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Political Investigations Research Assistant

CAA’s Political Investigations team provides evidence of antisemitism in political parties for publication in a project called ‘Antisemitism in Political Parties’ while also providing ongoing stories, and function as a resource to the communications team and everyone at CAA on politics.

The CAA ‘Antisemitism in Political Parties’ project’s aims are: the publication of evidence of the dissemination of antisemitism by officers of political parties; to maintain and update those cases as a record of antisemitism in political parties for journalists, the Jewish community, academics and the public in general against a cl ear set of criteria, namely: the IDoA, its methodology, the EHRC’s judgements in their investigation into Labour Antisemitism and a manifesto for political parties.

In that respect we seek someone to facilitate the work of our chief writer and editor in preparing cases for AIPP by:

  • Researching and providing supporting information for individual’s cases: photos, positions held, contact email addresses etc.
  • Researching and providing media when required (images, audio, video), uploading and checking links to these from the core AIPP text.
  • Entering and uploading finished cases on the AIPP (future) database and/or on the CAA website.
  • Incorporating text from RFC (Requests for Comment) from the individuals and political parties; and
  • Undertaking general research tasks when required.

You should have an enthusiasm for and awareness of politics and political antisemitism. You should have good organisations skills, enjoy working as part of a team, and be collaborative. Experience as a researcher is not necessarily required, but you should have good online research and search skills, and be comfortable with online data management and networking, as we collaborate online.