Antisemitism in Universities

SOAS University of London

International Definition of Antisemitism


The University has not adopted the International Definition of Antisemitism.

The University has told Campaign Against Antisemitism: “While SOAS University of London has not adopted the IHRA definition, we stand firmly against anti-Semitism, as we do against all forms of discrimination. Our SOAS Charter on Racism, Antisemitism and All Forms of Cultural, Ethnic and Religious Chauvinism makes a clear, demonstrable commitment to every member of staff and every student that we will not tolerate any form of racism or religious chauvinism, and that we will maintain an inclusive space for every member of our community.

This information was obtained after Campaign Against Antisemitism submitted a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 on 9th June 2023. On 7th July 2023, the University responded.

Students’ Union

When asked on 6th August 2020, SOAS Students’ Union failed to confirm whether it has adopted the International Definition of Antisemitism.


The following are recent incidents that have been reported to us, however we recognise that antisemitism is chronically underreported and it is possible that there are incidents that have not been reported. To report an incident, please contact us.

Campaign Against Antisemitism considering legal action after the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) Palestine Society reportedly shared a quote from the Secretary-General of Hizballah.

Professor David Hirsh, a lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London who was appointed as the Chairman of a panel that oversaw an antisemitism-related complaint at SOAS, has said that SOAS could be institutionally antisemitic.

Student refunded tuition fees after being subjected to a “toxic antisemitic environment” at SOAS”.

SOAS Jewish students asked for protection and the Students’ Union stripped them of the right to decide what is antisemitic.

SOAS academics reportedly expressed furious opposition to adoption of the International Definition of Antisemitism.

A professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) called Israel a “Western virus” and accused the Jewish state of using the Holocaust as the “clincher argument” in its “presumed right over Palestine”.

EuroPal invited to speak on antisemitism.

Director, Baroness Amos declined to adopt International Definition of Antisemitism

Antisemitic comments made at lecture organised by SOAS Palestine Society.

Jewish life on campus

The incidence of antisemitism on a university campus and how the university and its students’ union address antisemitism are matters of serious concern. At the same time, they do not represent the totality of Jewish life on any campus. For further information about Jewish life on campus, please contact the local Jewish Society or Jewish chaplain.

No student should have to endure antisemitism. Campaign Against Antisemitism provides specialist help to students who have experienced antisemitism, including free legal representation. For assistance with antisemitism on campus, please contact us.