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Education and Outreach Officer

Full-time, based in London
Entry-level position

The Role

Every year, we reach thousands of people through our work in education and outreach. We have become a go-to educator in the field of antisemitism, providing teaching and training at schools, universities and professional, law enforcement and governmental institutions across the UK. We have also become a trusted provider of teaching resources, as well support and advocacy services for students of all ages.

The Education and Outreach Officer has four principal roles:

  • Running, developing and expanding our education programmes, including to Jewish and non-Jewish schools, universities, and a variety of professional, law enforcement and governmental institutions;
  • Running, developing and expanding our outreach work within the Jewish community, with other faith communities, and with high-risk groups;
  • Working with our specialist team to manage casework within the education sector; and
  • Managing our relationships with schools, universities, students’ unions and Jewish student groups.

This role is particularly suitable for recent university graduates.

You do not need to have direct experience in these areas, but you do need to be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the field, as well as confidence in delivering education sessions, workshops and creating and driving forward programmes.

You will receive extensive training, guidance and mentorship in each of these areas from your predecessor in the role, who is transferring to another role within the charity.

Education programmes: We currently work with schools and universities across the country with programmes ranging from intensive preparation for Jewish students leaving school for university, through to teaching materials on antisemitism for teachers at non-Jewish schools. Additionally, we educate beyond the education sector, providing training to companies, institutions, law enforcement, regulators and the Government. You will work with volunteers to develop and expand these programmes, including by providing educational sessions yourself, building relationships with external organisations, and training new volunteers to educate about antisemitism. You will work closely with other staff to organise events throughout the year and to synchronise your work with the efforts of our communications team.

Outreach work: Our outreach programme seeks to forge strong alliances in the fight against antisemitism both within the Jewish community and outside it. We also seek to target members of groups at high risk of exposure to antisemitism with persuasive messaging. You will be responsible for developing and executing our outreach strategy, building relationships with key stakeholders and making tangible inroads into a variety of communities both within and outside the Jewish community.

Managing our education sector casework: A crucial part of our support to people in the education sector is assisting the victims of antisemitic incidents. Working closely with our investigatory, enforcement and legal teams, you will ensure those who perpetrate antisemitism against teachers, students and academics face the consequences of their actions.

Managing our campus relationships: Campaign Against Antisemitism has a reputation for its work on university campuses. To maintain this and provide further support to Jewish and non-Jewish students combating antisemitism on their campuses you will develop relationships with relevant stakeholders, student groups and organisations. You will also develop personal relationships with groups on campuses across the UK, assisting them when antisemitic incidents occur, gathering evidence at problematic demonstrations and lectures, and organising educative events, to ensure that we continue to provide full on-campus support for the range of issues students may face.

The successful candidate will be creative, meticulously organised and precise, even under pressure. You will be adept at managing external relationships, with excellent interpersonal skills. Your work will require you to prioritise effectively, think analytically and communicate persuasively and eloquently. You will be a fast learner who can develop practical solutions and operate with total discretion. You will be comfortable working as part of a large and growing team. You will be able to work outside of normal office hours when required, and travel extensively within the UK.


We want to make the application process easy for you and for us. To apply, please just send us your CV and a covering letter outlining your motivation and suitability for the role. We will then invite some candidates to attend an interview in London.

Please enter your details below and instructions for submitting your CV and cover letter will be e-mailed to you.

Please note that if you have been a candidate for another position, you should only apply for this position if you were invited for an interview on the previous occasion.

About Us

Campaign Against Antisemitism is the UK’s leading organisation fighting antisemitism nationwide. Our volunteer-led charity is dedicated to exposing and countering antisemitism through education and zero-tolerance enforcement of the law.

We expect the authorities, professions and political parties to take firm action against antisemites and we work closely with them, but when they do not defend the rights of British Jews, we take action ourselves in court, in tribunals and through the media.

We are at the forefront of the battle to expose antisemitism in politics, and our campaign of litigation continues to set landmark precedents. We pride ourselves on working intelligently and fast to deploy innovative and aggressive campaigning strategies against antisemites.

Our small team of staff works with the hundreds of volunteers who have signed up to contribute their considerable talents to the fight against antisemitism.

In the long history of the fight against the world’s oldest hatred, every accomplishment of note started with a small, plucky, single-minded group using every ounce of their determination and ingenuity to achieve an objective that everyone else said was too ambitious.

We campaign with the agility of a startup, the expertise of our professional volunteers and, when needed, a dash of chutzpah.

We only recruit exceptional people who are dedicated to our cause. If that sounds like you, we want you on our team.