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Political Investigations Complaints Manager

CAA’s Political Investigations team provides evidence of antisemitism in political parties for publication in a project called ‘Antisemitism in Political Parties’ while also providing ongoing stories, and function as a resource to the Comms team and everyone at CAA on politics.

The CAA ‘Antisemitism in Political Parties’ project’s aims are: the publication of evidence of the dissemination of antisemitism by officers of political parties; to maintain and update those cases as a record of antisemitism in political parties for journalists, the Jewish community, academics and the public in general against a clear set of criteria, namely: the IDoA, its methodology, the EHRC’s judgements in their investigation into Labour Antisemitism and a manifesto for political parties.

In that respect, we are seeking someone to take each completed AIPP case and process it as a complaint to the relevant political party or council:

  • To establish the complaints process for each political party.
  • In the case of the Green Party, to collaborate with a contact who will act as a proxy for the complaint.
  • To submit the complaint.
  • To monitor and process the political party’s response; and
  • To return the party’s response to Rachel/Research assistant.

You should have an enthusiasm for and awareness of politics and political antisemitism. You should have good organisations skills, enjoy working as part of a team, but be able to work independently too. Political experience is not necessarily required,, but you should have good online research and search skills, and be comfortable with online data management and networking, as we collaborate online.