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Candidate on TV show The Apprentice apologises following discovery that his online auction site facilitated sale of Nazi memorabilia

A candidate on the television programme The Apprentice has apologised following the discovery that his online auction site facilitated the sale of a piece of Nazi memorabilia. Raven Yard Antiques, which is owned by Gregory Ebbs and serves as a marketplace for third parties to auction items, was found to have facilitated the sale of a Nazi German officer’s dress […]


CAA looks back on a year of achievements in the fight against antisemitism

While antisemitism remains at stubbornly and unacceptably high levels, as 2022 comes to a close, it is an opportunity to take stock of all that has been achieved in the fight against the world’s oldest hatred. At Campaign Against Antisemitism, we are proud of the accomplishments that we have secured over the past year, thanks […]


The “Queen of Jewish positivity” on how to safely tackle antisemitism

Karen Cinnamon, a businesswoman and influencer who has been dubbed “the world’s number one Jewish wedding expert” and the “Queen of Jewish positivity”, appeared on the most recent episode of Podcast Against Antisemitism where she gave her advice on safely tackling antisemitism. Ms Cinnamon is the founder of both Smashing The Glass, the world’s biggest […]


Fugitive French Holocaust denier Vincent Reynouard appears in court in Edinburgh

A notorious French Holocaust denier living in Britain appeared today in Edinburgh Sheriff Court, following his arrest by Police Scotland officers in Anstruther last week. The arrest of Vincent Reynouard, 53, came after he spent two years on the run. Mr Reynouard was sentenced to jail for four months on 25th November 2020 by a court in Paris and again in January 2021 […]


PhD student who defended the phrase “Stop the Palestinian Holocaust” reportedly no longer employed by Sheffield Hallam University

An academic who believes that “Zionist lobbies…buy presidents”, defended the phrase “Stop the Palestinian Holocaust” and shared a video called “Truth About Zionist Jews Talmud” is no longer employed by Sheffield Hallam University, according to the JC.  Shahd Abusalama, who was studying for a PhD in cinema at the University, reportedly shared tweets defending a […]


Antisemitic hate preacher David Icke banned from entering several European countries

The antisemitic hate preacher and conspiracy theorist David Icke has been banned from entering several European countries. The two-year ban came prior to a planned demonstration in Amsterdam, which was scheduled to have taken place this Sunday, after Dutch immigration authorities told Mr Icke that “there are concrete indications that your arrival in the Netherlands […]


JVL’s Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi apologises to journalist John Ware in open court 

Following a libel case brought by journalist John Ware, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, the Media Officer and one of the founders of Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), the antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation, has apologised in open court. The libel action concerned comments made by Ms Wimborne-Idrissi on Jeremy Vine’s BBC Radio 2 show, in […]


Former Belfast councillor posts “Smirking Merchant” meme on platform favoured by far-right days after appearing in Patriotic Alternative interview

A former Belfast City Councillor has posted a well-known antisemitic meme on Gab, a platform favoured by the far-right, days after being interviewed by the leader of the far-right group Patriotic Alternative. Gab is a social-media platform that was founded in 2016 with a claim to “champion free speech,” and has become a haven for […]


“That’s why we had to rip antisemitism out by its roots”: Sir Keir Starmer gets standing ovation at very different Labour Conference, but concerns remain

Sir Keir Starmer received a standing ovation for saying “That’s why we had to rip antisemitism out by its roots” in his speech at this week’s Labour Party Conference, which proved a marked contrast to the Party’s conferences under Sir Keir’s predecessor. Sir Keir was ambiguous as to whether he believed that the task of tackling Labour antisemitism, which he described in […]


Muslim Association of Britain praises Islamist antisemite Yusuf al-Qaradawi for his “profoundly positive impact” and “principled stances”

A group that describes itself as a “leading Muslim grassroots contribution for a fair and prosperous British society since 1997” has mourned the death of the antisemitic Islamist cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi. The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), said in a statement that “Sheikh Yusuf was a renowned and greatly respected figure worldwide, referring to him as “a leading contemporary […]


JVL settles and apologises in libel case brought by journalist John Ware

Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), the antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation, have reportedly settled and apologised in a libel case that was brought against them by the journalist, John Ware. The libel action concerned comments made by Ms Wimborne-Idrissi, one of the group’s founders and its Media Officer, on Jeremy Vine’s BBC Radio 2 show, […]


CAA reveals Abdel Bari Atwan believes “massive Jewish institutions” try to silence him because they “believe they own the entire universe and control all the media”

Campaign Against Antisemitism can reveal that the inflammatory broadcaster and regular BBC contributor, Abdel Bari Atwan, believes that “massive Jewish institutions” try to silence him and others because they “believe they own the entire universe and control all the media.” In an interview broadcast on the Beirut-based, Arabic-language Al-Mayadeen news channel on 14th April 2022 that has […]


Labour councillor claims tweets questioning Israel’s existence and referring to radio presenter as “that Jew” were “taken out of context”

A councillor for the Labour Party in Leeds who came under fire for making inflammatory comments about Jews on Twitter has claimed that his online output has been “taken out of context”. In May, Leeds’s Labour group launched an investigation into two social media posts written by Councillor John Garvani in 2012.  However, when local […]


Over one in eight Jews flee Russia since invasion of Ukraine, eliciting crackdown on Jewish Agency reminiscent of Soviet era

Over one in eight Jewish Russians have emigrated since the country invaded Ukraine, according to the Jewish Agency, which facilitates Jewish immigration to Israel. The sizeable migration has elicited a crackdown by the Russian Government on the Jewish Agency reminiscent to some of antisemitic persecution of Jews by the Soviet Union and restrictions on Jewish immigration. The Jewish Agency […]


Former Labour MP Lisa Forbes, who liked Facebook post claiming Theresa May has a “Zionist slave master’s agenda”, blames rejected candidate bid on Party “factionalism”

The former Labour Party MP Lisa Forbes, who once liked a Facebook post claiming that Theresa May has a “Zionist slave master’s agenda”, has said that her candidate bid was rejected due to Party “factionalism”. Ms Forbes’ remarks, reported earlier today, came after she was asked the reason why she thought that Labour were not […]


Labour councillor apologises for past comments as other repeat offenders undermine Sir Keir Starmer’s renewed claim that Party’s victory in Barnet shows growing Jewish trust

A Labour Party councillor in Birmingham has apologised after past comments on social media emerged in which she apparently accused the sanitation management company, Veolia, of being a “Zionist supporter” and making her “feel guilty”. Cllr Shabino Bano, who represents the Small Heath ward, posted on Facebook in 2014, apparently about the company: “Even our rubbish is given to […]


Neo-Nazi terror cell jailed for total of 31 years

Four members of a neo-Nazi gang who shared antisemitic material with each other via the social media platform Telegram have been jailed for a total of 31 years. The group was convicted under anti-terrorism and firearms legislation in March following a two-month trial. Concerns had previously been raised over the alleged increase in neo-Nazi content on Telegram. Last year, the far-right […]


French police reportedly arrest neo-Nazis who took part in “Jew hunt”

Police in the Alsace region of France have reportedly arrested four neo-Nazis on weapons charges. The haul reportedly included forty-one guns, twenty-three of which were illegal. Also found was the equivalent of at least 120,000 bullet cartridges. Approximately 200 police officers were involved in the arrest of the four men, aged 45 to 53. French […]


Alex Davies jailed for over eight years after being convicted of membership of neo-Nazi terrorist group, National Action

Alex Davies, 27, has been sentenced today to eight and-a-half years after he was convicted last month of membership of the neo-Nazi terrorist group, National Action. Mr Davies, of Swansea, was found guilty last month by a jury at Winchester Crown Court of being a member of the proscribed group, which he founded in 2013, between 17th December 2016 and 27th September […]


Concerns raised over presence of inflammatory Hungarian journalist at CPAC

Concerns have been raised about a controversial Hungarian media figure invited to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Budapest on 20th May. Hungarian journalist Zsolt Bayer has a history of making inflammatory remarks.  The journalist, whose political views have variously been described as “ultra-conservative” and “far-right”, is reported to have said that the Hungarian […]


CAA to write to Honours Forfeiture Committee and House of Lords Appointments Commission over Naz Shah’s “dear friend” Shaista Gohir OBE

Last week, the disgraced Labour Party MP, Naz Shah, congratulated her “dear friend” Shaista Gohir OBE on her appointment to the House of Lords as a non-party political peer. Regrettably, Ms Gohir, the founding co-Chair of the Muslim Women’s Network, has her own history of inflammatory social media activity, which we can now reveal. Judging […]


Britain’s youngest terrorist sentenced but avoids custody order

A fourteen-year-old from Darlington has been sentenced after pleading guilty to terror charges, which made him the youngest person to be convicted on terror offences. The schoolboy previously admitted three counts of possessing information useful to a terrorist, specifically manuals for making explosives, at Westminster Magistrates’ Court. He was also reportedly active on racist online forums and, according to […]


Antisemitism on display at thousands-strong anti-Israel march through London, but support drops to low ebb

A slew of controversial and antisemitic signs and chants were present on the streets of London yesterday during an anti-Israel rally that was organised by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC), but numbers seem to have declined considerably since the last large-scale mobilisation of protesters. An evidence gathering team from Campaign Against Antisemitism’s Demonstration and Event […]


Expelled Labour member and controversial filmmaker Ken Loach reportedly set to headline Unite union event for political recruits

Ken Loach has reportedly been advertised as the keynote speaker at an event organised by a leading union for its top political recruits. The controversial filmmaker, who was expelled by the Labour Party last year, has been invited to headline the Unite Political School, an annual event in Durham in July. Mr Loach is billed as a “great socialist filmmaker” […]


Labour candidate for Camden council reveals she was subjected to “levels of antisemitism I’ve never had before” during recent local election campaign

It has been reported that a Jewish candidate standing for the Labour Party in the London Borough of Camden was the target of antisemitic intimidation in the run-up to the recent local elections. Izzy Lenga, who successfully stood for Labour in Camden’s South Hampstead ward, has revealed that she faced “levels of antisemitism I’ve never […]


“We can’t hide this poison anymore”: Fiyaz Mughal OBE on the growing danger of Islamist antisemitism

Fiyaz Mughal OBE, the founder of Muslims Against Antisemitism (MAAS), a charity comprising British Muslims whose mission is to tackle antisemitism, appeared on the most recent episode of Podcast Against Antisemitism where he discussed the growing danger of Islamist antisemitism. Referring to antisemites within pockets of the Muslim community, Mr Mughal said that “We need […]


Liverpool anti-racism festival omits antisemitism, prompting accusations of double standards

A Liverpool-based anti-racism festival has come under fire after it failed to plan any events or discussions about antisemitism. Liverpool Against Racism consists of a series of cross-city events. There will be performances by musicians Rebecca Ferguson, The Christians and The Farm. A conference tackling racism is also set to take place with keynote speakers […]


Cloned children’s game, Club Penguin Rewritten, becomes hotbed of antisemitic abuse

Three people have been arrested over their alleged involvement in an unofficial version of the Disney game Club Penguin, after users were said to be exchanging messages full of antisemitic abuse. City of London police say that they detained the trio for alleged copyright offences in connection with their role in running ‘Club Penguin Rewritten’. […]


“I Am a Nazi” teenage terrorist who encouraged violence against Jews is imprisoned for two years

A neo-Nazi terrorist who encouraged acts of violence against Jews has received a two-year sentence in a young offenders institution. Thomas Leech, 19, promoted antisemitic conspiracy theories about the nefarious “global influence” of Jews and the “Great Replacement”, a far-right conspiracy theory which claims that Jews are responsible for mass immigration and the supposed extinction […]


Sir Keir Starmer apologises again for Corbyn years following numerous expulsions and suspensions of Labour officeholders at the local level

Sir Keir Starmer has apologised again for how Jewish members of the Labour Party and the community more generally were treated under his antisemitic predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn. In his first interview with a Jewish newspaper since his election as Labour leader exactly two years ago, Sir Keir did not apologise for his own role backing Mr Corbyn. Sir Keir also declined to […]


Anne Frank betrayal book recalled after being refuted by historians

A book that claimed to expose the betrayer of Anne Frank has been removed from circulation after its findings were revealed to be unsound. Prompted by research by Dutch historians, Canadian author Rosemary Sullivan’s The Betrayal of Anne Frank, published by the Amsterdam-based firm Ambo Anthos, will no longer be available. The Betrayal of Anne […]


Antisemitic Cambridgeshire neo-Nazi sentenced to over eight years in prison

A man who sported a moustache in the style of Adolf Hitler’s and wore a Nazi armband to his trial has been sentenced to jail for more than eight years, after being found guilty of terror offences and stirring up racial hatred. Matthew Henegan, 35, distributed leaflets in Cambridgeshire, where he resides, and possessed a document titled “How To Make […]


Sir Keir Starmer shows pragmatism over principle in revealing interview with Channel 4 News

In a Channel 4 News interview broadcast on 15th February, Sir Keir Starmer declined to express remorse for serving alongside and backing the antisemite Jeremy Corbyn, and said that whether Mr Corbyn returned to the Parliamentary Labour Party, from which he is currently suspended, is “a matter for him and the Chief Whip”. In comments that are unlikely […]


Statue of medieval Jewish businesswoman unveiled

A statue of Licoricia of Winchester and her son Asher was unveiled in Winchester earlier today. Licoricia was a Jewish businesswoman who has been described as “the most important Jewish woman in medieval England” and a leader in her community. She lived in the 13th century and was murdered in 1277, just 13 years before […]


Sheffield Hallam University reportedly drops investigation into UCU-backed academic who believes “Zionist lobbies…buy presidents” and has repeatedly breached International Definition of Antisemitism

Sheffield Hallam University has reportedly dropped an investigation into an academic who believes that “Zionist lobbies…buy presidents”, defended the phrase “Stop the Palestinian Holocaust” and shared a video called “Truth About Zionist Jews Talmud”. Shahd Abusalama, who has been studying for a PhD in cinema at the University, reportedly shared tweets defending a first-year student who had made a poster that […]


“People were getting my picture and making versions of me in concentration camps”: Pink News’ Benjamin Cohen on experiencing antisemitism and homophobia

On the most recent episode of Podcast Against Antisemitism, Benjamin Cohen, the founder and CEO of Pink News, spoke on his experiences antisemitism and homophobia, as well as his feelings about the BBC. Mr Cohen spoke candidly on his experiences of online antisemitism and homophobia. “People were getting my picture and making versions of me […]


Whoopi Goldberg suspended by ABC for two weeks after claiming Holocaust was not about race but instead about “man’s inhumanity to man” and “white people fighting each other”

Whoopi Goldberg has been suspended by the ABC network for two weeks after claiming that that the Holocaust was not about race but instead about “man’s inhumanity to man” and “white people fighting each other”. She made the comments on Monday on The View, a programme that she co-hosts, eliciting outrage from Jewish groups around the world, including Campaign Against Antisemitism. […]


Note by Burnley Marks and Spencer attacker read: “O Israel, you are inflicting atrocities on Palestinians and Marks Spencer helping you financially”

A note alleged to have been written by a knifeman who stabbed staff and shoppers at a branch of Marks and Spencer in Burnley read: “O Israel, you are inflicting atrocities on Palestinians and Marks Spencer helping you financially.” Munawar Hussain, 58, has denied a charge of attempted murder and two alternative counts of wounding with intent at Manchester […]


Warwick University society apologises for inviting climate activist who called Holocaust “just another f***ery in human history”

A student society at the University of Warwick has apologised after inviting a climate activist who called the Holocaust “just another f***ery in human history”. The event with Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam, titled “Our Responsibilities at This Time”, was due to take place today, but was cancelled by the University after an outcry from Jewish students, who said that the society failed to […]


Fourteen-year-old from Darlington pleads guilty to terror charges

A fourteen-year-old from Darlington has pleaded guilty to terror charges, making him the youngest person to be convicted on terror offences. The schoolboy admitted three counts of possessing information useful to a terrorist, specifically manuals for making explosives, last week at Westminster Magistrates’ Court. He was also reportedly active on racist online forums. The boy, […]


Despite media and FBI claims, Texas synagogue hostages confirm attack was absolutely antisemitic as two are arrested in the UK

Despite media and FBI claims that the attack on Congregation Beth Israel in Texas was “not specifically related to the Jewish community,” the hostages taken by terrorist Malik Faisal Akram have confirmed that his motivation was in fact antisemitic. The FBI’s claim, blindly repeated by the world’s media, had sparked fury in Jewish communities around […]


Labour MPs Grahame Morris, Nadia Whittome, John McDonnell and Lucy Powell all under pressure in relation to antisemitism

Four Labour Party MPs – Grahame Morris, Nadia Whittome, John McDonnell and Lucy Powell – are now under pressure in relation to antisemitism. The Mail on Sunday revealed that the Labour MP Grahame Morris is the director of the controversial “Palestine Deep Dive” company. Research by Labour Against Antisemitism uncovered Mr Morris’ association with the company, of which he […]


Prince of Wales commissions seven artists to paint portraits of Holocaust survivors

The Prince of Wales has commissioned seven artists to paint portraits of seven Holocaust survivors. The paintings are to be publicly displayed at Buckingham Palace. “As the number of Holocaust survivors sadly but inevitably declines, my abiding hope is that this special collection will act as a further guiding light,” Prince Charles said. The portraits of Helen Aronson, 94, […]


74-year-old Jewish woman beaten, tied to a chair and robbed in Paris

A 74-year-old Jewish woman has reportedly been beaten and robbed in Paris, France.  According to the Paris-based National Bureau for Vigilance Against Antisemitism (BNVCA), the attack occurred on 13th December where the two suspects, described as being Black and around sixteen or seventeen years of age, reportedly pretended to be members of the building’s security […]


Journalist India Willoughby doubles down on inflammatory Nazi and Holocaust analogies

The journalist India Willoughby has doubled down on inflammatory Nazi and Holocaust analogies. Ms Willoughby tweeted earlier this month that “If Liz Truss replaces Boris [Johnson], it will be like Hitler coming to power. We’re f*****.” After receiving criticism for hyperbolically and needlessly invoking the Nazis, she doubled down, tweeting: “Excuse me? I think you’ll find the Nazis […]


Eddie Marsan tells Podcast Against Antisemitism that antisemitism is often ignored or even indulged in because it’s seen as a “trendy racism”

Today’s guest on Podcast Against Antisemitism is the actor Eddie Marsan, who shared insightful comments on antisemitism within the acting industry and the UK. Marsan, who is not Jewish, has also received antisemitic abuse for playing a Jewish character in the BBC’s Ridley Road and for speaking out against antisemitism online and in public life. Mr Marsan said: “There isn’t only […]


Police call for help identifying suspects in last week’s antisemitic incident on Oxford Street

The Metropolitan Police have issued a call for witnesses and assistance in identifying suspects in last week’s antisemitic incident on Oxford Street. The Met is investigating as a hate crime an attack on a bus that travelled down Oxford Street on 30th November carrying a group of visibly Jewish teenagers celebrating the Jewish festival of Chanukah. Videos taken by […]


Leicester City Labour councillor suspended over antisemitism allegations after allegedly accusing Sir Keir Starmer of being an “agent of Israel”

A Labour Party councillor on Leicester City Council has reportedly been suspended after allegedly accusing Sir Keir Starmer of being an “agent of Israel”. Jacky Nangreave, who represents Westcotes ward, is accused of saying of Sir Keir that “he seems to be an agent of Israel, I wonder what they can offer him.” She also allegedly posted a comment saying that “Zionism is […]


Home Secretary vindicated in banning Hamas in full, following campaign by CAA and others, after it emerges that yesterday’s terrorist who murdered grandson of prominent British rabbi was member of Hamas’ supposed “political wing”

The Home Secretary has been vindicated in her decision to ban the antisemitic genocidal terrorist group Hamas in full, after it emerged that the terrorist who murdered the grandson of a prominent British rabbi yesterday was a member of the group’s supposed “political wing”. The Home Secretary’s announcement on Friday that she would proscribe Hamas in full followed calls by Campaign […]


Man pleads guilty to wearing t-shirts in support of banned antisemitic terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad

A man has pleaded guilty to wearing t-shirts in support of two banned antisemitic genocidal terrorist groups. Feras Al Jayoosi, 34 and of Swindon, pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates’ Court today to four counts of wearing an article supporting a proscribed organisation. One t-shirt reportedly worn by Mr Al Jayoosi supported the Izz al-Din al Qassem Brigades, […]


Cambridge University bans speaker for doing Hitler impersonation during debate

The University of Cambridge has banned a speaker after he impersonated Adolf Hitler during a debate.  Art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon, 60, performed the act as a part of his argument against the motion entitled “this house believes there is no such thing as good taste”.  In his impersonation, which the University Union’s President called the […]


Justin Welby apologises for comparing climate threat to Nazi Germany

The Archbishop of Canterbury has apologised for comparing the climate threat to Nazi Germany. Earlier today, in the context of the COP26 Summit in Glasgow, the Most Reverend Justin Welby was reported to have made reference to WWII. The BBC paraphrased him as saying that leaders will be “cursed” if they do not reach agreement over the next fortnight, […]


Joey Barton issues apology after describing bad football performance as ‘a Holocaust’

Joey Barton, the former football player and current manager of Bristol Rovers Football Club, has issued an apology after he described bad football performance as “a Holocaust” on Saturday. Reacting to Bristol Rovers’ loss to Newport County, Mr Barton said: “I said to the lads during the week, you know, the team’s almost like musical […]


C&T Auctioneers and Valuers Ltd tells CAA that auctioning Nazi daggers “keeps the memory of what happened alive” and alarmingly gives no indication of stopping

Earlier this month, Campaign Against Antisemitism wrote to the Kent-based C&T Auctioneers and Valuers Ltd to express our dismay over their auctioning of Nazi memorabilia, including an assortment of Third Reich daggers and busts and pictures of Hitler and his senior ministers. Their two-day militaria online auction also featured plaques and medals, clothing, shoes, goggles, […]


Essex students inexplicably protest speech on Afghanistan by calling for destruction of Israel, two years after 200 voted against creation of Jewish society on their campus

Students at the University of Essex reportedly protested against a speech on Afghanistan by calling for the destruction of Israel. Col. Richard Kemp, the former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, spoke to the University’s Conservative Society while protestors outside chanted “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” a chant that only […]


Manchester synagogue service zoombombed with Nazi imagery 

An online Sabbath service held by Manchester Reform Synagogue was zoombombed with Nazi imagery on Friday night. Zoombombing is when people join a Zoom video call with the intention of derailing it. This usually involves spewing antisemitic, racist, or otherwise hateful rhetoric. The synagogue’s rabbi, Robyn Ashworth-Steen, said that “Halfway through the service, during some […]


CAA to write to C&T Auctioneers and Valuers over auction glorifying Nazi memorabilia

Kent-based C&T Auctioneers and Valuers Ltd is hosting an auction with an array of Nazi memorabilia, including an assortment of Third Reich daggers and busts and pictures of Hitler and his senior ministers. The two-day militaria online auction also features plaques and medals, clothing, shoes, goggles, medical pouches, china, posters, toys and books, all from the Nazi era. […]


“Can you racially abuse Jewish people?” former footballer John Barnes, wonders in new book

Former Liverpool and England footballer John Barnes reportedly wonders in his new book whether one can racially abuse Jewish people. “Can you racially abuse Jewish people?” he asks, explaining that “if the Jewish people are a race, what race does a black Jewish person belong to?” Mr Barnes’ particular conceptualisation of racism becomes a little clearer when […]


Teenage neo-Nazi jailed for eleven years after using Telegram to plot terrorist acts 

A teenage neo-Nazi has been jailed for eleven years after using the social media platform Telegram to plot terrorist acts. Matthew Cronjager, 18, was found guilty of preparing for acts of terrorism and disseminating terrorist publications on Telegram after it emerged that he had planned to kill his former friend, who is Asian, for allegedly […]


CAA praises UK and Australia for principled vote against hypocritical UN resolution that pretends to condemn racism while endorsing antisemitic Durban process

The UK and Australia have jointly repudiated a resolution at the United Nations Human Rights Council that pretended to condemn racism while endorsing the antisemitic Durban process. The UK’s Permanent Representative in Geneva, Simon Manley, issued a Joint Statement on the Resolution Calling for Action Against Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance on behalf of both nations, in which he […]


Tortoise news website apologises over cartoon showing Mark Zuckerberg as a parasite controlling the world

Tortoise news website has apologised after publishing a cartoon on social media showing Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg as a parasite controlling the world. The cartoon reportedly referenced a story about a Facebook whistleblower who testified in the United States Senate last week, and was shared to Tortoise’s 19,000 followers on Instagram. The cartoon, which showed Mr Zuckerberg as a parasite […]


New Ofcom rules could mean fines for TikTok and Twitch 

New measures laid out by Ofcom could mean fines for video-sharing platforms (VSP) like TikTok and Twitch. The broadcasting watchdog said that one-third of users have seen hateful content on such sites. The new rules state that VSPs must take “appropriate measures” to protect users from content related to terrorism, child sexual abuse and racism. […]


Far-right organisation Britain First becomes a political party once again

The far-right organisation Britain First has registered as a political party, it was revealed this week. The Electoral Commission approved the group’s registration despite its reputation as a far-right organisation whose leaders have been convicted of, and imprisoned for, hate crimes. Britain First was previously registered as a political party but was deregistered in 2017 […]


Roundup of antisemitism news from Labour Conference as Sir Keir Starmer defends backing antisemite Jeremy Corbyn “100%”, saying any Labour government is better than the alternative

On antisemitism, this year’s Labour Party conference has exemplified the tension between public relations and substance and continues to raise questions about how and why the Party’s leadership is tackling the issue. Sir Keir Starmer’s follow-up comment this morning defending his backing of the antisemite Jeremy Corbyn by arguing that a Labour government is better […]


Antisemitism is being spread through video games, research shows

According to BBC Click, antisemitism and other forms of hate, including racism towards other groups and homophobia, is being spread through video games. Examples of such hate were found on the streaming platforms DLive and Odysee where players can stream themselves playing games like Call of Duty, Roblox and Minecraft whilst chatting with other users. […]


CAA report: Britain’s political parties and antisemitism

Today, during party conference season, Campaign Against Antisemitism releases its review of the state of Britain’s major political parties vis-a-vis antisemitism, with particular focus on relevant developments over the past twelve months. This review of the parties (ordered alphabetically) supplements our ongoing Antisemitism in Political Parties monitoring project, which documents specific cases of antisemitic conduct […]


More auction houses continue to sell Nazi daggers, coins, medals, and clothing

For the second time in two weeks, Campaign Against Antisemitism will be writing to an auction house over the selling of Nazi memorabilia. Earlier this month, Campaign Against Antisemitism wrote to Tennants auctioneers expressing dismay and outrage at the sale, which they have readily agreed not to replicate in future. However, Easy Live Auction continues to sell […]


Concerns over Holocaust ignorance amongst teachers, leading to “real-life consequences”

Concerns have been raised over ignorance surrounding the Holocaust amongst teachers in England, including those charged with educating schoolchildren on the subject. Although researchers from University College London’s (UCL) Centre for Holocaust Education said that there have been improvements since a similar study was conducted in 2009, nevertheless there remain significant causes of concern. The research found that […]


Tennants auctioneers pledges not to sell Nazi items in future after contact from CAA

Tennants has assured Campaign Against Antisemitism that they will not put Nazi items up for auction again in future, after we contacted the auction house in connection with an auction of Third Reich items last week. In a message, Tennants auctioneers replied to us to say that “As a family business, our deep-rooted friendships with […]


Why on earth is this auction house selling Nazi medals, weapons, books, uniforms, badges, cutlery and other memorabilia?

Campaign Against Antisemitism will be writing to Tennants auctioneers over its sale of a trove of Nazi memorabilia, including medals, weapons, books, uniforms, badges and cutlery. Tennants describes itself as “the UK’s largest family-owned fine art auctioneers, and a market leader with offices in North Yorkshire and London.” As the company claims that it “has the knowledge and experience clients […]


Suspect appears in court over series of Stamford Hill assaults

A 28-year-old man has appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court accused of attacking five people in Stamford Hill last month. Abdullah Qureshi, from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, has been charged with one count of racially or religiously aggravated wounding or grievous bodily harm, four counts of racially or religiously aggravated common assault and one count of racially or religious aggravated […]


JVL’s Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi’s suspension from Labour Party is inexplicably lifted

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi has claimed that her suspension from the Labour Party has been lifted. Ms Wimborne-Idrissi is the Media Officer of Jewish Voice for Labour, an antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation. She was also previously the Vice-Chair of Chingford and Woodford Green Constituency Labour Party (CLP) before reportedly being removed earlier this year. She was suspended from the Party, it is believed, following a rebellious meeting of her CLP […]


Canadian university plans course on antisemitism taught by academic who tweeted “Zionist pig” and that Jews had “actively contributed” to “genocide”

The University of Victoria in the Canadian province of British Columbia is planning a course on antisemitism to be taught by academic Shamma Boyarin, who has allegedly posted tweets calling a former ADL President a “Zionist pig” and claiming that Jews had “actively contributed” to “ethnic cleansing and genocide.” Mr Boyarin has taught religious studies […]


Man faces trial after being accused of creating antisemitic and racist podcasts

A man is facing trial after being accused of creating the website “Radio Aryan” in order to upload antisemitic and racist podcasts. James Allchurch, 49 from Pembrokeshire, appeared at Haverfordwest Magistrates’ Court yesterday where he denied fifteen counts of distributing a sound recording stirring up racial hatred. He was bailed to appear at Swansea Crown Court […]


John Ware wins first stage of libel case against JVL’s Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi

John Ware, the maker of the BBC Panorama documentary “Is Labour Antisemitic”, has won the first stage of his libel lawsuit against two members of the antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation, Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL). The libel action concerns comments made by Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, one of the group’s founders and its Media Officer, on Jeremy Vine’s BBC Radio 2 show, in which she claimed […]


Labour Party reportedly investigating JVL’s Co-chair over comments on Newsnight

It was reported this week that the Labour Party is investigating Jenny Manson over comments she had made in an interview on BBC2’s Newsnight in November. Ms Manson is the Co-Chair of Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), the antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation. The interview began by discussing the antisemitic former Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s reaction […]


Success for CAA as Hitler-loving radio host who called for Jews to be murdered and asked listeners for a gun sentenced to 32 months in prison

A Hitler-loving radio host has today been sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to eight counts of inciting racial hatred after action by Campaign Against Antisemitism. Following an investigation by Campaign Against Antisemitism that was acted upon by Devon and Cornwall Police, Graham Hart, 68, of Penponds, Camborne, was charged earlier this year with five […]