The Law of Antisemitism

Justice, justice, you shall pursue
צדק צדק תרדף


“Justice, justice you shall pursue.”

These simple words from the Torah were radical: in a time when power was wielded through the sword and by wealth, the idea that justice should be the ultimate goal of every person and the worthiest form of power was bold and new. It goes to the essence of what civilisation is: without justice we cannot thrive or be considered civilised.

Antisemitism is known as “the oldest hatred.” It is no mere prejudice; it endures because it is an ideology. It presents itself as a form of justice. Whereas other forms of racism slur their victims to diminish them, antisemitism does the opposite. Jews are presented as conniving, corrupting, parasites who wield immense power to the detriment of society. Antisemites present themselves as agents of justice, freeing mankind from Jewish dominance.

Like all ideologies, antisemitism has its own antibodies. Every Jewish contribution to society is cast as a bid for power. Every person who does not adopt antisemitism is dismissed as weak and blind. Every opponent of antisemitism is discredited as being part of a Jewish conspiracy or in the pay of Jews. Call an antisemite antisemitic and they will insist that you are smearing them to stop them exposing Jewish power.

The struggle against antisemitism is not just the pursuit of justice; it is the struggle to define justice itself. Will society see “justice” as the protector of the few against the many, or will subverted “justice” be the mechanism by which the few are persecuted and the many corrupted?

History’s golden ages have been times when “justice” has been the guarantor of equality and freedom, and history’s darkest ages have been those times when “justice” was subverted. One need not look back far to see the part that antisemitism has played in perverting justice and society.

Antisemitism never sleeps. It is powerful again and unravelling the fringes of society, seeping into the mainstream. It is our duty as individuals to ensure that justice prevails by reporting antisemitism and ensuring that the criminal justice system repels this disease that threatens society itself.

This guide has been prepared for Campaign Against Antisemitism by a team of eminent Queen’s Counsel so that you may personally play your part in the battle for justice. Should you need help or have questions, please contact us.

Already across Europe, antisemitism is reaching levels that have caused Jewish citizens to leave their countries. Jews have been sought out and murdered. The forces of justice have responded too late and inadequately. It must not be so in Britain.

Justice, justice, we must pursue.

Gideon Falter
Chief Executive