EHRC report into antisemitism in the Labour Party

Campaign Against Antisemitism referred the Labour Party to the EHRC because Jew-hatred under Corbyn was out of control. Here is everything you need to know.


Gideon Falter, Chief Executive of Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “Statement

Letter to Sir Keir

“That your Party became institutionally racist against Jews, causing more than two in five British Jews to consider leaving the country and necessitating the investigation that has now concluded, is an indelible stain on Labour and on those within your Party who stood by and let antisemitism take hold. The individuals responsible must at last be held to account.” Continue reading


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In 2015, a backbench MP named Jeremy Corbyn stood to become leader of the Labour Party.
 We saw him for what he was.

Campaign Against Antisemitism has been at the forefront of exposing Labour’s antisemitism in the media ever since. For years we uncovered evidence and spoke out.

In 2016, following the Chakrabarti whitewash, we were the first to declare Labour institutionally antisemitic. As we exposed Mr Corbyn’s past, in 2018 we became the only organisation to call him an antisemite.
We demanded justice on the front pages and demonstrated in our thousands. But there was no justice.

We were told that holding Labour to account legally would be impossible. We disagreed.

In 2018, Campaign Against Antisemitism referred the Labour Party to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and became the complainant in its unprecedented statutory investigation. The Jewish Labour Movement and Labour Against Antisemitism Ltd made further submissions which supported our referral.

Over many months, Campaign Against Antisemitism’s investigators and lawyers submitted hundreds of pages of evidence and argument to the EHRC in pursuit of justice.

After many months, the EHRC is publishing its report.

Campaign Against Antisemitism is not permitted to comment on the contents of the report until it has been released by the EHRC. We will be holding a press conference after the report is released and providing analysis from our lawyers to our mailing list subscribers. Subscribe to receive the latest updates.


In brief: Watch our short explainer video

In detail: Campaign Against Antisemitism first approached the EHRC at the time of the Labour Party Conference in Brighton in 2017. The conference was so rife with antisemitism that Brighton and Hove City Council’s then Labour leader, Warren Morgan, told his own Party that he would not permit use of Council premises for the conference again. Continue reading



Campaign Against Antisemitism carries out rigorous research to identify and expose antisemites in all political parties. We publish some of our case files and made them available to the EHRC for its investigation.