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Police Outreach Officer

Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) is the UK’s leading organisation fighting antisemitism nationwide. In order to effectively combat antisemitism, it is important that police forces around the country are well informed as to what exactly constitutes antisemitism so that they are in position to treat it with the seriousness it deserves.

We are looking for a dedicated volunteer to assist in our outreach programme, holding sessions with police forces across the country and providing guidance as to what antisemitism is and how it may relate to their policing efforts.

As volunteer Police Outreach Officer, you will:

  • Liaise with police forces around the country offering training and logging where training has been completed;
  • Deliver onsite training sessions with police forces and provide ongoing support to recipients of training;
  • Create relationships and networks within police forces to develop our network and strengthen responses to antisemitic crime; and
  • Liaise with other members of the CAA team and provide feedback on training sessions and outreach programme.

The ideal applicant for this position will have a passion for combating antisemitism and a clear understanding of antisemitism, both historical and contemporary. They will also have a basic understanding of British law where it has the potential to relate to antisemitic incidents or at least a keen willingness to gain knowledge in this area. Applicants with a background in policing, law or security are especially encouraged to apply for this role but this is not a requirement.

Liaising with police forces to provide training: the Police Outreach Officer will be responsible for contacting police forces around the country and organising training sessions to provide guidance on issues related to antisemitism. These sessions will have to be logged so that progress can be tracked. This will require not only an organised mindset and basic computer literacy but also people skills. The Police Outreach Officer will have to establish and maintain good relationships with their contacts and look for new opportunities to further engage with police forces and relevant other authorities to make a positive impact.

Delivering training sessions: Delivering training sessions requires public speaking skills and a familiarity with our training materials. You will receive guidance from our Director of Investigations and Enforcement, General Counsel and Education and Outreach Officer on how these sessions should be delivered. Training sessions may be remote or on-site and this role is best suited to individuals with a flexible schedule who are able to travel within the United Kingdom during the working week to offer sessions where required.

Creating relationships and networks: You will help us to expand our network within policing more generally; developing and maintaining relationships with figures such as hate crime leads, and participating in police-run stakeholder groups to which CAA has been invited. This is a vital element of our work and applicants should be able to effectively represent CAA in discussions with police forces.

Liaising with team members and providing feedback: As Police Outreach Officer you will be in regular contact with other members of the CAA team, keeping us updated on developments in the police outreach programme, taking part in meetings and discussions and providing feedback and progress updates. You will also liaise with our Incident Response Unit which provides support to victims of antisemitic crime, helping them to communicate effectively with authorities.

As a volunteer your time will be respected, however this role is best suited to somebody who is able to invest considerable time and effort into relationship-building to make an impact on how antisemitic hate crime is dealt with by police forces.