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Integrity Researcher

Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) is the UK’s leading organisation fighting antisemitism nationwide. In order to deal with the high volume of volunteer applications we receive and ensure security for our team, we require an Integrity Researcher in order to conduct background checks on applicants and prospective team members.

As Integrity Researcher you will:

  • Screen volunteer applications, completing background checks and ensuring that successful applicants can be verified as well-intentioned individuals;
  • Liaise with our Mobilisation Unit, which manages the recruitment of volunteers;
  • Liaise with other volunteer units such as our Systems Unit and Online Monitoring and Investigations Unit to develop tools and improve processes in this area; and
  • Conduct occasional background checks where required for purposes unrelated to mobilisation on request.

Although high level IT skills are not required, candidates must be highly versed in navigating the internet and web applications and capable of quickly learning technical tools to assist in integrity verification. Candidates must be highly deductive and capable of making accurate judgments on the integrity of applications, understanding the importance of avoiding any security breaches in our recruitment process. Although applicants of any professional background are potentially suitable for this position, candidates with backgrounds in security, policing, IT or defence are particularly sought.