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Coventry University Dodgeball Team suspended over “Jews deserved it” and swastika antisemitic t-shirt decoration party

Coventry University Dodgeball Team is under fire for hosting a white t-shirt party in which students elected to emblazon their t-shirts with antisemitic emblems and the slogan “The Jews deserved it.” This follows prior incidents at Lancaster, Plymouth and Newcastle. On 6th February, Coventry University Dodgeball Team was photographed at Empire nightclub at what appears […]


Members of neo-Nazi group National Action who named their son “Adolf” jailed

Members from the neo-Nazi group, National Action, who named their son “Adolf” have been jailed. Adam Thomas, 22, was found guilty of being a member of National Action, which was proscribed as a terrorist organisation at the culmination of a long campaign by Campaign Against Antisemitism and others. Mr Thomas stood trial with his partner, […]


Liberal Democrats who secured Baroness Tonge’s seat in the House of Lords must now actively campaign for her removal over Pittsburgh comment

Disgraced Baroness Tonge, who was twice suspended from the Liberal Democrats over allegations of antisemitism and eventually resigned as pressure mounted, has suggested that the Israeli government bears some responsibility for today’s horrific far-right terrorist attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Her immediate response to the attack was to post on Facebook: […]


Jeremy Corbyn unapologetic about handling of antisemitism on “The Andrew Marr Show”

In an interview on BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show, Jeremy Corbyn declined the opportunity to apologise for antisemitism in the Labour Party, falling back instead on his oft-repeated claim that he is an anti-racist. The Labour leader’s appearance on the show, which made for uncomfortable viewing, saw him confronted on several issues that have arisen as part […]


Layla Moran says Corbyn has “some responsibility” for Labour antisemitism

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran has suggested that the problem of antisemitism in the Labour Party remains unresolved, and that “some responsibility” for the current situation lies with the Party’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Ms Moran made the comments in an interview with the Evening Standard after an interview panel with John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, […]


Man fined and banned from Swansea City games after Nazi salute to Spurs supporters

A man has been fined and banned from Swansea City football games after performing a Nazi salute to Spurs supporters. Leighton Johnson from Swansea was captured making a Nazi salute towards Tottenham Hotspur supporters at Liberty Stadium in April 2017. Mr Johnson denied causing racially aggravated alarm or distress and claimed that he was merely […]


Labour policy decision-maker George McManus suspended following antisemitic Facebook comment

George McManus, who sits on the Labour Party’s National Policy Forum as its first chair, has been suspended from his Party role after posting a Facebook comment about Tom Watson likening him to “Judas” for accepting donations from Jewish businessman Sir Trevor Chinn. McManus wrote: “Apparently [the] Electoral Commission states that Watson received £50,000+ from […]


Far-left propaganda website Skwawkbox caught calling article about “Jewish war against Corbyn” both “pertinent and frightening”

Far-left propaganda website Skwawkbox has been caught calling an appalling article about the “Jewish war against Corbyn” both “pertinent and frightening”. The article, entitled “The Jewish ‘war against Corbyn’ risks bringing real antisemitism to Britain”, accused the Jewish community of exaggerating antisemitism in the Labour Party and thereby putting Jews at risk of reprisals. Rather than […]


CAA calls for proscription of renamed replica of far-right terrorist group National Action

Neo-Nazi terrorist group National Action has re-emerged under the new name of “System Resistance Network”, and is trying to recruit students in the North and the Midlands, according to The Sunday Times.  Founded in 2013, National Action quickly gained national attention for its openly far-right rhetoric and preparations to commit terrorist acts.  In June 2014, […]


Two men jailed after being found guilty of membership in neo-Nazi National Action terrorist group

Two men have been jailed after being found guilty of membership in the neo-Nazi terrorist group, National Action. Christopher Lythgoe, 32, of Warrington, and Matthew Hankinson, 24, of Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, were convicted of membership in the neo-Nazi National Action group, which was proscribed as a terrorist organisation by the British Government following pressure by Campaign Against Antisemitism and others. Mr Lythgoe, the […]


The Labour Party’s rejection of the International Definition of Antisemitism was long-planned

Nearly two months ago, Campaign Against Antisemitism called out the Labour Party’s intention to reject the International Definition of Antisemitism. By analysing the seemingly positive letter and article published by Jeremy Corbyn in April, observing what was omitted, and noting Andrew Gwynne MP’s contemporaneous comments on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, we identified Labour’s disingenuous […]


CAA welcomes call by our Honorary Patron, Sir Eric Pickles, for a law against Holocaust denial, following the conviction of Alison Chabloz

Speaking to the BBC, Sir Eric Pickles has called for a new law against Holocaust denial to ensure that perpetrators receive longer sentences. Sir Eric, who is an Honorary Patron of Campaign Against Antisemitism, made the comments in the wake of the landmark conviction of Alison Chabloz today following a private prosecution by Campaign Against Antisemitism which […]


Neo-Nazi who described Jews as “destructive” and “vile” on social media is jailed

Wayne Bell, a prominent member of National Action before it was banned in 2016, published hundreds of posts on Twitter and a Russian social media site, including one which described Jewish people as “destructive” and “vile”. Neo-Nazi National Action was proscribed as a terrorist organisation at the culmination of a long campaign by Campaign Against […]


The Labour Party’s promise to cast aside the International Definition of Antisemitism and come up with its own better version is a further insult to the Jewish community

Those who are careful readers of the Labour Party’s attitudes to the Jewish community will be aware that far from positioning themselves to resolve their self-made antisemitism crisis, the Party’s leadership has avoided punishing the loyal antisemites in their midst, and betrayed at every turn a deep reluctance to challenge the far-left worldview that is […]


It’s not easy to keep track of what the Labour Party and Momentum say constitutes antisemitism

Campaign Against Antisemitism tries to keep track of what each political party defines as antisemitism. Whilst most mainstream parties now use the International Definition of Antisemitism, the Labour Party’s stance has become increasing convoluted. Following the Government’s lead, in December 2016, the Labour Party stated that it had adopted the International Definition of Antisemitism. A […]


Jeremy Corbyn should join CAA’s call for Len McClusky’s resignation, after appalling threat to Labour MPs who stand against antisemitism

On Wednesday, the General Secretary of Britain’s largest trade union, Unite, declared war on Labour MPs who have bravely stood up to antisemites in their own Party. As one of the Labour Party’s largest donors, Unite carries significant sway in the Party. It has shamefully permitted its General Secretary to repeatedly belittle and dismiss allegations […]


Jeremy Corbyn sits silent and aloof during debate on antisemitism, as Jewish Labour MPs castigate his failure to deal with the antisemites who terrorise them

Yesterday, the House of Commons witnessed an extraordinary debate on antisemitism. It was extraordinary because it had to happen at all; for its emotion, but most of all for the testimony given by MPs, especially Labour MPs, and the blame they laid at the door of the Labour Party’s Leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Three of Labour’s […]


Administrator of antisemitic “Palestine Live” Facebook group was not an “acquaintance” of Jeremy Corbyn but a close friend who repeatedly propagated extreme antisemitism

Last week, Jeremy Corbyn was exposed as being a member of a deeply antisemitic Facebook group in which he participated for two years. Now, damning new evidence made available to Campaign Against Antisemitism proves that Mr Corbyn or his team were demonstrably lying when, as was reported in The Guardian they had said that his […]


CAA calls for Football Association Chief Executive Martin Glenn to apologise and undergo training after equating Star of David with swastika and Robert Mugabe

Campaign Against Antisemitism calls upon Martin Glenn, Chief Executive of the Football Association, to immediately apologise and undergo training after he equated the Star of David with the swastika and images of Robert Mugabe. Speaking about rules that prohibit the wearing of political symbols at football matches, Mr Glenn cited a number of “highly divisive” […]


Unapologetic Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey claims “right-wing media” is exaggerating Labour’s antisemitism problem

The leader of the UK’s largest trade union, Unite, has claimed that the Labour Party’s ongoing antisemitism crisis is only a problem due to “right-wing media” supposedly exaggerating the issue. Mr McCluskey made the comments last week during a speech for the Resolution Foundation, according to the Daily Telegraph. A major ally of Labour leader […]


It was deeply inappropriate for Jonathan Dimbleby to use his keynote on Holocaust Memorial Day to claim that antisemitism is being used to silence Israel’s critics

It was deeply inappropriate for Jonathan Dimbleby to have used his keynote address at the main commemoration on Holocaust Memorial Day to claim that allegations of antisemitism are being used to silence Israel’s critics. As the son of broadcaster Richard Dimbleby, Jonathan was honoured with the keynote address at the ceremony. His father had given […]


SoundCloud rejects CAA complaint, refusing to act over Kelechi Okafor’s defence of antisemitic stereotyping in podcast

Responding to a complaint made by Campaign Against Antisemitism, SoundCloud, the popular music streaming service, has stated that it can see no problem with the antisemitic comments made by actress and fitness studio owner Kelechi Okafor during an episode of her podcast series, “Say Your Mind”. Ms Okafor caused outrage when she defended recent comments about Jews made by […]


Labour Against the Witch-Hunt expels member over antisemitism, prompting formation of group against antisemitism witch-hunt within Labour Against the Witch-Hunt

In a strange twist of events, a group set up to protest the expulsion of Labour members for alleged antisemitism has begun expelling members for, antisemitism. Labour Against the Witch-Hunt (LAW) was launched in October 2017 as a group protesting expulsion of Labour party members following antisemitism claims. It swiftly won the support of the […]


Police open investigation into swastika graffiti in Lockerbie on Remembrance Sunday

Police Scotland is investigating a series of swastikas that were painted on vehicles and a wall near McConechy’s garage and a butcher’s shop in Lockerbie between Remembrance Sunday and Monday morning. PC David Noble appealed for witnesses and told the BBC that it was a “disgusting act” at a time of “remembrance and reflection”. Councillor Adam […]


Priti Patel wanted “to curry favour with Jewish Tory donors” according to unnamed Conservative MP, while Labour’s Lord Falconer suggests Prime Minister risks being “in hock” to foreign power

The resignation of Priti Patel as Secretary of State for International Development has unleashed some disturbing comments, including from politicians and journalists who have carelessly or deliberately evoked sinister stereotypes of powerful Jews. In one article in The Times, Policy Editor, Oliver Wright and Political Editor, Francis Elliott, cited an unnamed senior Conservative MP writing: […]


Attack on Labour councillor who took action against antisemitism receives social media endorsement from Shadow Cabinet Minister Chris Williamson

Shadow Minister Chris Williamson has tweeted a blog article entitled “Revealed: The Labour Party activists behind the ‘antisemitism’ smears”, which he commended as “really interesting”. Despite its grand use of terms such as “raw data” and “the power of weak links”, the article does little more than to insinuate – on the flimsiest of evidence […]


Andrew Neil forced to tell former Labour Party Leader Harriet Harman to “be quiet” after she repeats disgusting Holocaust joke live on air

Veteran BBC presenter Andrew Neil was forced to tell former Labour Party Leader Harriet Harman to “be quiet” after she repeated a disgusting Holocaust ‘joke’ live on air. Mr Neil was discussing offensive jokes with his guests on the BBC’s This Week, and the troubles of Michael Gove who apologised for joking about sexual abuse by […]


CAA calls on Palestine Solidarity Campaign to sever all ties with its Patron, Alexei Sayle, who says all allegations of antisemitism amongst Corbyn supporters are a “fabrication”

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign should immediately sever all ties with its patron, Alexei Sayle, following an interview with Sky News in which he claimed that all allegations of antisemitism “amongst supporters of Jeremy Corbyn are a complete fabrication”. There are many clear cases of vile antisemitism amongst supporters of Mr Corbyn, many of which have […]


Pensioner fined £250 for third offence of sending over 150 harassing letters, including references to “Zionist Jews” being a “death cult” and claiming they will “get us all killed”

James Evans, a 70-year-old pensioner from Worcester, has been fined for harassing Worcester MP Robin Walker after writing him over 150 letters which included references to “Zionist Jews” being a “death cult” and claims that they will “get us all killed in the Third World War.” He also said the Jews were “not a race.” […]


Leader of Unite union must apologise or resign for claiming antisemitism is “mood music” to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, and praising group whose spokeswoman laughs at antisemitism

The leader of the Unite union, Len McCluskey, has told the BBC that claims of antisemitism in the Labour Party are “mood music” to “undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership” and that people who allege it have been “playing games”. He also said that Jewish Voice for Labour, a fringe organisation which hijacks the voice of Jewish […]


Tense scenes and dismay from Jewish delegates at Labour Party Conference as vote awaited on new rules making it easier to expel antisemites from the Party

The atmosphere is tense after an at times raucous debate at the Labour Party Conference on whether to adopt new rules which would make it easier to expel antisemites. Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, of the Jewish Voices for Labour group, said those seeking changes should “be careful”. She also claimed that those promoting the rule change had been […]


Sunday Times agrees to CAA recommendations: they will not employ Kevin Myers again and will print an apology

Following discussion between Campaign Against Antisemitism and News UK, which owns the Sunday Times, a further statement has been issued accepting our recommendations: “Further to our earlier statement we can confirm that Kevin Myers will not write again for the Sunday Times Ireland. A printed apology will appear in next week’s paper. The Sunday Times editor Martin […]


CAA complains to IPSO over brazenly antisemitic Sunday Times column on pay which claims “Jews are not generally noted for their insistence on selling their talent for the lowest possible price”

The Sunday Times has removed from its online edition a column by Kevin Myers which brazenly deploys an antisemitic trope about Jews and money. Kevin Myers’ column about the BBC pay row contained the following paragraph: “I note that two of the best-paid women presenters in the BBC — Claudia Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz, with […]


Ofcom shuts down Iman FM radio station for broadcasting 25 hours of lectures by Al-Qaeda leader including antisemitic hatred

The broadcasting regulator, the Office of Communications (Ofcom), has revoked the license of Sheffield radio station, Iman FM, for broadcasting antisemitic and hate-filled speeches by Anwar Al-Awlaki, the “widely known terrorist leader and Al Qaeda recruiter.” The station was suspended earlier this month pending representations to Ofcom by the radio station, however the radio station’s arguments […]


Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour MP for Kemptown, reportedly defends Melanie Melvin’s claim that “Israeli lobby” faked Syrian sarin gas attack

The Argus, based in Brighton and Hove, in East Sussex, has revealed that newly-elected Labour MP for Kemptown, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, has allegedly called for Labour activist Melanie Melvin to be reinstated to the Labour Party despite her claim that the BBC faked footage of a Syrian gas attack at the behest of the “Israeli lobby”. On […]


Ofcom suspends Iman FM radio station for broadcasting 25 hours of lectures by Al-Qaeda leader including antisemitic hatred

The broadcasting regulator, the Office of Communications (Ofcom), has suspended Sheffield radio station, Iman FM, for broadcasting antisemitic and hate-filled speeches by Anwar Al-Awlaki, the “widely known terrorist leader and Al Qaeda recruiter.” In one speech broadcast by Iman FM, Al-Awlaki said that “Our problem is not with [Jews’] ethnicity but their mindset.” According to […]


Tim Farron sacks disgraced parliamentary candidate David Ward over antisemitism, after first claiming that he was powerless to intervene

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has bowed to pressure to sack his disgraced former MP, David Ward, after Ward was selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Bradford East. Mr Farron first claimed that he was powerless to intervene in local parties’ selection processes. Campaign Against Antisemitism had worked with outraged Liberal Democrats to raise […]


After releasing a disappointing policing plan, Mayor of London makes a start on hate crime policing group called for by CAA

Having released a disappointing policing plan, Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has launched the beginnings of a hate crime policing group recommended by Campaign Against Antisemitism. The Metropolitan Police Service does not currently have a dedicated force-wide hate crime team, but Sadiq Khan today announced an online hate crime unit staffed by five officers who will gather intelligence on online […]


Ken Livingstone is not alone, as shown by thousands of supporters on social media blurring the lines between far-left and far-right

The decision not to expel Ken Livingstone from the Labour Party has unleashed a tirade of antisemitism on many Labour-affiliated Facebook pages from Livingstone’s apologists and supporters who have jumped to his defence. Far from being alone, Ken Livingstone is just the tip of the iceberg. His beliefs are shared by thousands of supporters, whose views are even […]


Councillor suspended by Labour after performing Nazi salute in budget debate

Councillor Jonny Morris, 49, a Labour Party Councillor on Plymouth City Council, has been suspended from the Labour Party after he was caught on camera giving a Nazi salute during a budget meeting in Devon. Councillor Tudor Evans, leader of the Plymouth Labour group, confirmed that Councillor Morris had been suspended while the matter was investigated. He said […]


CAA asks Attorney General to review sentence after teenager who made “viable” bomb for “all-out race war” walks free

A 17-year-old neo-Nazi from Bradford who made a homemade pipe bomb in order to start an “all-out race war” has been sentenced to a mere three-year Youth Rehabilitation Order and ordered to receive intensive counselling from a deradicalisation expert. We condemn this unduly lenient sentence which entirely fails to deter terrorism against British Jews. As we reported in […]


Muslim Public Affairs Committee congratulates Ecuador on antisemitic slur

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) has tweeted its congratulations to Ecuador after Horacio Sevilla Borja, and Ecuadorian diplomat said he did not think there was “anything more similar” to Nazi persecution than Israeli policy. Under the International Definition of Antisemitism, “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” is antisemitic. The tweet […]


Unmasked antisemitic YouTube blogger faces police probe of “Jewish problem” comments

YouTube video blogger “Millenial Woes” has been unmasked as Colin Robertson, a 34-year-old unemployed former arts student, from Linlithgow, Scotland. Robertson attracted a thousands-strong far-right audience with his videos made in the spare bedroom of his father’s house. Robertson spoke at a rally in Washington DC in which neo-Nazis infamously shouted “Hail Trump” whilst performing Nazi salutes, leading […]


How one outraged journalist shamed Google into demoting Holocaust denial sites

Carole Cadwalladr, a journalist for the Guardian and the Observer has a special interest in the colonisation of parts of the internet by the far-right. In December, she discovered that using Google to search for “Did the Holocaust happen?” returned search results from neo-Nazi Holocaust denial websites claiming that the Holocaust was a hoax perpetrated by […]


Muslim Public Affairs Committee founder defends Malaysian PM’s antisemitic speech

Asghar Bukhari, a founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, has spoken out to defend the former Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, over an antisemitic speech he gave. During an interview with Mehdi Hasan, Mahathir Mohamad was questioned over his 2012 speech to the Organisation of the Islamic Conference in which he claimed that “The Jews rule the world by proxy. They get […]


CAA team takes to the airwaves to back Home Affairs Select Committee report

The House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee today published its report following its inquiry into the rise of antisemitism in Britain. The report endorsed recommendations made by Campaign Against Antisemitism over the past two years, tackling the definition of antisemitism, antisemitism in political parties, antisemitism in student politics, the failure of social networks to […]


Hundreds of neo-Nazis rally to calls of “Sieg Heil” but police say no “crime committed”

Cambridgeshire Constabulary has failed to object to a neo-Nazi rally for hundreds of fascists from across Europe because they believed the organisers’ claims that they were holding a ‘charity event’. They have also claimed that there was no “crime committed” as hundreds of men performed Nazi salutes in response to antisemitic songs and calls of “Seig Heil”. Blood […]


Campaign Against Antisemitism and the Labour antisemitism furore

Campaign Against Antisemitism has had an extremely busy few weeks. Our investigations team found and then trawled through vast quantities of antisemitic material which we then brought to the attention of the media. For example, at the start of last week we proactively exposed antisemites, then at the end of the week gave our reaction […]


Ken Livingstone claims Hitler was “supporting Zionism“

Ken Livingstone has told Vanessa Feltz during an interview on BBC Radio London that Hitler “was supporting Zionism before he went mad”. He made the comments whilst claiming that disgraced MP Naz Shah’s comments were not antisemitic even though she had apologised for them. The Labour Party must expel Ken Livingstone. Today he has claimed that […]


Naz Shah employed antisemitic Labour Councillors

Campaign Against Antisemitism investigators have discovered antisemitic tweets by close associates of suspended Labour MP Naz Shah, who resigned as Parliamentary Secretary to John McDonnell before the Labour Party bowed to pressure to expel her. We continue to call for Shah to be expelled and removed from the Home Affairs Select Committee which is about […]


Green Party spokesman remains in post after voicing antisemitic conspiracy theory

According to the Guido Fawkes political blog, the Green Party’s spokesman, former Labour MP Tony Clarke, told BBC Radio 5 Live: “There are British oil companies such as Genel Energy, run by Nathaniel Rothschild, one of George Osborne’s friends, who are making money, who are buying oil from ISIS, who are putting money into the […]


Our reaction to new government counter-extremism strategy: enforcement and definition are key

On Monday, the government unveiled its new counter-extremism strategy. The strategy is the reflection of visions set out by the Home Secretary in March and the Prime Minister in July. The strategy is primarily designed to address Islamic extremism, but also other extreme ideologies, including neo-Nazi extremism. Both, especially the former, are on the rise […]


Performer at Edinburgh Festival reported to police for antisemitic ‘quenelle’ gesture

Alison Chabloz, a performer at the Edinburgh Festival, has been reported to the police by a concerned member of the public, after she tweeted a photo of her performing the neo-Nazi ‘quenelle’ salute outside Edinburgh Castle (see below). In a blog post, she also praised ‘research’ by Robert Faurisson disputing the use of gas chambers […]