luton IAG for Bedfordshire Police but quietly […]


Labour Council candidate Mike Sivier defends far-left antisemites and quotes far-right Holocaust denier

Mike Sivier is a freelance journalist based in Llanindrod Wells, Mid Wales. He writes a blog called Vox Political as well as having a Facebook and Twitter feed. He is standing as a Labour Party candidate for Radnorshire and Builth Wells in the upcoming elections to Powys County Council. He enthusiastically supports the hard ‘Corbynite’ […]


Ken Livingstone is not alone, as shown by thousands of supporters on social media blurring the lines between far-left and far-right

The decision not to expel Ken Livingstone from the Labour Party has unleashed a tirade of antisemitism on many Labour-affiliated Facebook pages from Livingstone’s apologists and supporters who have jumped to his defence. Far from being alone, Ken Livingstone is just the tip of the iceberg. His beliefs are shared by thousands of supporters, whose views are even […]


Diane Abbott suggests that Labour members accusing the Party of institutional antisemitism are traitors

As though to reinforce the sense of abject denial amongst Jeremy Corbyn’s allies over the Labour Party’s continuing descent into the grip of extreme-left antisemitic conspiracy theorists, Diane Abbott, the Shadow Home Secretary, has claimed that saying that the Party has an antisemitism problem is tantamount to an attack on the Party. Speaking towards the end of BBC […]


Labour shows no signs of disciplining Afzal Khan, who now fails to agree that Livingstone should be expelled

It is a sad fact that the British public have now been exposed to the toxic distortion spread by the former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, utilising what is known as Holocaust inversion — the toxic hoax that the Jewish state is now a Nazi one, genocidal and brutal, begotten of those who collaborated with Hitler. […]


Today’s decision not to expel Ken Livingstone is the Labour Party’s final act of brazen, painful betrayal

Today is a day of disgrace for the Labour Party. That Ken Livingstone has been guilty of expressing grossly offensive views is of itself obvious: that Labour has failed to execute a moral duty to expel him has been astonishing, the more so that the Party now admits that he is guilty as charged. It […]


Jackie Walker rejects the International Definition of Antisemitism

Disgraced Labour activist, Jackie Walker, has made more explosive comments while answering an audience question during a session at Noam Chomsky’s “The responsibility of intellectuals 50 years on” conference held at University College London on 25th February. In particular, she refused to accept the International Definition of Antisemitism. Campaign Against Antisemitism transcribed a video of […]


Labour Councillor resigns, citing Party’s failure to tackle antisemitism

Michael Inkpin-Leissner, a Labour Councillor who represents Hollingdean and Stanmer on Brighton and Hove City Council, has resigned from the Labour Party over the national leadership’s failure to confront antisemitism and its stance on Europe. Councillor Inkpin-Leissner told Brighton and Hove News: “When I joined the Labour Party it was a centre-left party like the […]


Labour Party members and their Nazi beliefs

The antisemitism of the far-left often appears to be a distinct phenomenon — starting with the antisemitism of early Marxists, it later absorbed the antisemitism of Stalin’s Russia. From the 1980s onward, far-left antisemitism has been established as part of a supposedly anti-imperialist position. Elements of the far-left have embraced genocidally antisemitic Islamist movements, and under the cover of so-called identity politics have […]


Labour candidate who shared antisemitic posts on Facebook says that scrutiny constitutes “intrusion and misrepresentation”

Alison Gove-Humphries, who has been selected to stand for Labour in Birmingham City Council’s Hall Green by-election in May, has been exposed for sharing antisemitic posts promoting conspiracy myths on her Facebook account. She shared articles putting forward the conspiracy myths that Israel is the “key link in exporting ISIS oil” and that the “Israel lobby manufactured […]


Afzal Khan, whose tweet compared the Israeli Government to Nazi Germany, confirmed as candidate to replace Sir Gerald Kaufman MP

Afzal Khan CBE, whose tweet compared the Israeli Government to Nazis, has confirmed that he will be standing in the selection to be the Labour Party’s candidate in the by-election to replace the late Sir Gerald Kaufman MP in the seat of Manchester Gorton. Khan is a Labour Member of the European Parliament for the […]


Jackie Walker referred to Labour’s National Consitutional Committee over Holocaust Memorial Day comments

Disgraced Labour activist, Jackie Walker, who is currently suspended from the Labour Party, has had her case referred to the party’s National Consitutional Committee (NCC). The 11-member NCC has the power to expel individuals from the party. Walker was suspended by Labour in September 2016 following comments she made about Holocaust Memorial Day at the […]


Sir Gerald Kaufman MP’s words have left a rotting stain on our institutions

While the passing of Sir Gerald Kaufman MP is undoubtedly sad for his family and friends, it also marks the loss of an opportunity. Sir Gerald was the first Labour politician of the Corbyn period to have gone unpunished after publicly uttering indisputably antisemitic lies. By saying that “Jewish money” was used to subvert the British government, […]


Tony Greenstein’s attempt to shut down Campaign Against Antisemitism showcases the similarities between far-left and far-right

When Baroness Tonge opens her mouth to speak on a subject involving Jews, then it is near-guaranteed that her utterances will cause offence. Her track record, from invoking the blood libel to hosting an event in Parliament where Jews were blamed for the Holocaust, is without parallel for a peer, and has earned her — along […]


Foot in mouth at the Football Association as council member ponders nominating a token Jew to governing council

Ray Kiddell, a council member for 37 years on football’s governing body, the Football Association (FA), made a very disturbing comment during an interview on BBC Radio 5 Live about reform within the game in England following scrutiny after the House of Commons passed a “no confidence” motion in the FA to reform itself, with specific criticism […]


Racist Labour councillor resigns from Council to avoid CAA disciplinary complaint, but not a single word uttered by the Labour Party

John Clarke, a Labour Councillor and Chairman of Black Notley Parish Council in Essex, who was a parliamentary candidate for Labour in 2015, has tendered his resignation as a councillor after Campaign Against Antisemitism exposed him as a vicious and vile antisemite and instigated disciplinary proceedings with the District Council. Mr Clarke had written a comment on Facebook berating Holocaust victims for ‘not […]


Racist Labour’s Councillor Clarke found berating Holocaust victims for not fighting back

John Clarke, a Labour Councillor and Chairman of Black Notley Parish Council in Essex, who was a parliamentary candidate for Labour in 2015, has been found to have posted a comment on Facebook berating Holocaust victims for ‘not fighting back’. Despite being an unarmed civilian population facing the might of Nazi Germany’s genocidal forces, Jews famously did mount fierce rebellions and […]


InterContinental Hotels Group refuses to “discriminate” against neo-Nazis after far-right conference goes ahead in Kensington

On Saturday, a conference for neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers convened in secret at the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, however the location of the meeting was discovered by protesters who caused the meeting to end early. The original speaker lineup included James Thring, the antisemitic conspiracy theorist, Elizabeth Hobson, Jason Reza Jorjani, Editor-in-Chief of Arktos, Shahin Nehzad, leader of Iranian Renaissance, Ian Millard, a neo-Nazi former […]


Today in racist Labour, a Councillor tweets that “antisemite smear” is being used to “expand their power base”

John Clarke, a Labour Councillor and Chairman of Black Notley Parish Council in Essex, has tweeted an image claiming that the Rothschild family, a Jewish family of bankers and philanthropists, has “used usury alongside modern Israel as an imperial instrument to take over the world and all of its resources, including you and I”. The image […]


Another antisemite readmitted to Labour with a “warning” sparking angry response from local members

The Labour Party has readmitted Terence Flanagan to the Party with a “final warning” after he claimed that Israeli secret intelligence service Mossad was behind a plot to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, and sent a message to members in which he said supporters of Israel were “polluting” the Labour Party. The decision to readmit Flanagan was taken by the Labour Party […]


Just another day for racist Labour as antisemitic tweets of Party’s Chair in Hove, Brunswick and Adelaide revealed

Rebecca Massey, the newly-elected Interim Chair of Central Hove, Brunswick and Adelaide Labour Party, is an active user of Twitter. She uses her account, @beckycheabas, to propagate views familiar to those attempting to counter the strain  of antisemitism that masquerades as political discourse about Israel. Whilst most of her tweets are dedicated to the demonisation of […]


Lord Ouseley, Kick It Out’s Chairman, should not be leading an anti-racism campaign if he is blind to antisemitism

Lord Ouseley, the Chairman of Kick It Out, an anti-racism campaign which has done sterling work to fight bigotry within football, has disgraced himself by co-signing a letter to The Guardian calling for the Labour Party to readmit Marc Wadsworth. Wadsworth, a Labour activist, was suspended by the Party for his actions at the launch of Baroness Chakrabarti’s […]


How can antisemitism go on? Holocaust Memorial Day in British politics

On Holocaust Memorial Day this year, a survivor called Dorit Oliver-Wolff spoke of her experiences surviving antisemitic persecution as a Jewish child in Nazi-occupied Europe. She recalled that when walking with her mother in a park in Budapest, a middle-aged woman approached her, bent over and spat in her eyes, telling her she was “a filthy […]


The Labour Party’s antisemitism is laid bare by its decision to drop its investigation into Oxford University Labour Club

As if attempting to inflict more public wounds on its tattered reputation, the once anti-racist Labour Party has today dropped its investigation into the rampant antisemitism at the Oxford University Labour Club (OULC), clearing the two members under investigation. This verdict is an insult to the intelligence of the Jewish community, and adds that insult to the […]


Report says Chakrabarti knew she was being offered a peerage before her whitewash inquiry into antisemitism

An exposé in The Telegraph appears to confirm our suspicions that Shami Chakrabarti’s peerage was a reward for her whitewash report into antisemitism in the Labour Party. Baroness Chakrabarti was then named Shadow Attorney General. Shami Chakrabarti’s inquiry into antisemitism was suspected of being a fraud from the moment she promised to conduct it in Labour’s interests. Sure […]


Why the Home Affairs Committee’s report could be a turning point in the fight against antisemitism

The following letter from Gideon Falter, Chairman of Campaign Against Antisemitism, was sent to the newly-elected Chair of the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee, and sent in copy to the MPs on the Committee who contributed to the Committee’s report on the rise of antisemitism in Britain. Dear Ms Cooper, I would like to […]


Prime Minister endorses Home Affairs Select Committee report on antisemitism

The Government has not yet formally responded to Sunday’s release of the Home Affairs Select Committee report on antisemitism, but Theresa May endorsed it today during Prime Minister’s Questions, and challenged other political parties to do the same. Jeremy Corbyn has already attacked the report. The report contains recommendations long called for by Campaign Against […]


Senior Labour activist claims Israel has “inflicted” and “exploited” the Holocaust

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Vice Chair of the Chingford branch of the Chingford and Woodford Green Constituency Labour Party, and the founder of Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, has taken to the airwaves to say that Israel has “inflicted” the Holocaust on other people and “they use and exploit” the Holocaust for political ends. She said: “When it comes to the Holocaust, […]


First test of new recommendations as Lib Dem peer and former MP bait Jews day after Home Affairs Select Committee report on antisemitism

The day after the publication of the Home Affairs Select Committee report on antisemitism in Britain, two well-known Liberal Democrats, have made comments baiting Jews on social media. Both Baroness Tonge and former MP — now a Councillor — David Ward, have previously had the whip withdrawn by the Liberal Democrats, but they remain members […]


CAA team takes to the airwaves to back Home Affairs Select Committee report

The House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee today published its report following its inquiry into the rise of antisemitism in Britain. The report endorsed recommendations made by Campaign Against Antisemitism over the past two years, tackling the definition of antisemitism, antisemitism in political parties, antisemitism in student politics, the failure of social networks to […]


Home Affairs Select Committee criticises Labour, Twitter, NUS, police and others in major report, and adopts CAA recommendations

The House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee today publishes its report following its inquiry into the rise of antisemitism in Britain. We could not have said it better ourselves: we are pleased to see that the Select Committee has listened to Campaign Against Antisemitism and that the report firmly endorses measures we have been calling for for two years. […]


Tim Farron sends a strong message that the Lib Dems offer a safe space to antisemites

In an astonishing announcement, Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, has welcomed a politician he acknowledges to be an antisemite back into the Liberal Democrat fold. Mr Farron admitted freely that David Ward is an antisemite, but that he has “served his time” after completing a period of suspension under Party rules. Mr […]


Labour activist reported for demanding ‘Jews’ apologise for slave trade

Self-described “Labour activist” Kevine Walcott has subjected a Channel 4 interviewer and the Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust to a tirade on Twitter, claiming that Jews should apologise for the slave trade. The incident took place as Channel 4’s Cathy Newman interviewed disgraced Corbyn ally Jackie Walker over remarks she had made about Jews and […]


Jackie Walker removed from post but remains Momentum and Labour member

Disgraced Labour Party activist Jackie Walker has been removed from her post as Vice-Chair of influential pro-Corbyn campaigning group Momentum following remarks in which she criticised Holocaust Memorial Day and counter-terrorism security at Jewish schools. In a statement, Momentum said that its Steering Committee had voted to remove Walker, but claimed that she had not […]


Why Jackie Walker is an antisemite

Jackie Walker is an antisemite. She stated that Jews were “chief financiers” of the African slave trade, a decades-discredited canard by Louis Farrakhan described by the Legacies of British Slave Ownership project at University College, London as based on “no evidence whatsoever.” Jackie Walker is antisemitic, not merely because we say so, but because she has […]


Labour MP fights back tears as activist accuses Jewish MP of staging antisemitic incident

Labour MP Alison McGovern became visibly emotional today when a senior Labour activist claimed that a Jewish Labour MP had staged an antisemitic incident as a means to attack Jeremy Corbyn. The activist who made the claim, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, is Vice Chair of the Chingford branch of the Chingford and Woodford Green Constituency Labour Party, and the founder of Jews […]


Labour Councillor leaves: “As a Jew, I can’t stay in a party that tolerates antisemitism”

The only Labour Councillor in Shepway, Claire Jeffrey, has left the Labour Party, saying: “As a Jew, I can’t stay in a party that tolerates antisemitism.” Shepway District Council leader David Monk added: “She finds the party she knew and loved is no longer there.” Later, writing on the Facebook page of Sussex Friends of Israel, Councillor Jeffrey, […]


Enough is enough: Labour must expel Jackie Walker immediately over her latest outburst

Fresh from her reinstatement to the party, following her suspension for claiming that Jews were behind the slave trade, Vice Chair of Momentum Jackie Walker has told delegates at the Labour Party Conference that Holocaust Memorial Day is not inclusive enough and that Jewish schools do not need special security. In response to another delegate, […]


CAA launches manifesto for fighting antisemitism as poll reveals extent of antisemitism crisis

A poll of 1,857 British Jewish adults by Campaign Against Antisemitism has found that 87% of British Jews believe that the Labour Party is too tolerant of antisemites in its ranks. Most other parties also fared badly, with 35-48% of British Jews believing that they harboured antisemites. It was only the Conservative Party which scored […]


‘Let’s discuss it next year’: Labour Conference will not consider new antisemitism rules this year

The Labour Party’s National Executive Committee has decided that the Labour Party Conference should not vote on new rules that would enable the party to more easily expel antisemitic members. The Party has been plagued by an ongoing antisemitism crisis which is being excruciatingly badly handled by the Party’s institutions and leadership. Campaign Against Antisemitism […]


Vice-Chair of Momentum says antisemitism is “exaggerated” to “undermine Jeremy”

Jackie Walker, the Vice-Chair of Momentum, the pro-Corbyn caucus within the Labour Party, has reportedly claimed that antisemitism is being “exaggerated” and that the “aim of such allegations is to undermine Jeremy [Corbyn]”. Walker was suspended and then readmitted to the Labour Party after claiming that Jews were the “chief financiers of the sugar and […]


Flyers at Labour Conference demand expulsion of Jewish Labour Movement

Flyers distributed at the Labour Party Conference have called for the expulsion of the Jewish Labour Movement from the Party. The flyers charge that the Jewish affiliate of the Labour Party is using trumped up accusations of antisemitism as a cynical ploy to attack Jeremy Corbyn, motivated by an overriding loyalty to “a foreign power, Israel.” The flyers […]


Jewish Labour peer resigns, “devastated” by party leadership which “flirts with antisemitism”

Lord Parry Mitchell has announced his resignation from the Labour Party in an anguished article in the Huffington Post, saying that the Party “flirts with antisemitism”. Writing that he felt forced to “divorce” his party, Lord Mitchell said that he was “devastated”. Lord Mitchell cited the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as well as Shami Chakrabarti’s whitewash of a […]


Labour refuses to investigate Councillor who has “no idea” how antisemitic video appeared on his Facebook timeline

The Labour Party has refused to take any action against a Councillor who shared an antisemitic video produced by a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klax Klan. Birmingham Councillor Zafar Iqbal Said claimed that he had “no idea” how the video came to be posted on his Facebook timeline. According to the Birmingham Mail, the video, entitled “CNN , […]


CAA response to Jewish Labour Movement’s decision to invite Shami Chakrabarti to address antisemitism rally

The Labour Party’s annual conference is to begin this year with a rally “against racism and antisemitism” — a rally intended to “heal” deep rifts in the Party, despite being addressed by one of Labour’s most divisive politicians, the newly ennobled Baroness Chakrabarti. The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn has conducted brisk trade in statements […]


Ken Livingstone returns to the scene of the crime and repeats his claim that Hitler was “supporting Zionism”

Yesterday, Ken Livingstone returned to Vanessa Feltz’s show to repeat his bizarre, offensive claims first made in April, about Hitler’s relationship with Zionism. This, notwithstanding the fact that his claims had been ridiculed and torn to shreds by credible historians in the interim. He went as far as to say that since he made the claims “I […]


Report claims Labour Party readmitted Naz Shah before police investigation concluded

Labour has gone from being a pioneering force against racism to being the favoured political home of antisemites. We did not think that the situation could get worse after Jeremy Corbyn rewarded Shami Chakrabarti with a peerage for her whitewash of an investigation into antisemitism in Labour, but now we are hearing that Labour may have prejudiced a police […]


Ruth Smeeth MP reveals that she has received 25,000 messages of abuse for decrying Labour antisemitism

Today the Jewish MP, Ruth Smeeth, revealed that she has received 25,000-odd pieces of abuse following the launch of Shami Chakrabarti’s report on antisemitism in the Labour Party. Ms Smeeth said that 20,000 abusive messages were received in the first twelve hours after the launch event at which she herself received antisemitic abuse from a Momentum member […]


CAA responds to claim in The Guardian that CAA is a pawn of the Israeli government

Campaign Against Antisemitism has responded to a claim in The Guardian for the second time claiming that we are a pawn of the Israeli government. The claim was first made in 2015, when The Guardian printed a letter alleging that antisemitism in Britain was being exaggerated and that “the CAA was set up last summer, not to fight antisemitism […]


Guardian again publishes claim that CAA is a pawn of the Israeli government

The Guardian has yet again published a claim that Campaign Against Antisemitism is a pawn of the Israeli government. The claim was first made in 2015, when The Guardian printed a letter alleging that “the CAA was set up last summer, not to fight antisemitism but to counter rising criticism of Israel’s murderous assault on Gaza.” […]


Leaked report into Oxford University Labour Club antisemitism seems designed to be unremarkable

The Labour Party’s inquiry into allegations of antisemitism in the Oxford University Labour Club has today been leaked. Carried out by Baroness Jan Royall, the report was commissioned after Alex Chalmers, Co-Chair of the club, resigned in February 2016 stating rampant levels of antisemitism as his reason for doing so. The incident brought antisemitism in the Labour […]


The Chakrabarti Inquiry is a vague, meaningless whitewash that will do nothing to rid Labour of antisemitism

Today, the Chakrabarti Inquiry into antisemitism in the Labour Party presented what it set out to present: a narrow set of recommendations on how the Labour Party should change its rules on racism. The Inquiry did not examine the disgraceful cases of antisemitism in the Labour Party, or their even more disgraceful mishandling by the Party […]


Labour reinstates senior activist who said Jews were responsible for slave trade

Jackie Walker, vice chair of the Labour Party’s influential Momentum pressure group, has reportedly been reinstated by the Labour Party after her suspension over allegations of antisemitism. Walker was suspended following an exchange on Facebook. She asked “what debt do we owe the Jews?” When another Facebook user responded by saying “the Holocaust”, Walker accused Jews of […]


Labour Party refuses to discipline MEP over “Nazi” tweet

Investigators from Campaign Against Antisemitism have discovered an antisemitic tweet by British Labour politician Afzal Khan. On 2nd August 2014, Khan tweeted a link to an article from which he quoted, “The Israeli Government are [sic] acting like Nazi’s [sic] in Gaza.” "The Israeli Government are acting like Nazi's in Gaza." via @wordpressdotcom — Afzal […]


Accusing Jews of plotting against the Labour Party is antisemitic

Over the last few weeks, Jews and non-Jews alike, of all political persuasions, have stepped forward to highlight that the Labour Party has a problem with antisemitism. Jews know what antisemitism is and rightly expect reports of our concerns to be taken seriously. But several individual Labour Party members, including senior figures, have dismissed Jewish […]


Ken Livingstone claims Hitler was “supporting Zionism“

Ken Livingstone has told Vanessa Feltz during an interview on BBC Radio London that Hitler “was supporting Zionism before he went mad”. He made the comments whilst claiming that disgraced MP Naz Shah’s comments were not antisemitic even though she had apologised for them. The Labour Party must expel Ken Livingstone. Today he has claimed that […]


Labour defends “Jewish question” MP playing pivotal role in antisemitism inquiry

Social media posts from 2014 by Labour MP Naz Shah have been discovered proposing that the Jewish state should be “relocated” to America, suggesting that she would “tweet Barack Obama and David Cameron and put this idea to them”. She has also tweeted an image with the quote “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal” […]


Labour Councillor’s Twitter account praises “my man Hitler” for Holocaust

Aysegul Gurbuz is the youngest ever Councillor in Luton, representing High Town Ward for the Labour Party since 7th May 2015. She also sits on a panel supervising Bedfordshire Police. Her support for Jeremy Corbyn’s bid to lead the Labour Party was published on his campaign website. But tweets on her Twitter account also show strong support for Adolf Hitler who is referred to as “my man Hitler” and the “greatest man […]


Labour reinstates councillor who said “Jews” behind ISIS, as another makes similar claim

The ongoing scandal of rampant antisemitism in the Labour Party continues as it emerges that Labour’s councillor for Kensington and Chelsea, Benazir Lasharie, has been reinstated by her local party after being suspended in October last year for her claim that “Jews” might be behind ISIS. Meanwhile, a Labour councillor and former Lord Mayor, Khadim Hussain, has been exposed […]


What do you have when antisemitism in your ranks is no longer surprising, and complaints from Jews are a daily nuisance?

It is a simple checklist for a political party, really: Do not call antisemitic terrorist groups your “friends” Do not just say you’ll “reflect” when challenged about it Do not associate with Holocaust deniers Do not give a free pass to your senior MPs when they suggest Jews are using their “Jewish money” to facilitate […]


The Labour Party’s antisemitism problem is festering: treat the disease, not just the symptoms, or the patient is doomed

Allegations in today’s Sunday Times and Thursday’s Telegraph have confirmed what we already suspected about the Labour Party’s response to allegations of antisemitism: the party is refusing to deal with the disease. Instead, allegations of antisemitism are ignored, or covered up. Take the case of Sir Gerald Kaufman MP, for example. On 27th October 2015, […]


Rampant antisemitism exposed at Oxford University Labour Club

Campaign Against Antisemitism commends the Co-Chair of the Oxford University Labour Club, Alex Chalmers, for his principled decision to stand up against antisemitism amongst his fellow students. If only there were more people prepared to recognise antisemitism when they see it, and refuse to ignore it. Chalmers decided to resign after the club voted to […]


Ex-BNP thug pleads guilty to directing antisemitic abuse at MP

A former BNP regional organiser has reportedly pleaded guilty to making an antisemitic verbal attack against his MP, Labour’s Shadow Communities Secretary, Jon Trickett. Darren Mark Lumb, who has previous links to the English Defence League and National Front, was accused of accosting the MP for Hemsworth in West Yorkshire in the street on 23rd January […]


Three months after Gerald Kaufman’s antisemitic speech, Labour continues to ignore calls for disciplinary action

On 27th October 2015, Labour MP Sir Gerald Kaufman, Father of the House of Commons, delivered an antisemitic speech on parliamentary premises to the Shadow Minister for Justice and other MPs. He claimed that British Jews use “Jewish money” to subvert the British government so that Israeli Jews can “execute Arab-looking people”. One month later: The Parliamentary Commissioner for […]


Two months after Gerald Kaufman’s antisemitic speech, we still demand justice

On 27th October 2015, Labour MP Sir Gerald Kaufman, Father of the House of Commons, delivered an antisemitic speech on parliamentary premises to the Shadow Minister for Justice and other MPs. He claimed that British Jews use “Jewish money” to subvert the British government so that Israeli Jews can “execute Arab-looking people”. One month later: The Parliamentary Commissioner for […]


One month after Gerald Kaufman’s antisemitic speech, we still demand justice

On 27th October 2015, Labour MP Sir Gerald Kaufman, Father of the House of Commons, delivered an antisemitic speech on parliamentary premises to the Shadow Minister for Justice and other MPs. He claimed that British Jews use “Jewish money” to subvert the British government so that Israeli Jews can “execute Arab-looking people”. One month later: The Parliamentary […]